Sightings book was often not updated as there was no pen available for updates - making a pen available would be a good idea. Having pasta and sauces for vegetarinas would have made a lot of difference to the food selection. Breakfast quality not as good as Halali although meat courses at evening meal very good. Lots of activity at camp waterhole particularly in the afternoon (including some big cats) & close to lots of very good waterholes.

Yeomans, Susan - 18th Jun, 2018

Busy, well run resort with nice accommodation close to the waterhole. We enjoyed our last afternoon and evening in the camp here.

Phillips, Nick - 19th May, 2018

Same as Halali, much better than expected! Tip: book and pay safari's in advance via internet. When you try to book once on location, you will be too late.

Strassburger, Sascha - 16th May, 2018

We would definitely not stay here again! You had warned us that in Etosha the camps are rather run down, but my goodness me.... We could not lock the door on the Premier waterside chalet as the bolt was broken, the upstairs loo did not flush, there were many light fittings not working, the aircon drain was blocked and so it dripped onto the floor. The balcony door was warped from this dripping that had obviously gone on for months and there was a real danger that the glass would fall out. We reported all of this but it was apparent that the staff could not care. This was the only place on our trip that I felt vulnerable as anyone could have entered the accomodation at any time. Oh, and the food was terrible.Terrible!

Hewitt, Carol - 30th Apr, 2018

Etosha is brilliant, good chalet, a bit too big for 2 people, but very luxurious. Brilliant hospitality

Mckenzie, Celeste - 28th Apr, 2018

Nice to experience being in the park, my least favourite place to stay of the trip, average room, food was very hit and miss, first night was awful, second night I was pleasantly surprised. It was my choice to stay here and we had to cut costs but this is one I would not return to.

Falvey, Angela - 12th Apr, 2018

A lot of people ... but waterhole chalet was nice

Ledent, Guy - 07th Apr, 2018

nice , busy but nice ; good meal ; rooms : very good value for money

Corinne, Mounier - 29th Mar, 2018

Excellent location, great services

Li, Liyong - 08th Mar, 2018

Good accommodation and fantastic location for game viewing

Rayner, Murray - 27th Feb, 2018

Good lodge, comfortable room, well laid out, friendly staff, food good

Mitchel, Ian - 25th Feb, 2018

Very comfortable - toilet not flushing properly and consequent loss of water - mentioned it to management.

Hawker, Cassandra - 22nd Feb, 2018

great location, good standard rooms (we upgraded from double room to a chalet) but not the most friendly or helpful staff - could be improved but worth putting up with to stay in the park!

Smith, Andrea - 15th Feb, 2018

Okuakuejo waterhole is the best of the lot. Unfortunately, that resort experience was marred for me by missing items from my luggage (small items so I didn't report them) and the room needs some maintenance. Apart from that staff were all very helpful.

Clubley, Annette - 21st Jan, 2018

All very good, but maybe the stay in Etosha was 1 day too long, 4 days altogether would have been suffient.

Schmidt,jonas - 17th Jan, 2018

The only disappointment. Crowded, food was mediocre at best. Night viewing was great though!

Kellner, Laszlo - 13th Jan, 2018

This was a less intimate lodge. The pool was great. The evening meal was good and breakfast was fine. the waterhole attracted diverse animals - magical. There were short-lived electrical and water problems which were rapidly fixed.

Tatham, Charles - 13th Jan, 2018

I would not recommend this resort. Although the location is ideal. The food was horrible. The resort is very crowded and feels very impersonal. Wifi is not free and very limited. The rooms were not adjoining so very awkward for family. Didn't feel safe having the kids in a separate house so we split up 1 kid/1 parent.

Morino, Meredith - 08th Jan, 2018

The game drives from here were excellent - the guide knew her stuff and explained everything we saw with a real passion. The food was not as good as Namutoni and the staff were not as helpful or engaging.

Crago, David - 30th Dec, 2017

Our least favourite campsite (a lot of people, noisy neighbours) but nice waterhole

Bultynck, Céline - 27th Dec, 2017

Great and magic place to stay. So worth it!

Hermínio, Inês - 20th Dec, 2017

Campsites were adequate but poorer than the others we had stayed on to this point. The toilet block and facilities were Ok but campsite much busier and noisy.

Malley, Andy - 04th Dec, 2017

Good but the store was almost empty of food!

Carlsson, Birgitta Bartholdson - 03rd Dec, 2017

Staying here needs to be balanced up with the excellent access to the Waterhole and the variety of animals and bird-life able to be observed at any time of the day. It is very large and very busy with lots of other tourists staying. Although we were in a waterhole chalet - our bathroom had issues with leaks from the sink and toilet. Room quite small. Food is via a buffet and can be quite busy. It was a beautiful option though to be so close to the Waterhole and see the elephants, Zebras, Rhinos (including black rhino), birds, Impala, Springbok, Gembok, Jackals, and other small animals.

Martello, Louise - 28th Nov, 2017

Best place to be!

Hoferer, Claudia - 26th Nov, 2017

This was an awesome experience. Having traveled to many wildlife reserves, there is no place I can think of that has the variety of wildlife coming to the waterhole which is practically in the camp. The food in the restaurant is however very poor. We only ate breakfast there and this was very poor standard and provides a very poor experience of African hospitality for international guests. The meals offered are overpriced and substandard.

Felton, Ian - 24th Nov, 2017

Really nice waterhole and accomodation.

De Witt, Tom - 15th Nov, 2017

nices rooms , great waterfall we saw many animals all the afternoon and in the evening. Food medium. Easy to visit etosha east.

Thurre,roger - 11th Nov, 2017

Looking back, maybe 3 nights in the camp was one too many. It was very reassuring, though

Zwahlen, Patrick - 11th Nov, 2017

Awesome stay. Very similar to Namutoni, but the watering hole was so much better!!! Stayed out late at the watering hole and got up early to see as well. We saw so many wonderful things here.

Hagel, Luke - 04th Nov, 2017

We've visited Namibia at least 8 times since 2004 and it's a shame that over the years, the ablution blocks on the campsites are degrading very fast. Hardly any maintenance is done. Furthermore, the last years more and more overland trucks with lots of travellers are frequenting the Etosha campsites. IMO, the ablution blocks at Okaukuejo and Namutoni don't have enough capacity to handle these numbers of campers in the morning and afternoon.

Van Der Marel, Martin - 01st Nov, 2017

The chalet was very well situated (for watching animals) but it must be maintained

Ben Chadli, Yassine - 31st Oct, 2017

Very crowdy resort, lot of people, food was average poor, very tiny waterhole, staff average ppor however very clean rooms

Brunel, Matthieu - 26th Oct, 2017

the place was giant, and felt impersonal, but we wanted to stay within the park, so our options were limited. the waterhole was great, though.

Scores, Nikki - 26th Oct, 2017

Can't say enough about this stop. Location at the waterhole in the park was absolutely fantastic. Food was good at the buffet. The room itself was a bit small, but we did not spend too much time in the room. Location was perfect.

Roy, Judy - 25th Oct, 2017

Room A was small but adequate for 1/2 nights We tried the dinner the first night and found it lukewarm and again expensive as it was a buffet meal.

Barmby, John - 23rd Oct, 2017

All OK, except for the dinner... Arrived at 8,00h. for dinner and there was almost nothing left, very rude waitress !

Van Coillie,koen - 23rd Oct, 2017

Only advantage here was the waterhole, accommodation very basic and depressing, whole camp needs a facelift, did not look clean, it could be so much better. Food was dreadful and it was the only place where we were physically sick after eating. Again could be made so much better. No diesel at pumps and we were told the next delivery would be three days later when there was actually a fuel delivery that evening. Two nights was too much here. No comfort driving around Etosha - worst standard of road surface so mostly poor experience driving around

O'brien, Aileen - 19th Oct, 2017

Very nice for a 'in the park' experience. Great waterhole experience.

Brune, Dave - 18th Oct, 2017

Absolutely too expensive for the services received. Someone of the staff was unfriendly. Bad smell into our room.

Ballani, Lorenzo - 17th Oct, 2017

Unfortunately all camps at Etosha (apart from Olifantsrus) Look the same and are really American. Staff is not very friendly. They are just used to many tourists and dont see a need to put more effort into the job Great waterhole and cool that every camp has electricity

Meyer,simon - 16th Oct, 2017

nice place - specially the waterhole chalet - close to the waterhole

Ziegler Rolf - 16th Oct, 2017

Waterhole is incredible and the best place to see wildlife in all of Etosha (rhinos in a standoff with elephants was a highlight)

Allan, Nicholas - 05th Oct, 2017

The campsites inside Etosha National Park or more basic and more crowded than other campsites we experienced in Namibia . The campsites however are well maintained and very throughly enjoyed the waterhole at Okaukuejo.

Roberts, Lin - 30th Sep, 2017

Great waterhole, good accommodation. Ok food. Service surprisingly good for state owned camp.

Dawkins, Tim - 30th Sep, 2017

The booking in at the camp was a long winded affair. It could have been simplified if the two queues had been marked so you knew that one lady only did the park entry payments and the other the room check in. The room was well located near to the water hole for game viewing day or night. The paths around the rooms from the car parking and to the water hole were crushed rocks. This made them hard to walk on or pull a suitcase on wheels. It would have been far better with paving and grass around the external areas. The restaurant and the pool area was being upgraded when we were there. I am sure this made it difficult for the catering staff who did a very good job under the circumstances. The game viewing drive were great and the water hole at night was amazing. We saw 8 rhino on the first night and 6 on the second.

Liddington, John - 28th Sep, 2017

The campsite felt very crowded compared to where we had previously visited. The waterhole more than made up for this! Despite the number of people in the campsite, we are glad that we had more than one night here.

Henderson, Jack - 28th Sep, 2017

Very nice lodge, the food was better than Namutoni and the swimming pool a lot cleaner. Also the people were very friendly.

Debaeke, Thomas - 26th Sep, 2017

I can not say enough nice things about this place and to a very slight degree Halali. Both greatly exceeded expectations. Here we saw every thing we came for - except cheetas and hippos. At one point we had to stop for an elephant blocking the road, then within minutes we were surrounded by a pack of pachiderms (probably 70 or so). It made our trip right there. The rest no longer mattered!

Kind,klaus - 19th Sep, 2017

The right place to sleep in the National park. Wondwerful waterhole.

Marson, Pier Paolo - 18th Sep, 2017

Great Place,again,staff not too welcoming.however our guide for the safari was nice.

Badiali,luca - 16th Sep, 2017

This lodge was the best one in Etosha Park, we loved the chalet in front of the waterhole. In my opinion we found the best food compared to the other 2 resorts in the park.

Ardigo, Nadia - 07th Sep, 2017

A highlight of our trip. Waterhole perfectly situated and very well frequented by a huge variety of gam, making game viewing absolutely wonderful 24 hours a day, without any need to drive. Lovely swimming pools and well maintained camp.

Wundram, Kathy - 07th Sep, 2017

The resort is magnificent and without much effort could make their facility more accessible for people at disabilities who are eager to have opportunities for adventurous travel. A qualified consultant should be hired to remove barriers to full inclusion.

Kern, Jenny - 31st Aug, 2017

Absolutely loved this place. But, when we got there we realized all the game drives for that night and next day was sold out. They wouldn't take advance reservations and guests have to be physically present to make game drive reservations. This is not fair since they operate very few vehicles .

Ganesan, Sathish Kumar - 30th Aug, 2017

Fantastic - especially the waterhole was fantastic and kept us up much too long to see all the animals going there incl. a lot of rhinos, elephants, etc etc. Wow!

Toennes, John - 29th Aug, 2017

Brilliant camp and chalet. Breakfast poor.

Lehman, Derick - 29th Aug, 2017

The resort is not breath taking but has 2 great advantages: the pond, which allows you to sit in front of your room and look at animals drinking water at any moment of the day and the night; being inside Etosha. Food at the restaurant is very bad when compared to the other lodges we stayed at and the supermarket is definitely overprices. We took a night drive and the guide was not an expert - he did not even notice 4 lions standing 15 meters away from us

Sanchi, Alessandra - 28th Aug, 2017

Nice room, close to the waterhole.

Paren,gwen - 27th Aug, 2017

We stayed two nights there. One more nighth would have been great. For us, the best lodge in Etosha. The waterhole is #1, compared to Halali and Nalutoni.

Leroy. Thierry - 26th Aug, 2017

Very large camp where we stayed 2 nights. We would have loved to switch one of these nights with Dolomite Camp.

Giral, Stephan - 26th Aug, 2017

We stayed in the waterhole chalets and it was perfect. We fell out of our front door to watch a procession of animals at the waterhole, simply amazing. No need to drive around the park, we saw everything right there. They ran out of diesel though, so we had to drive to Namutoni to re-fuel.

Ganzleben,catherine - 24th Aug, 2017

Accommodation was good, staff were friendly, food okay.

Van Achterberg,theo - 21st Aug, 2017

Nice resort, the waterhole is second to none.

Verheij,olaf - 14th Aug, 2017

Great game at the waterhole, I would definitely go back.

Cabrini, Diana - 12th Aug, 2017

We were disappointed by the service. It seems there were too much people and the personal didn't have time enough for their job.

Meister, Henri-armand - 03rd Aug, 2017

It is the most beautiful camp site in the Etosha. You can see the most beautiful sunset at the waterhole in Okaukuejo. It is a must-visit place in Namibia.

