You feel like in heaven ! Incredibel suite !

Ziegler Rolf - 16th Oct, 2017

The drive from Swakopmund to Camp Kipwe was not very interesting for the first half of the journey. The section along the coast road was mainly on temporary dirt diversion roads as the actual road was being rebuilt. The temporary roads were in good condition as were the dirt roads once we turned inland. We arrived at Camp Kipwe later than we expected and it was too late to join the afternoon drive. We were told at the arrival induction about the sun downer on the top of the kopje where the camp is located so we made sure we did not miss that. Once again the climb up the rock to the bar on top was hard for my wife. I am glad I helped her get up there because she wanted to turn back a couple of times - the view of the sunset from the top made it worth it though. Even the walk down was a little hazardous so I think they need to provide better steps cut into the rock and better handrails to ensure the safety of guests. As we missed the afternoon drive on the first day we did both drives the following day which was better for us because it would have been tiring to do the afternoon drive the first night after such a long drive from Swakopmund. It also confirms my view that you need two nights in such a place as if we only stayed one night we would have only had time for the morning drive. The camp was marvelous with interesting rooms with outdoor bathrooms. We enjoyed the food and the staff were very helpful and friendly. The setting for the camp was improved with the number of birds & lizards around the camp. Taffy the driver for both the morning and afternoon trips was great as he found us desert elephant on both trips. He was outstanding when I told him my wife would not be able to do the walk up the mountains to see the rock art etc. He managed to persuade one of the staff at the Heritage camp to take us to see some paintings which were close to the road while he took the rest of the party on the scheduled walk. Another Health and Safety issue I was concerned about at the camp - probably because I was a Construction Project Manager in Australia, was the handrails around the deck of the dining area. They only handrails were branches from the bush crewed to posts of similar wood. I was most concerned if a guest or staff member fell against the handrail as I do not think it would take the weight of a person. If they fell there was about a 3 metre drop the ground below. In addition there were no mid rails. Therefore if a child was at the camp they could easily fall off the deck. It may be that the camo is for adults only so this would not be an issue. The Petrified Forest was an interesting stop on the way to Etosha on the day we left.

Liddington, John - 28th Sep, 2017

The place was very nice and very well decorated. However, there was no wifi and the water was not complementary. The elephants excursion was very good.

Torres, Ana - 19th Aug, 2017

Deluxe place with highly professional staff. Very positive experience.

Van Leeuwen, Leo - 07th Apr, 2017

Incredibly, the place is of another world, perfect and warm service. We went on an elephant drive and the guide Tafi is some kind of genius, self-confident, knowledgeable, excellent posture, and absolutely brilliant at tracking and getting us in the best positions to see desert adapted elephant and lion. He's the best driver/tracker I've ever experienced actually. Totally different impression from the elephants in the Huab, alongside Tafi's judgement calls. Erika got us a booking here when others had told me that it was booked up. We got the Suite, which is incredible and I would get this again.

Croukamp, Carmel - 07th Dec, 2016

LOVED this place -- location hard to get to (the road is quite bad/sandy, and I wouldn't recommend it without a 4x4), but well worth the trip.

Gelazis, Julija - 31st Oct, 2016

Just the most amazing place. One top of the hill with our cocktails watching the sun setting was stunning. What more canbe said.

Pritchard, Rob - 07th Oct, 2016

Beautiful setting

Leathe, Rebecca - 13th Jul, 2016

Fabulous - the best lodge - very very gentle staff, fantastic views, great gourmet cusine - everything had been PERFECT.

Canins, Emanuela - 10th Jul, 2016

The best place in the world. Quiet location, nice staff, perfect room, best food of our trip. Our biggest disappointment: we only stayed for one night! Two nights should be a must. We did the afternoon activities (Twyfelfontein, Organ Pipes and Burnt Mountain) and we even saw an elephant, which we tracked for a while. We kind of missed the sunset because of our chase but we did not mind that. Such a great lodge with friendly and very professional staff.

Barriere, Caroline - 06th Jul, 2016

Great the experience with the elephants. The lodge too expensive in comparison with the rest

Alonso, Pablo - 24th Feb, 2016

Excellent and very special. Bungalows very memorable. Guided tours exquisite with very skilled and genuine guide. Food very nice. Definitely the highlight of our trip.

