Brilliant setting and wonderful accommodation. Really enjoyed this stay. Would love to return to this.

Bergstrom, Julee - 13th Apr, 2018

Good lodge, comfortable spacious room and good central reception area with bar, pool, restaurant. The night we were there they put on a spectacular storm, thunder, fork lightening and torrential rain. 4x4 vehicle is a necessity.

Mitchel, Ian - 25th Feb, 2018

What a place! We loved it and the tour to the bottom of the canyon too.

Carlsson, Birgitta Bartholdson - 03rd Dec, 2017

Stunning. excellent service. I will recommend any time

Oldenburg, Kay - 07th Oct, 2017

very nice, road to be improved

Radice, Laura - 27th Aug, 2017

Absolutely lovely venue but no clue how to cater for a vegan - for those rates it should not be the case.

Trebble, Grant - 16th Jul, 2017

Hard drive (the last 19 KM) the location is superb. On the edge of the canyon. with amazing views.

Dekkers, Gijs - 19th Dec, 2016

Fantastic accommodation, setting etc. Recommend the all day Canyon trip with our guide, Wilhelm.

Stockings, Jon - 07th Dec, 2016

What a location! Beautiful lodge although it was so windy we did not use the outside shower! Canyon drive was incredible! Staff so friendly and entertaining. Food was delicious too!

Gambrill, Mary - 17th Oct, 2016

great lodge with very professional and friendly staff

Jaborek, Andrea - 05th Sep, 2016

Beatiful lodge in a fantastic position. Nice 1 day hike to the bottom of the canyon. Good meals.

Francesconi, Andrea - 24th Aug, 2016

Very nice place to relax. Not much going on, but that's exactly what we were looking for.

De Bruyn, Piet - 15th Aug, 2016

One of the highlights of our trip. We had room #1 and it was perfect. We liked the room, the location of the lodge and the view of the canyon. The staff was friendly and we liked the evening entertaining. We did the day-drive to the bottom of the canyon an it was real thrill! The food was good too.

Barriere, Caroline - 06th Jul, 2016

We still cannot believe how beautiful this place was. The staff was great and our guides were excellent - very informative on the geology and natural history of Namibia.

Hayward, Mark - 10th Jan, 2016

The biggest surprise - in a good way - of the trip. What a stunning location for a lodge! I was gobsmacked by the view from my bungalow. This is one spot where I wish I had had more time; though it would be best, perhaps, in the winter when one could hike in the canyon.

Kessler, James - 09th Jan, 2016

Literally "by far" the best view in Namibia. This is our 4th holiday in Namibia and hadn't stayed on the West side of the canyon yet. Do allow yourself the time to stay on the main access side, the East, to get a full view of the deepest parts of the canyon. However, if you've done that already, you can enjoy the canyon a 2nd time in this place. We underestimated the wind noise at night though, so use the earplugs you've been given. Did the day trip into the canyon: 4 hours driving down (quite bumpy, at times it's better to walk), time for a swim in the river (best location ever for a swim), followed by meat-dominated lunch and then back up. Good guide for this trip.

Nobels, Ingrid - 04th Dec, 2015

Stunning location, beautiful lodge. The room was lovely and the views were breathtaking. The second accomodation highlight of the holiday. Lovely service and food. We could have happily stayed another night or two

Lovegrove, Tom - 18th Nov, 2015

An amazing location with spectacular views over the canyon. Great accommodation & central guest area. Excellent customer service & attention to detail & very friendly staff. The food was very good & gluten free dietary issues accommodated easily.

Stansfeld, Peter & Anne - 05th Nov, 2015

very nice, we loved it.

Mouradian, Pierre - 05th Sep, 2015

Exceptionally beautiful location, great food, great service and fantastic design.

Faarvang, Jacob - 06th Aug, 2015

Great atmosphere and views to die for. Excellent food. The canyon drive with Bob, the guide, was exciting and a highlight of my trip. Bob has such a great personality and is very knowledgeable. the entire staff is superb. The only thing that was unexpected was how loud the wind was at night. It sounded like a freight train was coming through my room all night.

Chatham, Robert - 31st Jul, 2015

again, the location was amazing. we could not have had a better view of the canyon. however, the facilities made this a very close second for our worst hotel. my sheets had holes in them! many holes! my sons pillow case was badly frayed. and worst of all, my chalet - the furtherest from the main lodge had no hot water. so I didn't get to shower at all. and at 10pm, its incredibily cold and windy and dark to have to walk to the lodge to inform them that there was no water. also no kettle in the room. very, very expensive and did not deliver!