Nina, Ni - 03rd Aug, 2017

Waterhole Chalets were lovely however out toilet cistern was faulty and had to be repaired. Food here was below Halali standard and quite disappointing. Toaster wasn't working, and food from kitchen unappealing. I was sick for 6 days after leaving here. The camp ran out of Diesel for at least 3 days which left many people stranded or having to do a 140km return trip to Halali which we had to do as the pump staff were helpful about when a tanker would be arriving. I checked at midday,told "No Diesel" and decided to do the Halali return trip and on arriving back at Okaukuejo found the tanker unloading! 140kms and 2.5hrs wasted!!

Farmer, Chris - 31st Jul, 2017

Great waterhole - not very attractive campsite but good restaurant

O'kelly, Bridget - 31st Jul, 2017

Waterhole chalet definitely recommended. Amazing animals at the waterhole.

Hill, Michelle - 30th Jul, 2017

Family chalet very spacious and well equipped except there is no table suitable for eating off either inside or out. Sleeps 4 but only 2 can eat (uncomfortably) at a breakfast bar with very little leg-room. Need to get rid of some of the sofa/chairs and use the space for dining table/chairs. Flat path to waterhole gives easy access. Waterhole very noisy during the day (lots of day visitors and groups who clearly could not understand the word 'silence') ... Animals walked to the waterhole put walked straight passed. Very different at night-lots of animals including Rhino and Elephant.

Plowright, Rozey - 27th Jul, 2017

Excellent experience within national park. Meal fairly pricey but likely to reflect location

Creasey, Thomas - 27th Jul, 2017

Okaukuejo is a must - the waterhole is like a movie show with vast quantities of game coming and going. However the camp itself is disappointing. The restaurant and pool were out of commission due to upgrades. Notices stated that upgrades were taking place however the date for completion was past. It was peak season and the camp was packed. The ablutions in the camping area were in complete disrepair even though a major upgrade had taken place last year.

Mason, June - 24th Jul, 2017

The waterholechalet was a bit small but it was directly with the waterhole so it was a perfect location.

Van Doornik, Miranda - 19th Jul, 2017

Best waterhole, most expensive accommodation (as we had a waterhole chalet) and least amount of space in the room. It was a bit odd that all 3 camps have different facilities in their bush chalets. Halali one could have self catered but the others are not set up for that at all.

Humphreys, Rose - 17th Jul, 2017

Decent and OK food (I had my doubts, since some comments on Tripadvisor are very negative on this subject). A bit of a bummer that the pool was under renovation though.

Zackrission, Henrik - 16th Jul, 2017

The waterhole was amazing, saw Black Rhinos, Elephant and Giraffe, but its a shame that is the only thing good about this place. Very overpriced, presumably because you pay for the location. Rooms were adequate but small and the staff again were very unpleasant. The pool and restaurant are still under construction so you have to eat outside next to the construction work. All the cutlery and plates are left out to be covered in building dust and debris. The buffet was a disgrace, especially for the price, as most of the food was just allowed to go cold and congeal. One of, if not the worst buffet we have seen in our years of travelling.

Gray, Robert - 13th Jul, 2017

Great location. Restaurant was being renovated.

Cutler, Neil - 11th Jul, 2017

The rooms were great and in a superb location.

Coleman, Birgit - 28th Jun, 2017

Not the cosiest campsite, but all facilities were there and ablutions were clean. The waterhole is great however!!

Wouters, Arno - 28th Jun, 2017

Fine place, in the very good location in the park.

Regelman, Jeff - 23rd Jun, 2017

very lovely lodge - this one was set up very well and was in great condition.

Jackson, Kelley - 16th Jun, 2017

The waterhole was amazing and went beyond our expectations with plenty of wildlife coming and going. What a sight with all these animals entering the stage and then departing. So many rhino! We had a long queue on arrival to check in. There was not much in the shops. The two pools were out of action due to renewing the paving, and the dining room was being renovated. But it didn't really bother us. A shame we have to pay for Wifi here, and it was quite expensive. It should be free!

Morgan, David - 16th Jun, 2017

We booked a combination of a waterhole chalet and a camping place. The campsite was a bit crowded and noisy but the chalet was good.

Lakin, Peter - 13th Jun, 2017

Accommodation was not up to the standard of the lodges we stayed in, but this was to be expected. The highlight was being able to sit and watch game coming to the waterhole right in the resort. Well worth a visit.

Burnett, Stephen - 12th Jun, 2017

A good camp with the chalets being both well equipped and located in a prime spot. Our only disappointment was the service at the restaurant which was very poor - a total lack of "commonsense" organisation resulting in general chaos!

Weemys,mike - 02nd Jun, 2017

The premier waterhole chalet was worth the upgrade to wake up at any hour and peek outside to see who was at the waterhole. That being said, there were definitely some maintenance issues, with several burned out or missing light bulbs, and a few spots where the dirt had clearly been swept up and carefully deposited in a corner of the room instead of removed! The food was not great and we found the lunch buffet to be an especially terrible value so we ate late breakfasts and early dinners after the first day. This camp was a lot different than the rest of the country and we were happy to leave it toward the end so that we had already built up a lot of great impressions about service and food quality before having them shattered here.

Aswin, Andrea - 01st Jun, 2017

Clean and adequate waterhole chalets. Very good view of waterhole. Restaurant very uninspiring and food bland. However this is a great location for Etosha and good for game viewing.

Hogan, Lesley - 30th May, 2017

Probably only worth 1, rather than a 2 night, stay. We would have enjoyed a 2nd night at the splendid Onguma Bush Camp. We had to pay the full rate for the 3rd person, even though he had to sleep on a mattress on the floor of our room.

Lang,john - 20th May, 2017

Waterhole chalets were very clean and comfortable. Close proximity to waterhole was a bonus. Restaurant and bar catered well.

De Bruin, Justine - 19th May, 2017

We had a great time. Included a night and morning safari - super Guide who we all enjoyed chatting to. Everything at the Camp was processed smoothly - from arrival, through to meals, amenities, lodge service. Very special to be up & about in the park before dawn. Super.

Paton, Jamie - 18th May, 2017

The accommodation was ok as well as food. No big complain.

Ascolese,andrea - 04th May, 2017

Very wet and no animals, don't blame them. We spent the whole time in 4wd and axel deep mud, good fun driving. Accomodation was very good, lacking a few power points though. Staff were great.

Young, Jeff - 28th Apr, 2017

All good. No animals around the water hole at all due to a lush year's rainfall but great access to the park early. Good to be there when so few others were. I would have been disappointed had I paid out for a water front room but the campsite was impressive. Don't rely on the service station there - it was totally out of fuel and did not look like a delivery was going to happen any time soon.

Welcome, Louise - 23rd Apr, 2017

The greatest resort in Safari ever.

Thongnun Kasidet - 21st Apr, 2017

unfriendly staff and poor food

Stevens, Dino - 19th Apr, 2017

As we expected a slightly more basic lodge, room was small but everything fine including very modern AC. Dining room being upgraded led to rather chaotic mealtimes. Evening buffet had very little for vegetarian but recognised in half price charged. Really worth staying here though to be out looking for animals soon after sunrise - we were lucky to see a wide range of game and predators.

Read, Mary - 18th Apr, 2017

Fine but not a great choice for the time of year we were there - the game was at the northern end of the park. We had the buffet (no choice) which was dire so at Halali we just snacked on food from the shop.

Gillette, John - 13th Apr, 2017

Somewhat basic set-up. Lodge was okay. Restaurant somewhat crowded.

Van Leeuwen, Leo - 07th Apr, 2017

Large camp. Good for the price. Etosha Park is wonderful

Hodgson, Mandy - 28th Mar, 2017

I really enjoyed Okaukuejo and allowed us to see a traditional NWR camp. The only issue we expereinced is that they had run out of diesel and had been out of stock for a few days. We had planned to fill up there based on the advice on the map. Fortunately Gerhardt, the deputy camp manager, came to the rescue and allowed us to buy 20 litres for each of the vehicles which allowed us to get to Dolomite Camp and out to Kamanjab Max: Great camp, I wish we had visited in the dry season when the waterhole was more active. Also I wish we had had another night in the centre the Park where there were more animals.

Spark, Steve - 09th Mar, 2017

Dilapidated (former beauty). Kitchen and bathroom facilities absolutely needed maintenance. Hot water in sinks only, not in showers. Staff at reception bordering on unfriendliness.

Roald, Knut Halvard - 04th Mar, 2017

Check in is difficult and long

Desrosiers, Luc - 25th Feb, 2017

The maintenance of the camp is very poor, e. g. the benches at the waterhole are in very bad shape, ledges are missing, screws are loose so you have to be very careful not to be scratched or injured. The breakfast was more than poor and the breakfast cook was quite unfriendly when you asked him for eggs.

Buchert, Thomas - 19th Feb, 2017

The etosha park is wonderful. The camping was the worst one. Broken bench, the light was not working, we complainde in the first day and nothing was done, drippping water in the toilet,dirty bathroom, expensive restaurant, the only place that charged us to use the pool, witch was very unkind. We did not feel welcomed. The staf was not friendly. Bad exeperience camping.

Ronai, Manoela - 19th Feb, 2017

Was good but no hot water for schower. Rooms were good but a lot maintenance backlog. Dinner very simple.

Grobben Peter - 11th Feb, 2017

Maybe the option between double room and chalet should be given, as the double rooms are very very small. But it was nice.

Schmidt,jonas - 07th Feb, 2017

Very nice room with all the amenities that we needed. Staff were friendly and keen to help. A few suggestions to improve the resort: - Each night after dinner we had to wait quite a bit to pay. By getting guests to to pay everything at the end, the staff can reduce queues and costs of processing credit card fees several times instead of just once. - some written advice on general tips of what times to drive to see the animals (we asked several staff but they all said they didn't know. At the end other guests told us)

Hejazi, Alexandra - 12th Jan, 2017

We loved the accommodations here. I was really happy that we opted to upgrade to the deluxe waterhole chalet. I appreciated Allison's advise to forgo a night game drive due to animals coming to the waterhole.

House, Teri - 06th Jan, 2017

The presence of the waterhole makes this place really unique;restaurant and service almost enough

Quares, Vittorino - 19th Dec, 2016

Big resort. for us this was a bit to touristic. rooms are ready for an update.

Dekkers, Gijs - 19th Dec, 2016

Not a place to recommend for food or accomendation, but the view at the waterhole during the "dark hours" cannot be matched. A must and a good way to start slimming and burn some surplus fat.

Coenen, Robert - 16th Dec, 2016

Facilities fairly good. Game viewing the best that we have encountered anywhere in Africa !!!

Van Coppenhagen,lin & Prue - 14th Dec, 2016

Thanks for getting us a waterhole side chalet at short notice, we got the one (31? Can't remember) that's really just two steps from the waterhole, it was absolutely ideal with two little kids as they played in the chalet as we sat for hours watching game. I've been coming to Okaukuejo all my life, it's in great shape at the moment, very clean, good service in the restaurant with the buffet, that works really well, all staff fantastic, chalet in great condition. We saw lots and lots of rhino. At one point six black rhino at the same time at the waterhole at Okaukuejo including four males fighting.

Croukamp, Carmel - 07th Dec, 2016

Disappointing accommodation but great waterhole. One night was ok.

Thaler, Elizabeth - 30th Nov, 2016

Excellent resort and much better than we had expected. Accommodation was very good and the meals were very good and remarkably priced. Location of course could not be bettered

Pokora, David - 24th Nov, 2016

Perfect! Good accomodation and restaurant. The waterhole is amazing and you can see a lot of animals.

Tedaldi, Valeria - 20th Nov, 2016

Nicest location within Etosha. Room a bit smaller then Namutoni but the waterhole in front made the trip. Saw everything there

Thorson, Chris - 10th Nov, 2016

Great spot for the animals and we diddnt find it too noisey at all. But you cant get away from the fact that the service lets it down....bring some Hobatere enthusiasm and Kulala process in and it woukld be perfect

Cromarty, Niel - 07th Nov, 2016

Very enjoyable. The restaurant service as a bit disorganised - they seemed to be struggling to cope with the number of visitors, e.g. lack of cutlery, or not noticing that particular dishes of food had run out. The waterhole is excellent of course

Lamb, Alistair - 06th Nov, 2016

Staying here is all about the waterhole. We spent hours there, both in the day and at night, watching life going on and got to see a whole host of animals from elephant babies, to Kudus, giraffes, Springbock, Zebras and even a lioness. The interaction of the animals was fascinating. Also walk to the top of the Tower to get a great view of the surrounding area. The Service in general is a bit hit and miss - we stayed three nights and got eland every night (the Quality was however good) at dinner and one evening dinner descended into utter chaos. Just be patient, you are on Holiday, getting angry won't help and at the end everything sort of works out. By the way they had run out of diesel at the Petrol Station when we were there, I cannot verify the fact but it seems to happen fairly regularly so make sure you get diesel before entering the park.

Bonell, Andrew - 01st Nov, 2016

Great & clean apartement close to the great waterhole; service chaos during dinner :-(

Schaller, Patrick - 01st Nov, 2016

Excellent, The waterhole chales were fantastic.

Happ, Martina And Gerald - 01st Nov, 2016

Great chalet close to waterhole

Rendell, Rae - 01st Nov, 2016

fantastic water hole, nice small chalet. not very organized at check in and at dinner.

Dominici, Antonella - 31st Oct, 2016

As usual, we enjoyed the waterhole chalet! Good buffet for diner, good breakfast...wonderful waterhole.