Bergstad, Odd - 17th Dec, 2015

Wonderful environment and super friendly staff!

Heuberger, Nadja & Peter - 06th Dec, 2015

A real treat. Expensive but worth every penny

Porter, Michelle - 19th Oct, 2015

One of the highlights. A very special place and so beautiful. So glad we had 2 nights there. The situation is amazing. Nice helpful staff and great food.

Mccomiskey,shelagh - 14th Oct, 2015

A 1st class stop over in this part of Namibia and the chefs will spoil you.

White, Daphne & Steven - 22nd Jun, 2015

Extraordinary!! Memories forever!

Hoogenhout,dalene - 09th May, 2015

Wonderful spot with outstanding staff and facilities. Excellent food and setting.

Donkin, Margaret - 04th May, 2015

Best camp but in hot summer houses are like oven

Harmeijer, Herman - 04th Apr, 2015

Absolutely amazing - again, somewhere that we all said we would go back to. When we booked in they confirmed all the information that Anita had provided to them about our anniversary and food requirements. However, they didn't acknowledge our anniversary or take note of the dietary requirements of our group who had to skip some of the courses at dinner. However, this didn't mar our experience there and we all said we would go back again.

Jenkins, Giulia - 24th Feb, 2015

! Amazing. absolutely wonderful.

Mcgrath, Catherine - 14th Jan, 2015

nice place.... ( The hotel manager could be more friendly, and less tip oriented for a natural smile....)

Berti, Saudo - 15th Dec, 2014

Fabulous views, excellent staff and great room

Bevan, David - 16th Nov, 2014

We loved Camp Kipwe and wished that we had stayed longer there. The quality of the accommodation and the food was way above our expectation. We loved the atmosphere and found all the staff working there very friendly and helpful. This was our favourite lodge on our trip.

Jones, Bruce - 03rd Jul, 2014


Clarke, Andrew - 28th Dec, 2013

One of the best lodges in Namibia, beautiful scenery

Trevisan, Silvia - 02nd Oct, 2013

One of our best experience

Trevisan, Silvia - 02nd Oct, 2013

Great lodge. Very good facilities and a very beautiful place.

Rabella, Joan - 30th Aug, 2013

Very beautiful; very kind. For our honeymoon they prepared champagne and fruit basket, and, for dinner, they prepared a private table for us. I think the best accommodation.

Baldi, Michele - 17th Jul, 2013

Beautifully done, to blend in with its surroundings, and to make good use of the environment in which it is situated. Lovely staff, and good food, excellent guide (Taffy).

Jones, Alun - 29th May, 2013

Brilliant!!! This is a very good lodge, remarkable accommodation and served the best food we had during the trip. Very friendly and efficient staff.

Smith, Linda - 07th May, 2013

We stayed for 2 nights, at Camp Kipwe, another excellent accommodation in Damaraland. As has been commented, the suites are built into the rocks, and give one a real `hobbit` experience. We were there at a time of high temperatures and the rocks acted as night storage heaters- thankfully our room had aircon, not all did- although we did see some folks take their beds outside, which was probably a smart and necessary decision. Food and service were very good. We were lucky to see the `desert adapted` elephants and a rhino.

Walker, John - 16th Mar, 2013

Amazing, one of best accomodation I have ever seen

Biason, Guglielmo - 15th Jan, 2013


Boyle, Alan - 08th Nov, 2012

Great lodge.

Graham, Ben - 06th Nov, 2012

Probably our favourite lodge. The rooms, staff and restaurant were all excellent.

Harten, Johann - 27th Aug, 2012

WOW! this place is a real hidden jewel. damaraland is wonderous. we love vacationing in arizona, new mexico and utah, and damaraland has similar rocky views. great for photos and scrambling about. the camp itself - someone with a great "eye" saw what it could be, and made it happen. visually stunning. very friendly and profesional staff. great room. comfortable bed. food was at a very high level of preparation, a real chef. we could have happily stayed longer.

Mueller, Friedrich - 17th Aug, 2012

Stunning in every way, clearly a top place - worth the price, as good as any top end hotel I have stayed at (Four Seasons, etc.). The personnel were extraordinary as was the food, service and more.

