Vera Nice place! Wonderful game drives, beautiful soroundings. The Staff was very Nice.

Santos, Marta - 18th Feb, 2018

This was our last Lodge on our beautiful Namibia trip. We liked the comfort and environment including the big waterhole very much. Also the food was excellent. We booked two game drives through the extremely large natural park and could see many animals.

Luzi, Armin & Pia - 02nd Oct, 2017

We did not enjoy Erindi. It was too controlled and too much like a safari park and not a game park. We did not like all the gates and fences and the fact that you had to pay to go on there game f-drives. We regret not staying 2 extra nights in Etosha and giving this place a miss.

Liddington, John - 28th Sep, 2017

My personal favourite lodge. We will definitely come back to this lodge. Loved the viewing deck and had the most professional game drive at this lodge. Highly recommended.

Travel Logic - 26th Jun, 2017

My favourite lodge!

Travel Logic - 26th Jun, 2017

superb, lodge and view waterhole

Stevens, Dino - 19th Apr, 2017

Superb. Nothing negative to say. Only very positive stuff.

Desrosiers, Luc - 25th Feb, 2017

fantastic place and experience, would highly recommend

Gledhill, James - 01st Feb, 2017

Erindi is one of the best Lodge for the guests. I like. 100%. i will back certainly.

Costa, Carlos - 07th Jan, 2017

Beautiful rooms overlooking waterhole. Very good.

Thaler, Elizabeth - 30th Nov, 2016

Was really a great place. A pride of lions would have been awesome! Guide was excellent.

Owens, Brian - 04th Apr, 2016

Mixed views on Old Traders. Large numbers of guests make this a less personal experience but they coped well with the numbers. Not a major issue but we couldn't access the mini bar, they said they would sort it but never did - others had the same problem. There were items on our final bill that weren't ours but these were removed without fuss. Food was good and the waterhole had plenty of interesting activity. Our main concern was the game drives. I think their main objective is to give the customers the best (closest) possible sightings without any consideration for the wildlife itself. On the first drive I thought the animals a little skittish and nervous of the vehicle, often running away as we approached. There were some good sightings but we became concerned when two black rhino (a mother and youngster) were spotted and we proceeded to chase them for some time, at speed across the bush. We ended up running a little late so the driver drove very fast, in the dark back to the lodge. I felt this was unsafe. Next morning at the start of the drive we were told a honey badger had seen seen close by. The guide decided it was hiding in a thicket. He then rammed the vehicle into the thicket to scare the honey badger out. He then chased it across the bush until it dived into its burrow. Other incidents included getting unnecessarily close to a baby steenbock so that it left the shade of the bush it was lying in and ran off and throwing sticks at a black mamba sunning itself on a termite mound so that it retreated into the mound. We were disgusted with this and now understood why the animals were so nervous of the game vehicles. We did not do any more game drives at Old Traders.

Jepson, Bill - 09th Nov, 2015

Great game views

Locatelli, Veronica - 25th Aug, 2014

I will visit again when I have my next visitors arrive in Namibia. The guides for the game drive were great, and the people are friendly and helpful. Plus the animal viewing at the water hole and on the game drives is spectacular.

Weis, Evans - 17th Jun, 2014


Bargiacchi, Luca - 11th Nov, 2013

We upgraded to the vip room and the experience was AMAZING. We saw an incredible array of animals from our room. The game drives were not as `authentic` as what we did in South Africa, as lions and cheetahs have collars and several jeeps do the drives at the same time. The food at the lodge was just so-so but we loved the apperitiv before dinner. Staff again very friendly, they sang for us during dinner. We loved the visit to the bushmen `village`.

Salcedo, Alvaro - 30th Jul, 2013

This was a great place to start. Accommodation excellent - animals and safaris wonderful (our guide Henko was terrific). Buffet meals were very good too. The only comment I would make regarding staff - this was the only place where staff didn`t smile - were not very friendly. This was strange given that it was such a nice place. Everywhere else people were very friendly.

Ferguson, Rob - 22nd Oct, 2012

Would have appreciated a sign on the distance we had to drive from the main road to the main gate of the reserve. Service at the lodge was good. The room was comfortable. This lodge is more for families and children. The best thing this lodge has going for it is the waterhole next to the restaurant. While having a sundowner or meal, you can watch all the activity at the waterhole. There was a family of elephants, crocs, giraffe and lots of birds that visited in the evening. The buffet dinner was excellent.

Sherissa, R - 26th Jun, 2012

Lots of game, beautiful breakfast area in front of a waterhole. The staff is also very friendly.

Cardoso, Jorge - 29th Mar, 2012

beautiful scenery but for us to much like visiting a zoo. The waterhole is nice for a drink. The visit to the Bushmen was to much like a set up.

Mariman, Karin - 13th Jan, 2012

We thought Erindi was fantastic. Very happy with the spacious rooms, air con etc. Fantastic waterhole lit up at night. Good quality food thorughout the trip and the reserve adn game concentration was awesome. This was deifnitely a highlight of our itinerary. We love Etosha, but this suggestion for our trip was excellent and we would highly recommend for fmaily with young kids, pregnant wife etc as non-malaria area.

Highams, Nick - 07th Jan, 2012

excellent place if a little expensive

Murray, Simon - 30th Aug, 2011

Very nice place. Very friendly people. Very good service.

Meister, Francoise - 02nd Aug, 2011

Really TOP!!! Wonderful view from the bedroom on the waterhole.Nice sundowner trip and really great buffet.

Poppe, Rudy - 22nd Jul, 2011

Very, very good.

Piecho, Luis - 19th Nov, 2010