Larchier,christian - 22nd Oct, 2016

Superb waterhole. Chalet small but adequate. Food basic but OK. Staff not very helpful

Sidwell, Martyn - 17th Oct, 2016

Outside of being inside the park, this was not a favorite. The room was comfortable enough but the area is not peaceful or very attractive. Lots of people around the waterhole but they were surprisingly quiet and respectful of the animals. Our main problem with this lodge is that the food wasn't particularly good. Breakfast was decent and they certainly tried. Nice staff. Just fine for a one-night visit.

Walker, Fran - 16th Oct, 2016

Wonderful !

Caraffa,alessandro - 10th Oct, 2016

Thanks for the warning that this place could be busy. It was. Tour buses brought in big groups, noise and an obviously jaded staff. The permit lady and booking lady were terribly rude and unhelpful. Just a note of caution. So worth the stay given the watering hole, the wildlife observation opportunities.

Jones, Terry - 10th Oct, 2016

We loved having a waterhole chalet. We saw there were also fancy double story waterhole chalets and one of those would have been first prize

Whitehorn, Hilary - 09th Oct, 2016


Turrini, Alberto - 08th Oct, 2016

A great place to be. Location more than the wow factor of the other places we stayed.

Pritchard, Rob - 07th Oct, 2016

Best thing was the lighted waterhold. Campground was okay.

Gates,ron - 07th Oct, 2016

Magnificent. As far as I am concerned, this was the best accommodation of the trip and the only place I would stay in Etosha. The waterhole chalet was worth every cent and nothing could compare to stepping outside with my morning coffee and watching the game. The room was comfortable and beautifully appointed. Cannot recommend enough.

Courtney, Claire - 03rd Oct, 2016

Really nice place, the room was in a fantastic position. A little busy the dinner and the breakfast.

Chiarelli,stefano - 03rd Oct, 2016

I thought this the best of the NWR accommodation. Like everything in Etosha at this time of the year, very busy. All the NWR accommodation is expensive for what you get but still quite comfortable and the waterhole makes up for everything.

Lynch, Robyn - 27th Sep, 2016

Surprised we had waterhole accom and it was perfect......

Curtis, Gene - 27th Sep, 2016

lovely unit we had over looking the waterhole which I would recommend.Saw many elephants at the waterhole who came on a day basis to drink as well as had their mud baths.Staff great and friendly and the resort well looked after only the food buffet quite expensive.

Barnardo, Sharon - 25th Aug, 2016

Having a waterhole chalet was amazing, albeit expensive for 2 rooms for a family of 4.

Machtans,craig - 25th Aug, 2016

Nice lodge inside the park. Not good meals.

Francesconi, Andrea - 24th Aug, 2016

Very comfortable accommodation; food ordinary; service needs improvement

Welbourne, Glynis - 24th Aug, 2016

Saw so many animal out on our own and around the waterhole.

Slade, Judith - 16th Aug, 2016

Had to change rooms. Buffet ran out of food first night. Lots of game at the waterhole.

Clendenen, Jason - 15th Aug, 2016

Very nice cabin, close to the water hole. Great location in the park.

Dhruv, Sharma - 15th Aug, 2016

Fabulous position near an excellent waterhole for viewing, meals were excellent

Williamson, Jan - 10th Aug, 2016

Waterhole chalet was nice but expensive , restaurant was not so nice but expensive too Waterhole is very interesting

Minzer, Philippe - 03rd Aug, 2016

it is a good choise to book the waterhole chalet! lots of animals near the waterhole at night

Haquette, Clara - 01st Aug, 2016

Probably our favorite place on the trip. We spent probably a total of 5 hours just sitting by their watering hole watching antelopes, giraffes, rhinos, elephants, etc. come and go. So so so so pleasant. I'm sure their drives are nice too, but we felt no reason to leave that watering hole.

Bishop, Lee - 28th Jul, 2016

Very comfortable and well appointed accommodation - restaurant perfectly adequate. Brilliant waterhole experience. Will return to this camp.

Henderson, Stewart - 27th Jul, 2016

Excellent. The food here was good and the animal viewing amazing.

Haines, Linda - 27th Jul, 2016

For vegetarians, please note that they have separate (lower) rates for buffets. Best to talk to the chef and get the correct (current) rate.

Sivaramkrishnan, Anand - 27th Jul, 2016

Best waterhole for animals watching. Food was not good. Quality can be improved.

Bambagioni, Simone - 26th Jul, 2016

Rooms were good. Just missed having a braai or even small kitchen.

Moolman, Dewet - 25th Jul, 2016

great waterhole, very helpful staff

Bird, Laura - 24th Jul, 2016

This camp was very dated and the staff impolite and disinterested in service. Very little eye contact, very few salutations - the whole place had a gloomy feel. The on site comments book included similar observations from other guests.

Jarvis,glen - 20th Jul, 2016

The waterhole chalet was a dream--absolutely wonderful.

Choe, Julie - 15th Jul, 2016

Amazing waterhole and animal viewing

Bee, Michel - 15th Jul, 2016

The accommodation was rather cramped but otherwise fine.

Annear, Christopher - 14th Jul, 2016

We loved the premium waterhole chalet and being able to view the watering hole from our balcony

Leathe, Rebecca - 13th Jul, 2016

very gentle and fantastic waterhole to see the animals - perfect

Canins, Emanuela - 10th Jul, 2016

excellent location but only an average resort, buffet dinner in the restaurant does not really cater for vegetarians.

Potter, Suzanne - 09th Jul, 2016

Better than I thought it would be based on reviews I had seen. We stayed in waterhole chalet - very nice. Thought we could see animals at waterhole from chalet but in fact need to walk down to the waterhole to see the animals.

Mckee, Pat - 06th Jul, 2016

Same comments as for Namutoni. Food was slightly better but again, does management care about Okaukuejo? Please make sure that travellers know they won't get the same level of service/facility if they stay there in Etosha than anywhere else in Namibia.

Barriere, Caroline - 06th Jul, 2016

Great waterhole, but the rooms need to be upgraded, very cramped, with little packing space, not as nice as Namutoni. The food is expensize for what you get and the buffet is the same every night, which is OK if you stay one night.

Mccreadie, Ron - 04th Jul, 2016

The staff were friendly and the waterhole at Okaukuejo is a great place to spot rhino.

Sullivan, Robert - 03rd Jul, 2016

After 3 days exploring Etosha National Park and staying at the 3 main lodges, I believe Okaukuejo has the best waterhole. There is a large perimeter around the waterhole providing ample seating and despite the number of people particularly at sunset, the atmosphere was always very tranquil. Movement to and from the waterhole was constant and always changing. We had a bush chalet which was overdue for maintenance work. The entrance door dragged on the floor and required some persuasion when opening and closing. The buffet at the restaurant was ordinary and the staff generally unhelpful. In contrast the Reception staff were very obliging.

Tindale, Colin - 30th Jun, 2016

Great watering hole. Watering hole chalets were very nicely appointed and wonderfully located. Just lacked braai facilities. Restaurant service was good, much better than expected. The Buffet was not fine cuisine, but the food was okay.

Wittenberg, Tom - 25th Jun, 2016

Exceptional waterwhole, but lacks educative information and a few rangers should watch and address some people's behaviour. We've seen people using flashes and strong lights in the face of rhinos and elephants, which clearly disturbed and annoyed them. Some animals left as a csq. Instead of the plethora of non-smoking signs (a few is enough!), some more info on not disturbing the animals and have more respect for them appear essential to me to preserve this fantastic place.

Montagnon, Anne - 18th Jun, 2016

Enjoyed our 3 nights here. Comfortable chalets

Jesudason,prem - 11th Jun, 2016

This camp is state run, so expectations should be managed accordingly. The staff is not as attentive and the food not as good as one would expect from a private resort. Also, a "waterhole chalet" is close to the waterhole but does not have a view. That being said, the accommodations are pleasant, and the black rhinos at the watering hole make it worth a visit.

Glass, Robert - 08th Jun, 2016

We could have stayed another day; waterhole chalets were very nice. Loved the waterhole.

Bartosik, Karen - 05th Jun, 2016

This camp is more crowded then the others, which give another atmosphere. The waterhole was a really extraordinary experience, the best in our trip. The room was confortable, at the waterhole which was nice. The big problem was that the petrol station was "out of stock" o unleaded petrol because the order by the management has not been done on time !!!! it is really unacceptable for such a place, especially if you consider that they are not many petrol station in the area. Fortunately, they had jerrycans delivered from Halali camp (with a supplement of price !)

Jetzer, Josee - 01st Jun, 2016

Good bungalow, nice locationi in front of the waterhole

Baldi, Cristina - 31st May, 2016

Good favourite, but could really do with a few lessons on cooking

Wilkinson, Colin - 30th May, 2016

The best waterhole in Etosha but the price for the premium waterhole chalet is really too high. The room is very small and the fridge make a terrible noise during the night. The restaurant is ok.

Magistrelli,anna - 24th May, 2016

loved it

Cochrane,kevin - 19th May, 2016

This camp is huge, the dinning room is chaos, probably the worst of the whole trip, service was poor, food was third rate and very limited, but the rooms were great and location next to the water hole was wonderful - we took a trip to the other camp - Halali - had lunch there - ten times better than what we had at Okaukuejo - also NWR run - just shows the difference in what good management can make. This camp, especially the dining room needs a big senior management intervention to sort it out!

Duys, Henk - 14th May, 2016

Were here in 1988. Looked as if nothing had changed, but a great place to be.

Overweel, Ron - 12th May, 2016

Love camping at Etosha, but some of the facilities could be better managed. No problems, but not quite the standard of the other sites. Needs more ablutions closer to the campsites.

Rideout Karen - 11th May, 2016

The beds are very good. The room very tiny but adequate, bath and shower efficient. Buffet food is better than average. Staff competent, friendly and helpful. Compared to camping in a roof tent, much nicer. Location for wildlife observation self-drive is best feature. Otherwise we much preferred Halali.

Schneeweiss, Rebecca - 09th May, 2016

Great room in superb position, overlooking the waterhole.

Pring, Lesley - 28th Apr, 2016

great camp & waterhole

Marionnet, Marianne - 28th Apr, 2016

Ideally placed to leave early on the self-drive game drives. The facilities are in good state and clean!

Evrard, Daniel - 19th Apr, 2016

One of the best lodges we stayed at. The waterhole was beautiful 

Canty, Molly - 18th Apr, 2016

Busy main camp waterhole very good. Restaurant was busy and chaotic even in the quiet season. Food was OK ish but not great. Rooms were reasonable. Location is everything!

Talbot, Andrew - 16th Apr, 2016

This also was a great place, although in a different context than the rest of our trip. It was operated much like the popular National Parks here in the US, and better in some respects. After nearly three weeks on safari in 3 other African countries, relaxing by the waterhole was wonderful. We sighted both Southern White, and Southern Black Rhinos there, an adult male Lion, and, of course, hundreds of Zebra. Food was good, accommodations were very comfortable, and it was a perfect stop at the end of our month-long trip to Africa.

Dezember, Robin - 09th Apr, 2016

One should have choices which they don't offer at dinner. Totally overpriced. Un-organised. Bad system. Rooms are fine.

Coetzee, Rudolf - 06th Apr, 2016

Etosha is fantastic. The scenery is incredible and the place has an ability to absorb a lot of people, even over busy easter period. The waterhole chalets, although perfectly positioned have no self catering option, which would be nice! If you want to braai, take stuff with you and use the day braai spots near the pool, otherwise you have to eat at the restaurant and the food is not very good and it is quite expensive at NAD230 for what you get. There is a food "kiosk" open at lunch time only where you can buy toasted samies and burgers, but be prepared to wait as there is only one person working in it! The shop is not well stocked, pity as it would be so easy for them to offer more options in such a busy location. Don't rely on the curio shop to buy presents, the selection is really limited! We went on a night drive, leaving the lodge at 8pm which is not recommended. Only the game ranger/driver has a torch which limits what you will see and our particular ranger was not very talktative. If you do go, take lots of warm clothes regardless of how warm it is during the day.

Holgate, Carolyn - 04th Apr, 2016

Nice camp but big and busy

Segel, Felicity - 04th Apr, 2016

Best out of all in each category.

Przkop, Jack - 03rd Apr, 2016

Very friendly staff at the reception and in the restaurant. Cleaness and functionality much better than in the last articles readable in the AZ and FB. Food simple but ok but unfortunately no lunch menue with a selection of light meals like sandwiches, burgers and so.

Buchert, Thomas - 25th Feb, 2016

Was adequate, near the waterhole,not the best we had though.

Oliveres, Michele - 22nd Feb, 2016

Okaukuejo was a good place to stay to do the game drives outside park opening times. The chalets were rather basic and infested with beetles. The restaurant was not great. I would prefer to stay outside the park in a private lodge.

Long,colin - 15th Feb, 2016

The camp itself was nothing special, but we loved being in the Premier Waterhole Chalet. That was really special and we loved game watching from our bed! Would not want to stay here if we hadn't been in this chalet

Kaplan, Sybil - 24th Jan, 2016

Very nice! Nice accommodations. Excellent food. Beautiful view!

Barrick, Wally - 21st Jan, 2016

The pits. Waterfront room really small, aircon didn't cool the room properly. Staff at restaurant indifferent but passable. Wouldn't stay there again. Halali much better.

Martin, Barbara - 05th Jan, 2016

Comfortable room, good buffet choice, the waterhole is a huge asset.