Richter, Chris - 27th Feb, 2012

What a location! Fabulous welcome. Lovely room - although I got stung by a scorpion that dropped off the ceiling in the night!! We went on a drive to track desert elephants. Nobody had found them for a couple of days and we saw another group whilst we were out who hadn`t found them. But Harrold our guide did find them - apparently he as a 100% success rate. he was incredibly knowledgable and clearly loves the elephants. Was definitely a highlight of our holiday.

Barber, Rachael - 03rd Feb, 2012

Very nice amenities. stunning location. very friendly atmosphere and good services.Definitely to recommend.

Bonifay, Denis - 08th Jan, 2012

Another excellent lodge - low key but nice service and accommodation

Davies, Linda - 13th Nov, 2011

Ultra-luxury and efficient, but some staff over-familiar.

Carr, Norman - 22nd Oct, 2011

Excellent. Magical place.

Kendle, Joseph - 03rd Oct, 2011

We were so pleased that we chose this lodge for our 4 night stay. It is now one of our favourites. The situation is stunning, the rooms are spacious and the outdoor bathrooms were great (but it was warm when we were there). All the facilities are open and light, the rock pool is so nice for cooling off and the food is brilliant - once again superb veggie food.

Martin, Carolyn - 30th Sep, 2011

Fantastic, a great couple of days.

Spratt, Leanne - 29th Sep, 2011

My favourite of all the places I stayed. Absolutely magical.

Mountfort, Katrina - 14th Sep, 2011

Comfortable and unique accommodation- the best we had in 10 days!

Eksteen, Ehren - 22nd Jun, 2011

Beautiful location. Desperate need for aircon in 40 degree rooms. Rooms themselves are fantastic. Rather a hard sell on the add ons but I guess that is the name of the game.

Charnley, Robin - 30th Nov, 2010

Finest accomodations we experienced in Namibia. The spectacular room was creatively layed out amongst the boulders with a private, but open bath and shower, and a veranda overlooking the bush. The pool could be a natural dipping spot the way it was placed amidst the boulders with a view out one side. The elevated, rustic, open thatch covered dining room was great fun, with seating that provided a beautiful view over the adjacent country. The food was amazingly good and service was excellent. Adrian paid personal attention to our needs (and those of all his guests) and the staff were very attentive and helpful. The sundowner spot atop the rocks behind the lodge is well worth the climb for the spectacular view, especially since you drink order is delivered by staff and hors d'oeuvers provided. The lodge is limited in capacity, therefore, quiet and restful, which we welcomed. A good base for visiting the rock art, desert elephants and other attractions of this remote area, but also perfect for just relaxing. Just a great place to stay!

Sampson, Michael - 12th Oct, 2010

Very nice luxury place, perfect service, very kind staff, We had a trip with a guide to see desert elephant, it was wonderful

Molnar - 08th Sep, 2010

A lodge with a different flavour! Magnificent bathroom with outdoors feeling(partial roof, a star gazing situation), and unique sunset views, from the restaurant and the top hill.

Antoniadi, Thalia - 04th Jun, 2010

Perfect place. So well done. Only problem was that there were no fans in the units while the heat was around 40C when we've been there. But management promised to work on this point and bring fans to the units. So it is absolutely recommendable, a place you must go in Namibia, if you can afford. Also very recommendable: Nature drive to find the elusive elephants, combined with the staff of Mowani Mountain Camp. Ask for guide 'Athan' of Mowani Mountain Camp who is one of the best guides we ever had on our many African travels. Even if the elephants can't be tracked on a special day, they bring you to breathtaking and absolutely beautiful landscapes, Damaraland is one of the must-go-destinations in Namibia. Also a must at Camp Kipwe: Sundowner on top of the "lodge-owned" mountain!!! Unforgettable experience

Strohm, Christina - 03rd Feb, 2010

Very nice and very friendly.

Scheruga, Martina - 18th Nov, 2009

Exceptionnal view, splendid room, great bath room and really kind people, helpfull... Ask for room 4, you won't be desappointed

Godin, Aurore - 15th Nov, 2009

New lodge, perfect in everything, one of the best lodge in this area.

Rovelli, Paola - 10th Sep, 2009