Leroux, Colette - 27th Jul, 2015

Lovely place. Friendly staff.

Reinecke, Karin - 06th Jul, 2015

It was good to go there but do tell people to stay longer our trip was a bit rushed by including fish river.

Humphries, Liam - 24th May, 2015

Wonderful venue but very poor service from staff at the lodge. Seriously in need of strong management. Excursion staff were excellent

Donkin, Margaret - 11th May, 2015

The view is amazing - but the road is a challenge....

Von Well, Rieka - 01st May, 2015

Absolute stunning location and view

Snyman, Erika - 20th Mar, 2015

One of our favorites. The location is amazing. the service excellent and the rooms incredible.

Mcgrath, Catherine - 14th Jan, 2015

Spectacular views. Remote and peaceful. Good hiking trials. Loved the outdoor shower concept overlooking the canyon.

Fey, Cash - 26th Dec, 2014

The Fish River Lodge provided exceptional views of the canyon and offered a number of activities to explore the local scenery / wildlife. We particularly enjoyed the visit to the rock pools on the canyon floor, the self-guided walk along the canyon rim and the `sundowner` tour. The staff were very nice and provided the most memorable moment of our visit with their impromptu singing performance during dinner on the second night of our stay.

Colombo,emilie - 18th Dec, 2014

Perfect !

Morin, Christele - 10th Dec, 2014

For the view and the drive down to the canyon

Le Maux,catherine - 29th Nov, 2014

Fabulous setting - pity the room is so stark. Staff were friendly and the 4 wheel drive down into the canyon was excellent. Our guide, Johannes, was superb and made the trip really interesting. Our second night there was extremely noisy because of the wind but this just made our stay here all the more interesting!

Strange, Paul - 10th Nov, 2014

Excellent!! So enjoyed this

Walsh, Jane - 20th Oct, 2014

Amazing. The hotel is worth the distance to get there. Service is lovely, they even put hot water bottles on our beds, as it was particularly cold in the evening. We had full body massages after a day out in the canyon. Fantastic just as good as any 5 start hotel. We drove down to the bottom of the canyon. Hair raising, heart pumping, adventure! Very fun and so African. We have t-shirts to prove we survived the `terror pass`. Absolutely must do!

Hoekstra, Joanne - 09th Oct, 2014

Absolutely outstanding. Great rooms.

Lyons, Josie - 06th Oct, 2014

A wonderful spot - with friendly, helpful staff.

Bray, Elizabeth - 13th Sep, 2014

On the most unique places we have ever visited on a holiday. The staff was super friendly and attentive (like pretty much everywhere in Namibia).

Maganza, Florian - 24th Aug, 2014

A long drive into Fish River Canyon, the last few k`s very bumpy and rough but a fantastic sight from the chalets into the Canyon. We took the safari, day long trip into the Canyon, over extremely rough rocky roads, but well worth the drive to the river and a yummy packed lunch. We thought 3 days was too long with not much else to do.

Oberlin-brown, Chris - 14th Aug, 2014

Another stunning location. As it was quite cool in the evenings, they lit the fires in the main lodge which made for a lovely cosy atmosphere. Rooms quite sparsely furnished, but spacious, with indoor and outdoor showers, a deck and even what they referred to as a yoga platform!

Beswick, Karen - 28th Jul, 2014

Very nice but very windy and cold during the night. The private road of 19 km to reach the lodge is quite long, but the view when we arrive is the most beautifull we have seen in our life.

Vermeire, Benoit - 22nd Jul, 2014

Fantastic position, but access road might have been tricky with a 2WD because some road repairs meant we had to do a bit of `off road` driving. Good activities with good guides (we did a 4 hour walk and were picked up by a vehicle and driven back).

Dillon,steve - 28th Jun, 2014

Lovely lodge with lots of atmosphere, especially with the fires in the reception/dining room. Showers in the rooms are a real let down. The water is weak and no run off on the floor.

Wilkinson, Colin - 18th Jun, 2014

Fantastic!!! Beautiful, with amazing views and the drive to the canyon floor was amazing.

Wheeler, Rebekah - 01st Jun, 2014

long drive but worth it, great way to end our road trip

Alex & Heather Mccleave - 08th Apr, 2014

Very beautiful location and atmosphere, very good activities Mosquito net on the bed would be welcome...