Lodder, Jasmijn - 04th Jan, 2016

The best thing of the place is the location but the facilites are old. Normally we cooked ourself but one night it rained a lot and went to the restaurant. We must say that it is very very bad. They should improve that. Namutoni was much better. Maybe instead of one night in Namutoni and 2 in Okaukuejo would have been better to do one stop in Halali.

Cots, Teresa - 25th Dec, 2015

The busiest of our Etosha stops which was expected given its central location. Okaukuejo had everything we needed and was in the middle of Etosha, that alone made it an incredible place.

Auge, Michael - 22nd Dec, 2015

Impressive facility, but beginning to suffer from having been perhpas overly busy for many years. Restaurant facilities seem a bit worn. Service is good, but understandably not very 'personal'. Food was nice consdiering that it was a buffet supposed to serve large crowds in a short time.

Bergstad, Odd - 17th Dec, 2015

We were given a very warm welcome at Okaukuejo but, unfortunately, there was a power cut due to electrical storms which made life very difficult for the staff, there being no power or water. However, breakfast was provided the following morning which was delicious. Probably due to the storms, there were only a handful of animals at the floodlit waterhole but we had been very spoilt at Dolomite so it didn't matter. The facilities were very good.

Henderson, Iain & Pippa - 17th Dec, 2015

Pretty busy place, but the water hole is one-of-a-kind. The room was on the small side for the price. Staff was more interested/customer service oriented than Namutoni, but also seem a bit 'jaded' for the international tourist. I understand that lodges just outside the gate are much nicer for less money so it seems the location is the reason for the price difference. This is understandable to a degree, but in the long run will be a disservice to the NWR.

Pollard, David - 11th Dec, 2015

The best of the three, but the restaurant caotic...

Castela, Miguel - 07th Dec, 2015

Probably the poorest campsin terms of quality. Don't do night drives, which was a shame, but the waterhole was spectacular.

Wood, Graeme - 26th Nov, 2015

Poor: the pitches are of poor quality and the facilities are in adequate for the number of people staying there (one ablution block was closed while we were there). The staff are very unhelpful and down right rude which is a shame because we found the staff at all the other NWR sites (Terrace Bay, Naukluft and Sesriem very helpful). They double booked our pitch for the second night. The only redeeming feature is watching the animals that come to the local watering hole during the evening.

Gent,mike - 17th Nov, 2015

The accommodation was good but not anything special & the food which is buffet style was plentiful but not memorable. The location of our rooms though, near the waterhole, was fantastic. The waterhole here is amazing & due to the time of year (dry) seemed to be full of wild life for much of both the day & night.

Stansfeld, Peter & Anne - 05th Nov, 2015

The room was clean and spacious. Two excellent game drives. Restaurant a disaster. Service very poor though food was adequate. Many other clients also very dissatisfied with the quality of service. We complained to the restaurant manager who didn't seem to know how to handle the situation. The next day we spoke to the Deputy Manager who was very apologetic and admitted that there were faults with the standard of service. We received complementary meals as a recompense.

Rothwell, Michael - 05th Nov, 2015

efficient but nothing special. the good thing is the big waterhole with many animals

Vinet, Cecile - 03rd Nov, 2015

Waterhole chalet great - waterhole makes up for the larger busy camp feeling

Powell, Jason - 02nd Nov, 2015

Room small, but nice, with the best water hole visited.

Giorgi, Laura - 31st Oct, 2015

A bit touristy, but the water hole cannot be beat.

Cox, Joshua - 29th Oct, 2015

The Waterhole chalets are good. the restaurant is not good - the food was dull, no game, just chicken and beef and the steak were precooked and then just put on the grill :( The waiters were slow and there weren't enough af them to serve so many people. If Okaukuejo didn't have the waterhole I would never visit it. Etosha Village outside the Andersson gate were much much better in all ways.

Sivebaek, Bitten - 27th Oct, 2015

Waterhole chalet was very nice and close to all the game viewing action. Highly recommended

Ayling, Pat - 26th Oct, 2015

Animals were fantastic as was the waterhole - the waterhole was a huge success day and night. Room was very nice - very close to the waterhole. No braai or fridge so had to eat at buffet for dinner which was not bad. Service at reception was minimal - lacking in customer service skills. Breakfast was much better organised than at Halali. Store had very limited selection of food and souvenirs. No sightings board.

Hotchkies, Barry - 25th Oct, 2015

Much improved since I was last here but this is reflected in the price. Worth letting clients know that you can't just buy a snack there you have to pay for the full dinner. We had super noodles having been advised that the dinner wasn't great

Porter, Michelle - 19th Oct, 2015

The water hole here is simply amazing.

Jeltrup, Eric - 18th Oct, 2015

Great location to experience Etosha and its wildlife Accommodation to a reasonable standard

Payne, James - 16th Oct, 2015

Again the restaurant wasn't great but it didn't matter as again the game viewing was so good. 6 rhinos' at the waterhole, herds of elephants, fantastic viewing.

Mccomiskey,shelagh - 14th Oct, 2015

Big and busy. We stayed in a family villa that was nice. Had we realised what equipment was provided in the kitchen we would have bought food from a supermarket rather than eaten in the restaurant which has average food.

Taylor, Dan - 06th Oct, 2015

Great location. Service was ok. Bit worried about food hygiene, raw and cooked game meat was being handled using the same utensils by the staff.

Culley, John - 04th Oct, 2015

Another busy resort and the rooms needed refreshing. Would be worth pointing out to your clients that a waterhole chalet does not give you a waterhole view. Bedding wonderfully crisp and one of our best nights sleep. Waterhole was not as busy as expected. Food was OK tasty enough but a little institutional.

Slatter, Marc - 03rd Oct, 2015

Truly amazing waterhole. Thanks for booking our rooms so close to this it was an immense privilege to be so close to the wildlife.

Leaver, Ellen - 29th Sep, 2015

Nice basic camp. Fine for us. A lot to see

Vrancken, Cindy - 24th Sep, 2015

We only really stopped here as a break between Onguma at Erongo. It was a large impersonal resort as expected and the food was average. However their waterhole was awesome - we could have sat up all night watching the numerous animals there!

King, Sarah - 21st Sep, 2015

Great time here. With hindsight, the bush chalets and family units would have been just as good (plus they had braai facilities!). It is not at all far to walk to the waterhole.

Wilford, Garry - 19th Sep, 2015

The rooms were fine as we had the waterhole rooms, but the service at the restaurant was poor, the food average, the restaurant wasn't particularly clean either. There was just no comparison to any of the other lodges we stayed at.

Boulton, Trish - 18th Sep, 2015

Probably the best of the three government run camps. The food though was nearly as bad as the others

Flint,jamie - 16th Sep, 2015

Reception staff outstanding

Wilkes, Mark - 10th Sep, 2015

Great accomodation. Dining okay. Moody staff at reception.

Weihrauch,sascha - 10th Sep, 2015

very very unfriendly People. Chalets clean an good. camp was nice. but the People were all the most unfriendly experience we had in many travels. we didn`t know that breakfast was included, the voucher said in the end B&B but we didn`t see that and the park said it would cost 120 NAD pP extra in the beginning and only said in the end it is included

Kredel, Katrin - 07th Sep, 2015

The camp is big but the atmosphere is excellent, especially the restaurant and the waterhole. Waterhole chalets are small, but ok.

Mouradian, Pierre - 05th Sep, 2015

We did not like the camp but had an amazing room overlooking the waterhole which made staying there worthwhile and it provided a wonderful view of the waterhole.

Middleton, John - 04th Sep, 2015

Fantastic place in terms of what was available nature wise (waterhole, etc). Rooms were clean but basic. Felt the service was not up to the sae level as all other places - to be expected I guess given the size

Newsome, Michael - 04th Sep, 2015

It has a major attraction and the staff act in consequence, except the friendly housekeepers. Our chalet was barely waterhole view - this is deceptive as it was blocked by a Premium chalet, but all in all acceptable.

Mckinley,christopher - 02nd Sep, 2015

It was a very comfortable room.

Sagawa, Takashi - 30th Aug, 2015

A bit too much of a "tourist plant" but there isn't much more options. Waterhole chalet with a quite desapointing view to the waterhole.

Keusseyan, Celine - 29th Aug, 2015

This was a our least favourite place and I would not recommend camping here. The pitches are bare without shade, it was like being in a car park. Once the sun set the camp is overrun with jackles which are bold and come right up to the fire and the car, a very unkempt and badly managed campsite. It was a disappointment 2/10

Pycroft, Liz - 27th Aug, 2015

The campsite is very crowded, sandy and the cleaning is not the best we met in Namibia, however it worth to stay in this camp site because the waterhole is amazing because of the number of animals that visit it.

Zani,viviana - 26th Aug, 2015

Busy but you can't beat the waterhole.

Gayton, Adam - 26th Aug, 2015

The campsites are very crowded are there are not enough ablution blocks by far. The overland bus crowd take over the cooking blocks and there are always lines at the toilets. On the other hand, the waterhole is spectacular. We saw 7 black rhino one night, including two mother/calf pairs. Heaps of other animals all day and all night long. Incredible.

Hayden, Jack - 25th Aug, 2015

nice situation with the waterfront but nothing else

Staubli,philippe - 23rd Aug, 2015

good location. We didn't like the game drive arrange from the lodge. the food could be better. The room was fine, close to the waterhole, fantastic.

Benocci, Massimo - 21st Aug, 2015

Probably the best of the water-holes within the park.

Thompson, Andy - 16th Aug, 2015

Good room and food. Not many animals around

Canetta, Dario - 16th Aug, 2015

Meh, get in and get out. Very busy camp though the waterhole was productive.

Hughes, Kevin - 14th Aug, 2015

Overall we were happy with the service. However we would not advise doing the night safari. We found it to be cold, long and a bit pointless, since it is unlikely you will see things that cannot be seen (better!) during the daytime.

Pirotta, Enrico - 11th Aug, 2015

Lilly helped advise us for all the camps, but the premier waterhole chalet she booked for us at Okaukuejo was definitely a highlight!

Broster, Linda - 08th Aug, 2015

Am really glad Allison recommended the Waterhole Chalet - seeing animals at the waterhole so close is a memory I'll remember for a long time! Accommodation was excellent and lodge was excellent - got a few ideas of how to design my own house :)

Sessions, Claire - 03rd Aug, 2015

Very small room but the waterhole was fun to view at night.

Chatham, Robert - 31st Jul, 2015

Indispensable !

Haddad, Victor - 30th Jul, 2015

A beautiful place. Nice houses nice accomodation

Nielsen,ove - 30th Jul, 2015

This was a big surprise, how pleasant the place was, especially in view of the fact it got some rather poor reviews on Trip Advisor. The first night we particularly enjoyed the deluxe waterhole was just delightful, huge rooms and a wonderful view of the waterhole. The restaurant was huge and the food was good in spite of the large number of people.

Hoke, Steven - 30th Jul, 2015

Clean and beautiful, right near the water hole. We enjoyed our meals and stay very much.

Stacy, Jennifer - 28th Jul, 2015

Great, beautiful place and accomodation.

Pezzolo, Matteo - 23rd Jul, 2015

The campsite here was dusty, busy and unattractive. The food in the restaurant wasn't great either. You were forced to eat from the overpriced buffet and it was all pretty unappealing. I wouldn't stay here again and I'd recommend people pay the extra to stay at Dolomite instead.

Pick, Liz - 18th Jul, 2015

While we had heard mixed reviews of this camp, we were pleasantly surprised. The lodging was comfortable and clean, food good, and atmosphere pleasant. Two hints: reserve outside seating for dinner, as the inside gets smoke-filled from the grill. Be warned that the lunchtime sandwich window (for those not wanting a full buffet lunch) is very slow.

Cuddy, Amy - 18th Jul, 2015

Fantastic waterhole game viewing. Nice room with braai.

Mylrea, Stephen - 14th Jul, 2015

Great location for the surrounding waterholes which are some of the best. The double room accommodation was lovely and very clean. I would recommend the guided night drive.

Mcgovern, Barry - 12th Jul, 2015

Beautiful waterhole.

De Busscher, Katia - 10th Jul, 2015

The camp is very well situated and has the best waterhole of all the camps we visited as well as the best stocked shop. The rooms were clean and the staff were pleasant. One improvement I would make would be for better vegetarian food options.

Yeomans, Susan - 05th Jul, 2015

This camp is superioir with only one problem - it's overbooked

Isakov, Sergey - 29th Jun, 2015

Nice clean room and acceptable meals. Waterhole was all I expected and more. Just wish I could stay awake 24 7 to see all the comings and goings

Zank, Edwin - 29th Jun, 2015

Great waterhole. Restaurant more like a canteen, but the food was good. On a completely different scale in terms of numbers of guests than anywhere else we stayed, so it was impersonal but worth a night's stay for the contrast and the waterhole.

Richardson, Gary - 26th Jun, 2015

This campsite was very busy and did not provide much privacy. People on top of each other almost. Jackals were a bit of a nuisance, throwing over trash cans during the night and scavenging the whole time, so you cannot leave anything unsupervised.

Duvenhage, Johan - 21st Jun, 2015

This is a nice camp but because it's a big and popular resort the staff also aren't as friendly as at the smaller resorts

Duncan, Alison - 16th Jun, 2015

Great waterhole, waterhole chalet good location and reasonable room. Night drive good (lions), I wouldn't bother with a daytime game drive again.

