Remember to tell tourists to take lots of warm clothing. It was most interesting, although the guide did swear quite a lot

Travel Logic - 26th Jun, 2017

nice trip !

Botteon,carlo - 18th Aug, 2016

Nice contact with the ocean nature, a must do in Luderitz. Heikko, the owner of the boat, is a nice guy who really knows a lot about sealife

Debondt, Johan - 08th Aug, 2016

We felt the boat trip was not worth the long drive at 6 a.m. from Klein Aus Vista. The boat is old and tired and there was not much to see. I know you have 50-50 chances to seeing something but we did a lot of boat trips around the world and it comes at the bottom of our list. This one was a bit depressing. Not a lot of comments from Heiko. We should have done something similar in Walvis Bay instead.

Barriere, Caroline - 06th Jul, 2016

nice boat trip, saw some dolphins, flamingos and lots of penguins. The guide tells you a little bit about how the guano harvesting affected the penguins' habitat etc. They provide blankets, but it's still good to dress warm (hats, scarves...).

Cremer, Martin - 23rd Aug, 2015

Friendly service by the captain and crew. No feeding of animals as I have experienced on similar boat trip in Walvisbay, which is more ecologically sound. Captain knowledgeable about all aspects of the environment and communicated very well with everybody.

Duvenhage, Johan - 21st Jun, 2015

Very good

Gervais, Dionne - 22nd Jun, 2014

very interesting trip

Mauro - 07th Sep, 2010