Noe, Michel - 04th Mar, 2014

Well worth the drive. Staff friendly and views, walking and rooms great. Food a bit limited and not up to quality of other lodges.

Sutcliffe, Paul - 22nd Dec, 2013

Another highlight of our trip. We had serious doubt as to where to stay in the Fish River area (Canon Lodge or Fish River Lodge), but are very glad we picked Fish River Lodge. Beautiful place with all the facilities one would like and of course the stunning views. Very happy to have booked two nights here, wouldn`t have liked to leave after just one night. It is however quite a drive to get there, the stretch from the B4 just never seems to end. Once you`'re there, don`t leave until you actually leave, otherwise you have to drive this stretch two times a day. We drove from Aus down to Rosh Pinah, along the Orange River, up to the east side of the Fish River Canyon (the viewpoint and the Canon Lodge), up to the B4 and then down to the lodge. Quite a drive, but one of the best of our entire trip. Rating: 10/10.

Verheij, Felix - 13th Nov, 2013

Absolutely fantastic

Bargiacchi, Luca - 11th Nov, 2013

fantastic. The only lodge in the fish river area which offers a trip down into the canyon

Jaburg, Frank - 27th Oct, 2013

Stunning, Food, service, rooms, location..........everything was perfect...........just too cold at night

Ulrike - 29th Aug, 2013

Very beautiful; very kind. For our honeymoon they prepared champagne and fruit basket and a paper with them congratulations.

Baldi, Michele - 17th Jul, 2013

This was one of the best lodges we have stayed in, the view was spectacular and the service excellent.

Shah, Reena - 16th Jun, 2013

Nice staff, good guide - Dude a good driver in the canyon and the view from the lodge is unforgettable

Bonnet, Jean-charles - 21st May, 2013

Road was worse then indicated.

Kritzinger, Pierre - 13th May, 2013

Magnificent place, magnificent staff etc. Can get a bit windy, and noisy at night. I mean very noisy!

Graham, Ben - 06th Nov, 2012

Amazing place, excellent staff, mindblowing views (from the room itself), good food. Would have loved to spend more time there.

Kar, Shabori - 18th Oct, 2012

Beautiful lodge on the edge of the canyon, but last 19km hard road.

Dams, Luc - 12th Jun, 2012

great ; awful access road on last 20 kms ..

Raspillere, Christine - 12th Jan, 2012

Another very special experience - position of the lodge on the canyon, the food, the service, the interesting architecture and rooms were all tops.

Bakker, Piet & Beverly - 22nd Oct, 2011

The best lodge we stayed!enchanting view. Well worth the extra driving to get there.The service was very friendly and good.We can`t forget it! 10/10!!!

Solda, Matteo - 06th Oct, 2011

Stunning location. Excellent rooms and service. The activities are too expensive.

Sarri, Laura - 05th Oct, 2011

Great, great, great !

Ferguson, Rachel - 10th Sep, 2011

Very good. Impressive view from the rooms (chalets). It was worth the trip.

Mondot, Jm - 29th Aug, 2011

Well worth the extra driving to get there Drive into the canyon was a worthwhile experience

Reed, Chris & Maria - 03rd Jun, 2011

Loved it. Swimming in Rock pool an absolute highlight(it is a long drive from Windhoek!)

Greenland, Martin & Brigitte - 02nd Dec, 2010

Excellent lodge and service in a very remote and wild location. We arrived late to a helpful greeting. Wonderful, wild views from the very private chalets. Tour to the canyon was a great experience with a very helpful guide. Food was limited, but very well done. Luxury in the wilderness.

Sampson, Michael - 12th Oct, 2010

Very good

Holtzhausen, Theuns - 04th Oct, 2010

Absolutely beautiful! The service was friendly and good. The only thing is that it is a bit far. The road isn't that bad, but people should be a bit more prepared for how far it is. It was definetly worth the trip! We would go back!

Hoekstra, Joanne - 15th Sep, 2010

Stunningly beautiful! Both the location and the actual lodge itself. The design was impecable! Its a pretty new lodge so the staff seemed a bit unsure of what they were doing at times. The food here was nice but SO little! They seriously need to look at the quantities they serve. In general this was one of the highlights of our trip!

Croke, Michael - 03rd Dec, 2009