Price, Anna - 13th Jun, 2015

Claim to fame here is, of course, the waterhole (which definitely lives up to its reputation). Our bush chalets were very nice and I believe fairly recently refurbished. Food typical "Parks Board fare" - adequate but that's about all.

Wood-hill,mary - 09th Jun, 2015

Poorly designed chalets, rather grim cafeteria style restaurant, the whole camp is poorly maintained. Staff at garage/filling station very helpful when we had a small tire issue. Staff ignores the jackals that sneak into dining area. Our only reason to stay there again would be to be in the park.

Hess, Jolanta - 09th Jun, 2015

This lodge has so much potential. The chalets are built to a high standard, unfortunately maintenance standard aren't great- fly screens are torn and mosquito nets aren't much good, 1 shower head was broken and the other had been replaced with a cheap unit. All that said it is worth going for the wildlife, we saw 5 Rhinos in one night from the balcony of our room.

Durrington, Luke - 04th Jun, 2015

The floodlit watering hole is the only good reason to stay here. Otherwise a fairly poor option relative to all the more intimate and nice lodges outside the park.

Chambers, Ben - 03rd Jun, 2015

This was a great resort to use as a base camp during our Etosha visit. Even after a long day of game viewing around the park, we could continue into the late afternoon and evening watching animals come to the lighted water hole. The animal viewing was exceptional. The room was adequate, although the kitchenette did not have any cooking utensils. The dining facility was average, where attention seemed to be focused on serving large numbers of guests buffet style vs. on the quality and presentation of the food. I would still highly recommend it as the place to stay in Etosha.

Quiggle,doug - 02nd Jun, 2015

Great accommodation, next to the waterhole

Stolk,boudewijn - 31st May, 2015

bit overcrowded

Hadiati,widi - 20th May, 2015

Beautiful setting in the camp next to the waterhole - perfect. Service by the officials in the camp, quite rude and unhelpful. Prices of food in the camp exorbitant and it would have helped if Norelle had told us that getting supplies in Etosha would be difficult and expensive.

Hoogenhout,dalene - 09th May, 2015

Very well equipped site and facilities. Outstanding waterhole and wildlife views.

Vanderhorst, Aaron - 07th May, 2015

Nice place clean and well organised. Beter than Namutoni.

Suleau, Marcel - 25th Apr, 2015

I really appreciated that Chantelle arranged for us to stay in a double bedroom with 2 matresses for the kids. I understood that usually they only allow one, so this was a really great arrangement for us to be in the park even if there was no more family chalet available.

Bourdelet, Jean - 22nd Apr, 2015

Surprisingly decent for a government-run facility. Check-in process somewhat disorganized. Food pretty good.

Dub, Barbara - 20th Apr, 2015

Reception services very average. No electricity for 2 days while we were there.

Pichard, Stephanie - 17th Apr, 2015

We were disappointed with Okaukuejo resort. The pool was not functioning and hadn't been in some time. The space we had was large but not all of the air conditioners worked. The place could use some maintenance.

Androsoff, Katya - 07th Apr, 2015

Good facilities generally, staff ok, game guide on early morning tour dreadful - pointing out 'bird' - even when game viewing is not good, there's so much information which would be of interest to visitors, staff appear uninterested generally, but game viewing at waterhole was spectacular

Thea - 09th Mar, 2015

Good location. Clean rooms. Restaurant can improve

Naidoo, Vish - 26th Feb, 2015

Family unit was in very good shape. The room maids made a wonderful job, decorated the rooms nicely. Breakfast was OK but nothing special, the worse in all the NWR camps in Etosha N.P.

Buchert, Thomas - 25th Feb, 2015

Exactly how Anita described it - can't thank Anita enough for the tip to a Braii instead of the restaurant. The breakfast there wasn't up to much. The shop on site was limited in goods but overall there was sufficient goods to purchase to have a BBQ, including wood and lighters.

Jenkins, Giulia - 24th Feb, 2015

Enjoyed it here too. Comfortable room and good location for accessing large areas of the park. Although we didn't see some of the bigger animals (lions, leopard, buffalo etc) we still had some great experiences and one of the advantages about going in February was that it felt like we had the park to ourselves for much of the time.

Kingman,sylvia - 23rd Feb, 2015

For what it is it is fine. Great to stay in the park - Allison was right. The other place we would stay is in Onkoshi - on the pan. We stopped there and it looked fabulous.

Mcgrath, Catherine - 14th Jan, 2015

Lots of tourists there, but the waterhole experience was fantastic. We were glad that we stayed there for 3 nights

Siefken, Dirk - 12th Jan, 2015

Of all the campsites we stayed this was the most `cramped` one. A lot of people in a small space. But the facilities were very good and the Waterhole amazing.

Dufour, Miyanou - 12th Jan, 2015

The water hole was a high light seeing animals come for their drink of water.

Rancic,bora - 11th Jan, 2015

Not the nicest site but as others have said the waterhole was amazing. 10 rhino there the first night, unbelievable. Facilities are OK but get taken over by the large overlanders.

Balls, Paula - 11th Jan, 2015

Very busy touristy campsite with adequate well-maintained facilities. Main reason for staying is the fantastic water hole. Otherwise, perfectly pleasant camping option to provide access to Etosha, but not somewhere to stay for any length of time if you prefer peace and quiet in the wilderness away from main tourist attractions!

Leggat, Katheryn - 07th Jan, 2015

The waterhole here was absolutely thrilling. We were addicted the way some people get addicted to reality TV. Anytime day or night there is always something interesting happening. We are very glad we were working with Cardboard Box/Lilly on this one and let her recommend where we camp and where we stay in a lodge. We would NOT have wanted to camp here! Not much shade and kind of barren. The lodge rooms were nice, as was the buffet for breakfast and dinner. We highly recommend the morning game drive. It`s early, but nice and cool - cold even! -- and we saw so many animals -- lions and elephants in particular!

Lingle, Shawn - 06th Jan, 2015

Nice - food could be better

Warland,gregory - 05th Jan, 2015

We had some problems with our room (no hot water, toilet not flushing), but still enjoyed our stay.

Naidoo, Evasen - 30th Dec, 2014

Great place. Beautiful accommodation (waterhole chalet) with everything we needed. Very friendly staff. Excellent breakfast buffet included in the price.

Doser, Birgit - 23rd Dec, 2014

Nice rooms and good service.

Gustafsson, Josephine - 22nd Dec, 2014

Accommodation not quite as good, staff not quite as friendly as elsewhere, buffet style meals were dissappointing. Proximity to water hole was excellent and made the stay worthwhile.

Middleton, Richard - 19th Dec, 2014

good place, room to little space

Berti, Saudo - 15th Dec, 2014

Room is correct but not very friendly.

Morin, Christele - 10th Dec, 2014

If you want to stay inside etosha Park enteriing vÃia Anderssons gate, this is the only option but I, personally, didn`t like the experiencie because of some of the ladies working in reception. Only some of them, but enough to ruin you the day. They were very rude, especially the one on the permits payment.

Begona - 06th Dec, 2014

Very enjoyable. Good chalet.

West, Tricia - 05th Dec, 2014

We wound up with the VIP suite, what more can I say! Lovely.

Powell, Susan - 29th Nov, 2014

The less charming place but inside the park

Molowny, Daniel - 28th Nov, 2014

Fantastic location: Delux Waterhole chalet excellent. Food so-so, but as expected: we`re not there for the food!

Bevan, David - 16th Nov, 2014

reception employee was very friendly and funny to give us a perfect start... but the chalet did not deserve its name at all. the room was too small to open the suitcases, the windows had no moscito protection, so we could not open them at night and had to sleep with loud aircondition plus loud fridge. although our maid made a real good job, it was not comfortable at all. the employees in the restaurant were rude and guests at time had to take care of the food on the grill themselves. they made mistakes in reservations did not excuse but gave guests bad feelings. the waterhole was a nice place and - on our opinion - the only reason for people to stay in this lodge. it was the worst one during our stay in Namibia.

Reick, Britta - 10th Nov, 2014

Large busy restcamp. Our chalet was fine with a separate small kitchen and sofa. We had thought about booking a waterhole chalet but were really glad we didn`t as very few of them actually have a full waterhole view - most are on a row behind these few. None of the chalets is more than a few minutes walk from the waterhole so probably not worth the extra expense.

Strange, Paul - 10th Nov, 2014

A little bit of a zoo and lacks intimacy, But it is THE spot to stay in Etosha. The water hole here is frequented by so many animals, you can`t even begin to imagine - just by sitting there, we saw Elephants (one hung out there for hours!), lions, various antelope/boks, black rhinos (7 all together!), giraffe, etc. This camp is simply worth it for the 24 hour access to the waterhole.

Sumiani, Jeri - 09th Nov, 2014

Very good!

Haagenrud, Arne - 09th Nov, 2014

Well located inside Etosha but quality inferior compare to the rest of the Namibian lodges. Bring you meat for BBQ !

Bailley, Vivien - 06th Nov, 2014

Despite novelty of the floodlit waterhole, we did not enjoy our stay here as it was very crowded.

Rance, Louisa - 01st Nov, 2014

Very nice chalet with view on the waterhole. Unfortunately too popular/crowed to our taste.

Guillaume, Sebastien - 26th Oct, 2014

brilliant show of wildlife. We were delighted to have a house near the w/h. Probably could have done with 3 nights

Harrap, John & Jane - 20th Oct, 2014

Good except was in basic room that was very small and would have liked to have known that there were 2 further options

Burns, Annie - 19th Oct, 2014

Comfortable. Of course more people (sine obligation for all to go in one of the 3-4 lodges of the park. Good, location to be in the park all the time.

Laloux,olivier - 19th Oct, 2014

Enjoyed the camping - facilities were good. Etosha was fantastic.

Stoner, Kit - 18th Oct, 2014

Waterhole chalet was nice (however without direct view to the waterhole). Bathroom was very small. Buffet breakfast and buffet dinner were a disaster. Very poor food presentation, quality and variety. Staff efficiency below average.

Evangelista, Paulo - 16th Oct, 2014

very, very nice chalet, great view, the meal was not so good, too much people

Gerber, Jacqueline - 16th Oct, 2014

Excellent food, location and the waterhole chalets were perfect.

Barton, Richard - 15th Oct, 2014

Basic camp. Try to get into the first row of Bungalows. We stayed in a Waterhole Bungalow but the waterhole was difficult to see from there. Waterhole was absolutely worthwile - herds of elephants, rhino and so on...

Umbricht, Regula - 14th Oct, 2014

a very nice camp, but we saw nothing at night at their famous waterhole. we saw plenty of animals all day long, so no big disappointment

Schachter, Su - 13th Oct, 2014

Lovely as always, really enjoyed the stay. Clean and spacious family bungalow. The food at the restaurant seems to have improved since our last visit.

Hoekstra, Joanne - 09th Oct, 2014

Rooms are very nice and tidy. The food is very good.

Khoungui, Amina - 06th Oct, 2014

Lovely waterhole setting

Cummings, John - 03rd Oct, 2014

The standard of accommodation, service, food, etc. at Okaukuejo is below other camps/lodges and resorts in Namibia. All NWR govt run camps are the same, at least we found this to be the case (inside Etosha and Waterberg). That said, its waterhole is 2nd to none. Unlucky for us, there was a thunderstorm which ruined our plans for staying up all night! However, we were treated to a great show on our last day as literally hundreds of animals (springbok, etc.) flocked to the waterhole mid-morning. Better waterhole than Halali, though Halali is a nicer rest camp.

Rocliffe, Jamie - 03rd Oct, 2014

Accommodation, service and meals were of the best

Riekie - 28th Sep, 2014

There`s a lot of bureaucracy in Etosha. They seem to know well they`re Namibia top destination, and service is not so good.

Ricca, Paolo - 28th Sep, 2014

Lovely accommodation. Waterhole wonderful, saw lots of animals. Food was good.

Esslinger, Ellen - 25th Sep, 2014

Although this camp is the `jewel in the crown` of the NWR I found it very average. The staff are all very nice but the general maintenance of the ablutions and camp sites could be improved. I found this to be the case with all the NWR establishments. The GONDWANA camp site and lodge we stayed at was definitely superior.

Klein, Shirley - 23rd Sep, 2014

Okaukuejo was fine. On the down side were buffet dining, lots of people chattering (and SMOKING!) in the viewing area next to the waterhole (next to the Silence Please and No Smoking signs). On the plus side, the food was not bad and mostly: what a great opportunity to be in the park at night! We opted for a Waterhole Chalet which were duplexes. Ours was number 1-2 and was fantastically placed right outside the viewing area. Note that NOT ALL `Waterhole Chalets` actually face the waterhole (there`s a front row and a back row). I would putter over in my jammies in the middle of the night to see who was visiting to drink at that time! We saw lots of dramas played out between lions, herbivores, elephants and rhinos. Also, it was nice to be so close to the park itself after breakfast. We used Okaukuejo to explore the West and Middle parts of the park for a couple of days. Very convenient. Especially convenient was the Newbrownii waterhole which was only 8 minutes from the Camp for that late-afernoon-magic-hour-then-dash-to-the-gate-before-it-closes photos.

Hill,karl - 19th Sep, 2014

Busy but very well organized and very clean notwithstanding the number of visitors.

Menghetti, Alipio - 16th Sep, 2014

room is very clean and the view on waterhole is fantastic

Reix, Daniel - 13th Sep, 2014

AMAZING day viewing of elephants, giraffe, wildebeest, zebra, springbok, etc at the camp watering hole

Murphy, Bernie - 12th Sep, 2014

Just got to stay here because of the waterhole. We were so lucky and one night provided animal interactions that David Attenborough would dream about. Accommodation very good. Staff can be surly and buffet food OK. You would choose an alternative restaurant if you could, but we already knew that would be the case, having stayed before. However, staying here must be on every Etosha experience.

Jewel, Steve - 08th Sep, 2014

All perfect

Peti, Daniele - 07th Sep, 2014

We loved the waterhole - was certainly a highlight

Vermaire, Sonet - 07th Sep, 2014

The best of the etosha sites. All of them seemed to be run by the government, they felt a lot like the US park service owned and run or `leased out`facilities - along with Waterberg. Best animals at the waterhole..

Graber, Max - 02nd Sep, 2014

great location but camp is now becoming in need of maintenance; food is poor - like a huge scrummage at dinner with the need for a proper system; staff not very attentive.

Ballance, Tony - 31st Aug, 2014

Very nice room. The floodlit water pool was very special as we got to see 3 rhino who were then chased off by a herd of elephants. a very enthusiastic guidecalled Johhny took us out on a game drive.

Greenwood, Stusar - 29th Aug, 2014

great waterhole

Johnston, Neil - 26th Aug, 2014

I definitely recommend staying here because the waterhole in the dry season is teaming with life. We had lovely waterhole chalet (a premier chalet would have been even better) which was 30 metres from the waterhole. Watching the animals, especially the rhinos and herds of elephants was an awesome experience. There is no Wi-Fi in Okaukuejo

Proffit,katie - 25th Aug, 2014

nice and good food

Coupe, Christine - 22nd Aug, 2014

Very nice camp with an amazing waterhole. Only 2 min. walk from our tent we saw 5 rhinos, 13 giraffes, a family of elephants with 3 little ones and a rhino mum+baby. And that was just between 6.30 and 8.30 pm the first night!! Like the other camps, the toilets were clean and the showers were nice and warm. The washing up room was ideal to leave our kitchen boxes in, because the jackals were roaming the campsite always looking for food and nicked 2 empty plastic containers while we were eating our dinner less then 5m away.

James, Marleen - 21st Aug, 2014

The waterhole lodges were nice but rather small. Great waterhole - the best while we were there (including on drives). Restaurant seemed much better able to cope than Halali.

Hunter,nick - 21st Aug, 2014

I don`t like this place... but it`s very easy for watching animals from there.

Krahenbuhl, Claude - 19th Aug, 2014

Though accomodations would rank as 3-star or so in the city, having this degree of comfort, cleanliness, and hot water in the bush was really great. Food and drink were fine, more than adequate, and waterhole viewing was good for keeping you in the experience. Compound felt secure also.

Taber, Greg - 14th Aug, 2014

lot of guests there, well organized, Please give guests the information, that within ETOSHA-national park there are no ATM-facilities. Theoretically you can pay by credit card, but in reality it did not work. So you can easily run out of cash.

Bauer Ingrid - 09th Aug, 2014

Nice camp. Great viewing at the waterhole but people were very noisy there and disrespectful of the wild, in my opinion. The waterhole is very easy to get to so people jus used it as a social gathering place. I feel the camp should brief people on entry that there shoudl be silence in this area. There should also be notices asking people to be quiet

Rattray, Hugh - 02nd Aug, 2014

Very comfortable and pleasant. Relatively busy but not oppressively so. Terrific lighted waterhole.

Murphy, Dennis - 01st Aug, 2014

The best thing about this resort was the floodlit waterhole. Sitting around the edge, watching 35+ elephants of varying ages and sizes is something I will never forget. It1s quite commercial, and the room was quite small, but the game viewing made it all worthwhile. Nice pool area.

Beswick, Karen - 28th Jul, 2014

This resort is very beautiful and tidy. The water hole was a treat - we spent quite some time there. The restaurant is not up to standard. The breakfast was really not a pleasurable experience. Overall very good.

Van Der Bergh, Ronell - 24th Jul, 2014

the premiere room was wonderful. food not so good

Picariello, Giorgia - 21st Jul, 2014

Top class the waterhole chalet No. 33 was excellent. as you stated previously the service not always up to scratch but okay. food was good

Eslick, Steve - 11th Jul, 2014


Van Gend,marie - 11th Jul, 2014

Better than Halali, but next time I would stay out of the park

Decker,dana - 06th Jul, 2014

Resort is busy and room seems old and needs maintenance. Chalet could be better. Food average.staff not friedly like in halali.

Tomasina, Giorgio - 03rd Jul, 2014

When we booked, I forgot to specify a `premier` waterhole chalet so we got one of the regular ones. The family was expecting the premier so there was some disappointment (all my fault, though). I have to say that NWR is not doing a great job with service, food quality, maintaining the property. But you can`t beat the wildlife viewing there.

Loftus, Steve - 03rd Jul, 2014

Very pleased with the Water Hole Challet accommodation with the location next to the waterhole being excellent.

Jones, Bruce - 03rd Jul, 2014

Seeing rhino was a great thrill for me.

Kerlagon, Jeffery - 01st Jul, 2014

Good accommodation perfectly positioned. All other facilities very good. Food good.

Jones, David - 30th Jun, 2014

wonderful place

Ross, Elisabetta - 29th Jun, 2014

A wonderful place to return to

Wilkinson, Colin - 18th Jun, 2014

Disappointed with Campsite. Was very bleak and quite crowded with all the overlanders. Ablutions were under pressure.

Williams, Brian - 17th Jun, 2014

Would have preferred to discuss doing one night here, one night at Halali / the eastern camp so that we could drive further into the park

Butler, Elena - 06th Jun, 2014

We opted to stay in the premier waterhole chalet- fantastic. We really enjoyed Okaukuejo. One member of staff in reception was excellent but the rest didn`t seem to want to be helpful. Food in the restaurant was good but a little disorganized. On the whole we really enjoyed.

Moate, Nicky - 30th May, 2014

Enjoyed our stay at Halali. Fabulouse game viewing at the waterhole. Food and accommodation very good. The only downside was the flies around our chalet. It was dreadful. We were advised that they accumalate around a tree next to our chalet  - The flies were literally buzzing around the tree. We were in chalet no 16 - waterhole. Thoroughly enjoyed the game dirve. Game Ranger went out of his way to make it a most memorable evening.

Tyldesley, Audrey - 26th May, 2014

Cabins were satisfactory. The highlight was the floodlit waterhole and seeing rhinos and lions! Wahoo.

Kannemeyer, Jeremy - 26th May, 2014

Fantastic resort, a real surprise for a government lodge -- upmarket design and amazing proximity to the waterhole, just a few steps from our bedroom. The staff at reception who checked us in could do with some training in how to welcome tourists; it was as if they were doing us a massive favour by checking us in. The highlight was definitely the waterhole with its comfortable benches. But I would not recommend the game drive at night (7pm-10pm) as there is not much point trying to see animals in the dark, the vehicle is creaky and you don't hear the night sounds with the engine running, the guide was not interested in taking us on the drive, and it was FREEZING! Rather spend the evening sitting on a bench at the waterhole just a few steps from your bedroom, and come and go as you please. The salads at dinner were delicious, although there were no special vegetarian options for the main course, and yet so much meat was available for meat eaters. The meal was included in our rate, but had I paid the R180 for the meal, as a vegetarian I would've felt most annoyed. There are no other restaurant options, and you cannot drive in the park at night to go out to another lodge or town for dinner, so you either bring your own food or pay the meal rate. Again, at breakfast, not much for vegetarians, just egg, white toast, and cornflakes, while meat eaters had tons of meat again. I would definitely recommend this accommodation for the upmarket bedrooms, the proximity to the waterhole, and the ease of being right inside Etosha game park.

Shandler, David - 19th May, 2014

great waterhole with plenty of wildlife (lion, rhino, elefants, zebra etc..), crowded campsite, ok standard, dirty ablution blocks

Linge, Thomas - 19th May, 2014

Very comfortable for those who aim to see animals

Belenkiy, Sergey - 19th May, 2014

A bungalow next to the Waterhole. Very beautiful!

Hugentobler,michael - 09th May, 2014

Facilities (bathroom, showers) were not very clean and very old. Facilities at Halali were much better

Tomoko,romain - 09th May, 2014

Not very impressed with the room - shower did not work. The staff were very friendly and accommodating though.

Banks, Henry - 06th May, 2014

What can I say ........ just brilliant! Safari drives excellent, as were all facilities.

Macdonald, Dee - 01st May, 2014

food could have been better

Lasham, Gary - 27th Apr, 2014

nice bungalows with the option to self-catering or to grill

Roessel, Elke - 25th Apr, 2014

Backed up toilet and sink, cranky parks people

Alex & Heather Mccleave - 08th Apr, 2014

nice accommodation, too big resort and petrol station empty!!!

Dorez, Dominique - 21st Mar, 2014

This resort was MUCH nicer than expected. The waterhole two-story chalet was perfect. We self-drove for two days and it was a thrilling experience, especially for my 14 year old grandson. After three nights we then drove to Swakopmund (a long but fascinating trip of 7.5 hours) and stayed at Hotel Pension Rapmund. This we had organized ourselves but I would highly recommend the Rapmund. We were very comfortable and the rate very reasonable for two bedrooms, a sitting room and kitchen.

Cleghorn,ailie - 09th Mar, 2014

Same as Namutoni with abominable cooking.Waterhole chalets are not so bad but very far from the restaurant and the view on the waterhole is too far away, so it`s not worth for the price. Prefer a lodge outside Etosha park.

Galanter, Jean - 04th Mar, 2014

Beautiful place to stay, the flood lit water hole was an added bonus

Lyons, Paul - 04th Mar, 2014

has also improved. There must be definitely a new Management or a good cunsultant for the camps

Buchert, Thomas - 04th Mar, 2014

We were very nicely surprised by Okaukuejo because some people have written reviews about the place saying how it is much to big and sometimes unfriendly but I can only say the oposite. It may be big by Namibian standards but it was really nice. The rooms were great, the food was very good and although we were on a self drive trip we still took an evening drive with one of NWRs guides and he was super friendly and knowledgeable. Overall Okaukeujo was a really nice surprise (despite warnings about it being the wrong time of year we saw everyone but elephants :-) ).

Weber, David - 25th Feb, 2014

unfortunately the meals were horrible. We`ve booked this camp, because 2 years ago the meals were better than in Namutoni- Next time we`ll stay in an other camp.

Pares, Verena - 17th Feb, 2014

The rooms are not clean, the bathroom is very tiny and the food is just terrible.

Raza, Lily - 29th Jan, 2014

Big place, with terrible service in the restaurant - very disorganised. But the food was quite good. The whole site was clean and tidy, although the room by the waterhole was quite small and we struggled to get all our kit into it. But it seemed a great base for driving around Etosha and we did get some great sights of wildlife on the drives during our stay. However, it was busy, which we knew it would be, and we only gave 3/5 on Tripadvisor.

Paterson, Neil - 27th Jan, 2014

Great, everything was in working order, we had no problems. Again, the people were friendly, the food was good and the waterhole magnificent. We prefer Namutoni as we like the less commercial set-up. Can`t fault the camp though.

De Klerk, Charlotte - 17th Jan, 2014

Very lovely resort with friendly service, beautiful and clean rooms, great location and nice food.

Graham, Katherine - 16th Jan, 2014

a bit tired and needs some spark. Air conditioner in the room was totally inefficient with the swing bar in the wrong position (exactly the same unit at Halili with swing bar in the correct position resulted in excellent air conditioning there). Drizzle from shower close to useless. They had run out of vodka on the second night and for the second morning they had no eggs and several of the guests were angry about this, particularly because no staff were present to take responsibility or apologise, other than the chef valiantly cooking the bacon. Great game drive in the afternoon.

Medlicott, Louisa - 14th Jan, 2014

Reception staff were friendly and welcoming. Our accommodation was superb and very comfortable, clean and well-positioned. The food was however absolutely awful. I complained to the camp manager (who was very nice) about the dinner, a buffet of unspeakably poor quality and she arranged for us to eat from the menu the following evening.

Holtmann, Barbara - 11th Jan, 2014

Good localization to make safaris. The room was nice.

Martins, Célia - 07th Jan, 2014

Wordeful room and situation but the restaurant had very low quality

Pagnoni, Massimo - 06th Jan, 2014

Good game viewing and good campsite

Mantratzis Constantinos - 06th Jan, 2014

Better than namutoni. We expected buffet style dinners, but it was a la carte instead, with very little variety for the three nights we`ve been there.

Zucca, Constanza - 02nd Jan, 2014

On arrival we were advised the room we had booked was not available - which was disappointing. The waterhole was wonderful. I noted that the animals came here to drink and hang around the waterhole, but went elsewhere to eat and sleep. I think this is another lesson we could learn from the animals. Still a great experience for one night.

Sutcliffe, Paul - 22nd Dec, 2013

We had some technical difficulties in the room : to find an electric socket, to open the sink, the fridge was not working, etc. The most expensive room but not the best (and not the biggest !). Good food.

Quiblier, Michel - 05th Dec, 2013

Amazing - again staff helpful, friendly, welcoming and restaurant good. Bedroom really spacious and kitchen area a bit cramped but not a problem - we didn`t want to be indoors except to sleep. Waterhole fab - saw lots.

Saunders, Lesley - 28th Nov, 2013

Excellent with great waterhole, food and service not quite so nice as Halali.

Wilson, Colin - 17th Nov, 2013

Excellent accommodation. Fabulous location. Hadn1t appreciated there was only one (expensive) restaurant to eat in. It was very busy on our first night and getting seated (even though we`d booked) and sorting out payment was a bit chaotic ... but it didn`t spoil the fabulous location.

Parkes, Simon - 16th Nov, 2013

Nice place to stay, but too touristy for us. We did enjoy the waterhole, but unfortunately together with 100+ other people. Rating: 7/10.

Verheij, Felix - 13th Nov, 2013

Very good campsite, lovely waterhole and good restaurant.

Levaique, Patrick - 12th Nov, 2013


Marescotti, Enrico - 10th Nov, 2013

Again double rooms not what I was hoping for. Wanted to braai but no facilities at double room. Otherwisw waterhole great place.

Krige, Skip - 04th Nov, 2013

Fantastic room that overlooked the water hole. No problem with the buffet style food - food little different from anywhere else - and actually having the cook stand there cooking our meat did result that we had it cooked as we like it - not something that happened everywhere.

Nevill, David - 03rd Nov, 2013

good but a little bit dirty. We had ants and scorpios in our room - the waterhole was fantastic so everything else is forgotten

Pervilli, Simona - 01st Nov, 2013

very good waterhole and acceptable food

Jaburg, Frank - 27th Oct, 2013


Beales, Pat - 25th Oct, 2013

This resort has got too big and the service is suffering terribly because of it. The only attraction is the Waterhole at night which is amazing - we had a lion vs giraffe stand off to watch and lots of rhino at night. Food was very average, service poor, but our bush chalet was large and comfortable. That said, we would stay there again on our next visit because of the location and waterhole.

Janson, Candida - 21st Oct, 2013

This was the first experience of our companions of game reserve accommodation and they were most impressed with the bedrooms. The food was plentiful and satisfactory, service very charming. Excellent wines a great surprise! The waterhole delivered! One small caveat: the pool was `soupy` with chemicals, according to those who partook (only briefly). Only one strong negative: the night drive is a complete rip-off, more expensive than the day option and two hours of very tedious driving through black-out conditions with a hand-held infra-red flashlight that barely lit the road-side, one side at a time. Absurd.

Greenwood, Jan - 21st Oct, 2013

The resort and particularly the premier waterhole suite were lovely. I would have liked to know that there were two bathrooms however as this would have influenced my booking.

Leathers, Jeannie - 20th Oct, 2013

Excellent place to stay, although food was quite expensive.

Thoener, Peta - 12th Oct, 2013

Okaukuejo is a very pleasant place, I have enjoyed the stay, the restaurant and the tours, wonderful! Unfortunately I have experienced a very disppointing situation when leaving the Etosha Camp at Von Lindequist Gate. When I entered via Anderson` Gate, I had normally paid the Entrance fee, got the receipt/Permit and went to Okaukuejo. In the day after, at Von Lindequist Gate, the officer after looking at the Permit, has requested a payment for another day for the vehicle, as the permit had expired 2 hours earlier. The lady said the Permit was only valid for 24 hours. Consequently to pay the due amount I was being forced to go back to Namutoni to pay at the office!! I have refused and decided to pay directly to the officer, which she accepted but didn`t provide any receipt as she pointed out! Well, probably the officer has done it! And probably there was a clause written on the Permit which I was not notified about its existence. On vacactions, normally we don`t pay too much attention to `contracts`, etc! But if I had been notified at the entrance, I should have known about this procedure and could have not gone through this annoying situation!

Lavrado, Helder - 08th Oct, 2013

Very nice experience!

Lavrado, Helder - 08th Oct, 2013

Not a great campsite (too many people on top of one-another, bins not secured so the jackals get into them every night). Amazing waterhole made up for that though. All the game watching you need can be done at the waterhole.

Gunstroop, Kim - 02nd Oct, 2013

Not very pleasant and an incredible high price for what you get.

Bongers, Andre - 01st Oct, 2013

It is 10 years since we visited Etosha. In that time the bush chalets have been built at the three main camps & now provide excellent quality accommodation. The arrangements for eating are also much improved.

Ratchelous, David - 30th Sep, 2013

Perfect location, the least comfortable accomodation of trip and staff not well organised or particularly friendly and helpful.

Cutter, Leslie - 26th Sep, 2013

really enjoyed it, after hearing negative comments prior about the ablutions,we went not knowing quite what to expect. However no complaints and the cleaning staff very friendly.

Radley Colleen - 26th Sep, 2013

This resort is unfortunately too busy. I was pushed away when I was making a photo of the sunset and stood in the way of somebody else. Your customers should realize this. The quality of the food is ok.

Boesen, Jan - 23rd Sep, 2013

one of the most exciting experiences in Namibia. The room was wonderful, clean and with a wonderful view on the waterhole. Probably one of the best rooms we visited in Namibia. The only negative characteristic is the lack of organization at the restaurant even if the food is quite good.

Bezzi, Lorella - 21st Sep, 2013

nice place. restaurant could be better

Ferrario, Carlo - 16th Sep, 2013

Croud of people. Good facilities. Campsite too much near but good for visit ethosa and with a very good waterhole inside.

Corti, Francesca - 13th Sep, 2013

Accommodation good although room is a bit small for the furniture that has been crammed in. Staff friendly. Food good. Maintenance not good. Several items broken, loose or falling apart. Broken window pane in bathroom not good. Accessibility to electrical outlets very difficult behind poorly co-ordinated wooden decorations behind bed.

Rawlins, Andrew - 06th Sep, 2013

very nice

Barrier, Bertrand - 04th Sep, 2013

Not very good service but would stay there again just for the on site waterhole!

Jenkins, Lisa & Alex - 02nd Sep, 2013

Stayed in a double room. Happy with room

Dillion, Peter - 30th Aug, 2013

Hotel with beautiful view!

Botzong, Philip - 29th Aug, 2013

We had a waterhole chalet that was fabulous--very comfortable, and it was great to be right there at the waterhole. Our view of the waterhole was partially blocked by large trees, however; some chalets have better views. The food was okay, and service was mediocre, but we were here for the animals, and we saw plenty to make us happy. The waterhole had a wide variety of animals that visited--lions, rhinoceros, giraffe, elephants, and much more--such a treat. Our self-guided drives were incredible, with lots and lots of animals. So amazing. You don`t need a guided tour.

Hensley, Kathy - 28th Aug, 2013

Waterhole to look at animals at any time is a great experience

Ambrosio, Jean Pierre - 24th Aug, 2013

Why are the NWR people so little smiling?

Meister, Francoise - 20th Aug, 2013

Pit stop - good waterhole experience

Maudslay, Simon - 18th Aug, 2013

Conveniently located right inside the Etosha park with very good services (except Internet).

Faria, Joao - 15th Aug, 2013

beautiful waterhole

Emonard, Herve - 12th Aug, 2013

Nice duplex bungalow, easy walk to waterhole, at waterhole saw elephants, zebras, pringbok, gembok, giraffe, gnu, fox, birds, good food at lodge, good service, fair pricing

Mueller, Friedrich - 09th Aug, 2013

Large and commercial but great for viewing lots of animals at the waterhole

Warington, Rachel - 05th Aug, 2013

Nice resort but service could be better

Boslak, Hugo - 29th Jul, 2013

Not a nice place - and nwr employees are never friendly. I would nor suggest anybody to go there

Tobien Sebastian - 28th Jul, 2013

Great place to see animals by he herd. Just sit by the watering hole and watch he animals walk by day and night.

Adams, Duane - 17th Jul, 2013

Perfect place to see animals during the evening and night. Wonderfull.

Lunaschi, Alessandro - 09th Jul, 2013

Very enjoyable stay. Accommodation was well located and food was ok except for hot deserts served cold, and no toaster for breakfast.

Raubenheimer, Martin - 09th Jul, 2013

Food has improved since 2 years ago, nice bush chalet, good beds. And the watrehole is always good. The staff at the reception does not know what tourism is and how you treat customers. But if you know this you, just accept it and can even smile about it, it is just how it goes here.

Gelder, Jeroen - 06th Jul, 2013

We were very happy at Okaukuejo, the only problem was that on arrival they placed us in the incorrect room. I realised quite quickly from the photos we had seen that this was not a superior waterhole chalet and they were able to place us in the correct room after we complained. We were however concerned over hearing their conversation that someone at the resort had deliberately down graded our room earlier that day. The rest of our experience was very good.

Louw, Kerry - 06th Jul, 2013

good service, nice room

Portaluppi, Simona - 29th Jun, 2013

Touristy place but great waterhole(though not as nice as Halali!) The food quality is poor (but eatable).

Vereerstraeten, Yannick - 25th Jun, 2013

Very nice camp to stay in

Le Grange, Hansie - 20th Jun, 2013

nice waterhole.

Puri, Divya - 18th Jun, 2013

little dedicated service in the restaurant but great location

Beringhof, Michael - 06th Jun, 2013

It served its purpose and was as described. A number of the staff had a couldn't care less attitude, perhaps because it was so commercial. The main reason for going was the waterhole which allowed some good sightings but spoiled somewhat by the party type antics of some of the tourists. Would stay at Halali in preference.

Sincup, John - 03rd Jun, 2013

Accommodation was good unfortnately service was poor.Restuarant for breakfast was shocking one person to cook for entire restuarant,guests had to cook their own bacon,tomatoes and sausage.Cooking oil looked like recycled soup.Service in shop was slow and unfriendly.Will not go back.

Lawson, Mike - 28th May, 2013

I was surprised that despite a N$500 deposit there was nothing provided in the kitchen. There is a barbeque, fridge and cups but nothing else. Perhaps the Dune camp spoiled us? The rooms were clean and beds comfortable and we enjoyed the waterhole. We took an early morning game drive but the waterhole provided far more viewing but it did save us driving more rough roads.

Waddington, Doreen - 18th May, 2013

Great recommendation to get a waterfront chalet.

Vazquez, Jorge - 14th May, 2013

Need to start paying attention to maintenance

Lonmon-davies, Andrew - 12th May, 2013

What exceptional accommodation. Totally spoiled by the lethargy and bad attitude of the parks staff. Very civil service like. Attitude same as trying to renew your licenece at the respective government department in South Africa - like they are doing you a favour

Fehrsen, Rod - 09th May, 2013

Very good. Abultion block was a bit of a walk. they seemed to be all in one area and none catering for those at the end of the camp ground.

Goody Allan - 09th May, 2013

Ummm. Wouldn`t recommend this,except for its central location in Etosha. The staff (particularly in reception) need to have a bit of customer service training and the whole place would benefit from re-furbishing.The food is poorly presented but is in fact not to bad.

Smith, Linda - 07th May, 2013

Very nice rooms. A great place to stop when travelling around Etosha.

Palazuelos, Malena - 29th Apr, 2013

Amazing!!! Waterside chalet well worth waiting for. Pools great, food great. Would recommend it wholeheartedly.

Dalton, Tara - 18th Apr, 2013

The best of the three camps that we stayed at. The staff were professional, the food was good and the accommodation was good too.

Skead, Kathy - 12th Apr, 2013

I thought this accommodation was underrated in the reviews. Great location and very clean, comfortable rooms. Pool and dining area also was great. The waterhole viewing was mesmerizing.

Frey, Michael - 01st Apr, 2013

We enjoyed tremendously the self-drive from Dolomite to Okakuejo, watching out for the tortoises on the road, seeing large concentrations of zebra and wildebeest at water holes. Also the Etosha pan is a pretty impressive sight. Our accommodation at Okakuejo in a water hole chalet was fine, although this was our first experience in a camp with relatively high tourist volume and we felt the difference. Anyway we spent one night here and as others have said, it was worth it to see the game at the floodlit waterhole- several rhino, giraffes, and in the early morning a spotted hyena just to name some. The middle section of Etosha was very dry, and in the area of Okakuejo we did not see the concentration of game we`d seen at Dolomite.

Walker, John - 16th Mar, 2013

Not very helful when our room get flooded at night. In general the service here was not good by the members of the staff.

Rey, Aitor - 15th Mar, 2013

Great accommodation at the waterhole. Fantastic view to all the animals. Loved it.

Huiskes, Inge - 14th Mar, 2013

Campsites are lacking in grass but a fantastic waterhole attached to this campsite. We saw elephants and black rhino come into this waterhole. The bar/snack bar near the pool was a welcoming spot.

Kincaid, Julie - 27th Jan, 2013

Did not like it. Poor service. Food is terrible.

Biason, Guglielmo - 15th Jan, 2013

Excellent camp, good rooms by the waterhole, good food and service.

Ellis, Gary - 11th Jan, 2013

Nice waterhole bungalows, too crowded, horrible food and service

Et Pilo, Michi - 06th Jan, 2013

Decent accommodation. All round, probably marginally better than Halali. Would just say that we arrived too late for lunch so grabbed a bite to eat from the kiosk, which served expensive but not great food.

Tessendorf, Richard - 06th Jan, 2013

Resort of high standard and clean. Booking in most efficient. Would definitely recommend

Armstrong, Suzanne - 05th Jan, 2013

Excellent accomodation !

Huang, James - 04th Jan, 2013

it was great to stay so close to the watherhole. It's a little bit crowded but still a very good place to explore the nature and the wilderness.

Dalle Case, Daniela - 22nd Dec, 2012

Campsite a bit characterless, but pool a welcome facility, and the waterhole is amazing! We had 9 black rhino, 2 bull elephants and a pair of lions (and lots more) at the waterhole within the space of about 2 hours!

Leggat, Katheryn - 27th Nov, 2012

Check in staff not as friendly as expected. restuarant staff was very friendly an efficient. Although all inclusive I think the price for meals is too expensive. Accommodation was lovely but with the published 2013 rate adjustments it would not possible for us to visit again. Camp shop is not well run

Norris, Andre - 25th Nov, 2012

Kristin's favourite! Comfortable chalet, nice swimming pool and a great many different animals at the waterhole - over all our expectations!

Tallo, John - 23rd Nov, 2012

Beautiful, nothing to complain on.

Thuresson, Frida - 21st Nov, 2012

Okaukuejo was much better than expected from the comments in the internet. Room was perfect and food was o.k., we enjoyed the school children with their presentation of folk songs during the dinner very much.

Alles, Rainer - 18th Nov, 2012

Beautifully located room right next to the lit waterhole. Great!

Heintz, Daniel - 14th Nov, 2012

Accommodation was not as well kept as Namutoni but it was much better located for seeing the wildlife. Buffet evening meals were expensive and a little repetitive.

Weir, Al - 12th Nov, 2012

Somewhat cold staff compared to all other places but ideal location with the water hole

Bjornsson, Kjartan - 11th Nov, 2012

Accomodation was great. Service was pretty much non existent. Really unorganised. No one taking control. Attitudes were poor. The waterhole was a bit weird to us, but seeing the Rhinos come down for a drink at night time was great.

Davis, Simone - 07th Nov, 2012

Nice waterhole. Improvable employees

Duran,jose - 05th Nov, 2012

The resort was great. It was an amazing waterhole with tons of animals. I loved that as vegetarians they were willing to give us a discount on the buffet meal. The rooms were great. We really enjoyed our time there. My only frustration was that there is no internet services any where at the resort. The post office seems a little outdated. It would probably be worth closing the post office and bringing in wireless internet to the resort.

Ball, Alina - 02nd Nov, 2012

Not as nice as it looked on the pictures... But the waterhole was nice!

Runnedahl, Marie - 24th Oct, 2012

Waterhole is great, is not necessary to book a room at the waterhole, one can just sit in front of the waterhole and watch the animals what people who booked a waterhole room (which is very expensive) also do. Rooms very clean and big. Food not really good.

Peremans, Annick - 16th Oct, 2012

Great campsite. A little bit noisy the night because of group.

Wolff Caroline - 16th Oct, 2012

Lovely experience! Well managed, well kept and staff very professional.

Andjelkovic Peter - 13th Oct, 2012

Good resort, excellent for the waterhole, a little bit expensive for the services offered. Restaurant a little bit unconfortable.

Mauri, Amando - 06th Oct, 2012

Expensive but good experience. Good accommodation/poor food.

Norman, Graham - 05th Oct, 2012

We have been very satisfied with all aspects in this resort. When we left the resort we have forgotten something in the chalet and the staff informed us in a very short time. Great!

Dietl, Waltraud - 04th Oct, 2012

what could be better than staying 1 minute from the waterhole? I spent hours every day watching the animals there.

Block, Jeanne - 01st Oct, 2012


Hurst, Martyn - 29th Sep, 2012

It feels like camping in a parking lot but worth it for the night time waterhole (sparring rhinos) and early morning (herd of anxious zebras)

Kramer, Sara - 26th Sep, 2012

Dit is altyd lekker om te kamp in Etosha en het ons geen klagtes nie, onssal beslil volgende jaar weer daar gaan kuier.

Breytenbach, Ronelle - 26th Sep, 2012

It`s amazing how things run smooth at a so busy place. Somewhat impersonal (too big), but also nice and confortable. Our family chalet was very nice. The reception staff were very helpful and friendly (we had a very warm reception). The waterhole is fantastic. The night game drive leaded by Randy was also a `must do` experience.

Ochoa, Silvia - 23rd Sep, 2012

campsite clean but no charm. facilities on the campsite could be better or more often cleaned when fully booked. staff at reception not really friendly or helpful.

Suter Nina - 23rd Sep, 2012

Wonderful location to see animals

Nobili, Vittorio - 21st Sep, 2012

Too big to be a Lodge in the Etosha. Restaurant is not good (bad service). I suggest smaller resorts.

Marcucci, Carlalberto - 20th Sep, 2012

Excellent location, waterhole is perfect. Room are nice but extremely small.Food is not a highlight....

Wasserstrum, Ariel - 17th Sep, 2012

comfortable accommodations, spectacular waterhole, and inside the park

Morera, Gemma - 06th Sep, 2012

Wonderful, we liked the accomodation and the atmosphere. Vote 9/10

Gaboardi, Andrea - 03rd Sep, 2012

Lovely resort, enjoyed our stay there!

Pym, Colin - 28th Aug, 2012

Big and busy camp. We stayed in a Premier Waterhole Chalet (W32), spacious and modern with direct views of the very busy Waterhole, day and night. Wonderful!

Harten, Johann - 27th Aug, 2012

the location is perfect, the organization of the staff needs to be improved

Frilli, Deborah - 20th Aug, 2012

The pool area is nice and the food was ok but the whole site is a bit ugly and the double rooms we had were tiny and uncomfortable. There is only one washing machine and dryer for the whole big site. That is not enough.

Kirchoff, Manfred - 15th Aug, 2012

Wonderful waterholde The buffet dinner was good

Feidenhans, Robert - 12th Aug, 2012

Fantastic chalets at the waterhole, so you can look to the hole whenever you want. The restaurant was fine. Also fine was, that we could sit outside for dinner.

Gilchrist, Gesche - 11th Aug, 2012

You have to love the waterhole which seems much more effective than at Namutoni. Pity that the overall facility has grown so large but good for the industry. Well managed facility and even though the camp area is large it still `works`.

Murray, Drew - 09th Aug, 2012

Classic NWR place. Big restaurant with (too) basic meal...and chaotic service. Very large rooms and comfortable bedding.

Crasset - 08th Aug, 2012

Needs basic maintenance. things have deteriorated in the last 5 years. All of Etosha needs upkeep - public toilets at picnic places are old, falling apart, dirty and disgusting

Bok, Arnold - 05th Aug, 2012

Beatiful and peaceful

Polselli, Federica - 31st Jul, 2012

we stayed at the waterhole chalet and this was worth the extra money. There was several benches available to sit and observe the animals right by the water hole, but the privacy of our own balcony with was very practical especially with the small child. Food in the camp was not upto the mark for the kind of rates charged. If i stay again here, it will be for the waterhole.

Jha, Nishant - 23rd Jul, 2012

We must have been lucky here, as the staff were very nice even had a laugh when checking in with the lady. Stayed in Premier waterhole chalet, number 34. This is right in the middle but I suspect if you are in one of the others the trees will block the view. This is a little odd given the investment and price of the units. You can sleep with the door open and be woken up as we were by the noise when a white and black rhino meet. The waterhole is busy 24/7

Naylor, Ian - 20th Jul, 2012

No surprises. waterhole remains one of the many highlights of a Namibia visit. Waterhole chalets excellent.

Macleod, Ian - 16th Jul, 2012

Acommodation not as good as Namutoni. Grounds were beautiful. Waterhole was amazing.

Gunston, Graeme - 15th Jul, 2012

Amazing waterhole! Wonderful staff! Place to do laundry, swim and relax. Observation tower: Sunrises here are awesome. Sunsets at the watering hole are breathtaking. Watch out for the jackels... they may just follow you back to your bungalow! We took a early morning arranged safari with `Victor` and witnessed wonderful wildlife up close. Sunrise...over the salt pan... the moment the sun clears the horizon was one of the most memorable things ever... in my life. I will always treasure that.... It was 0630 at the salt pan, and when I looked at my world watch.... it was 2230 hrs, YESTERDAY at my home in the USA. Oh... and then we were charged by a rare black rhino.... did I forget to mention that..... The early morning safari was great. We stopped and had a light breakfast in the field... just wonderful. Did I mention being charged by the black rhino... because we were.

Rateaver, Andrew - 15th Jul, 2012

NWR are extremely poor despite the gold mine they are sitting on. The majority of the staff are grumpy, rude and poorly informed. The staff at the restaurant are impatient and of absolutely NO help. Okaukuejo however is one of the worlds premier sites with the most amazing water hole and atmosphere. Despite the poor NWR staff I will return to veiw the game.

Van Der Merwe, Ivann - 10th Jul, 2012

The bush chalets are very good and well located near to the waterhole.

Giancarlo, Leondari - 08th Jul, 2012

Good room, new and well furnished. Very good position inside the park. Too touristic and too big the restaurant and the common area.

Leoncini, Silvia - 08th Jul, 2012

Great for game watching. Facilities also good.

Theron, Henk - 02nd Jul, 2012

Great waterhole for elephants, zebra, rhino. Nice bush chalets (we stayed in Tamboti). Easy walk to the waterhole.

Kenny, Daniel - 29th Jun, 2012

The room here was near the waterhole which was wonderful for game viewing but the room itself was quite small compared to other lodges we stayed at on our trip and the restaurant was very poorly lit and the restaurant staff were not very friendly

Clement, Sally - 25th Jun, 2012

There is all you need and a little bit more

Niemann, Andreas - 22nd Jun, 2012

Great campsite, wonderfull resort in the Etosha park. The main attraction here is the waterhole that is really completely filled with animals. We saw them all here, elephants, kudu, springbok, oryx, zebra, wildebeest, impala, black rhino, .... Beware of the jakhals on the campsite. They take anything that smells of animal, like shoes.

Verheyleweghen, Tom - 05th Jun, 2012

Chalet was fine but the fact that the kitchen is not equipped is a disappointment. The on-site shop is below standard. Reception staff is friendly and helpful. At night overseas visitors keep asking us for directions as they keep getting lost - direction boards would be a help.

Groenewald, Andries - 04th Jun, 2012

Good situation in the middle of Etosha, well organised considering the size and number of people

Spolidoro, Martine - 30th May, 2012

The campsite was fair a the ablution facilities were fairly clean.The camp does have a problem with jackal and should endeavour to remedy this nuisance

Du Plooy, Chris - 29th May, 2012

The quality has improved quite a lot since last year

Buchert, Thomas - 28th May, 2012

beautiful camp

Diedericks, Theresa - 26th May, 2012

Old and minimal room. Not to recommend. We both got diarrhea of dinner.

Van Haaren, Berry En Irmgard - 21st May, 2012

Restaurant is not great. Waterhole impressive! Lodges with view on waterhole seems great. Campsite is dense.

Jonville, Edouard - 21st May, 2012

A bit like a holiday camp (UK style) because big with a lot of people. meal was OK for mass catering.Room and bathroom comfortable. Enjoyed the water hole with lots ofanimals coming and going at all hours.

Allen, Monica - 21st May, 2012

We loved this resort - the watering hole and the grill pit were just perfect.

Faulkner, Jason - 20th May, 2012

Conveniently located, well maintained, but campsites are too close and baren, little shade, little privacy, OK for one overnight stay, but no more.

Jumeau, Janine - 16th May, 2012

A must-stay location because of the waterhole. Service standards extremely poor at reception. Staff slow and rude, ignoring long queues. Unhelpful with information about the park. Registration takes forever. Unfortunately, this sloppy attitude was found in several NWR camps. Staff outside reception were much better, for example in the restaurants.

Eldridge, Russell - 14th May, 2012

Being inside the park is warranted for at least one night and this is the best of the three choices, but it is poorly run and the staff are simply hopeless. The waterhole room was good and the animal viewing is excellent, but the food and service are well below average - its a bit like a glorified backpackers set up

Grgurich, Paul - 10th May, 2012

reception welcome is poor... especially compared to namutoni where people explained all aspects of the park, services ... tourist shop is very expensive and dissuasive. Waterhole close to the camp site : so great ! A pity people come there with beers, MP3 players...

Bouthors, Vincent - 08th May, 2012

Very busy campsite - we would wish the bathrooms will be more clean.

Rodder, Tanja - 04th May, 2012

Great overall. Enjoyed the room close to the water hole. Food was good. Brilliantly run. Really professional.

Coetzee, Rudolf - 29th Apr, 2012

Busy place ! Too many people but nice water hole

Du Bernard, Xavier - 26th Apr, 2012

Very nice Waterhole Chalet!!!

Guggisberg, Andrea - 24th Apr, 2012

The bar is not very good. Clean it, please, and tables around it.

Rambler, Andrey - 22nd Apr, 2012


Uys, Barend - 14th Apr, 2012

a little small, but we knew that going in. lilly definitely recommended against it, but we wanted to be near the waterhole. the waterhole was pretty uneventful this time of year, so we probably should have listened to lilly, but it was still an awesome accommodation. this is one of the places that included breakfast and dinner and we didn't know that.

Timothy - 09th Mar, 2012

Room was okay. Diner very good and friendly.Good place to stay at Etosha

Vermeulen, Eimert - 05th Mar, 2012

Very enjoyable and the buffets (DBB) were as good as one might expect given the remoteness.

Richter, Chris - 27th Feb, 2012

We enjoyed our time here. It`s not like the other lodges. i felt a bit sorry for the staff because people had written not so nice things in their visitors book comparing them to some of the expensive lodges. This is a big operation and we thought it was good value. The reception staff are verging on unfriendly but the chef, waiters and waitresses were by far the most friendly and jovial we met on our entire trip. They tried really hard. The only thing i think would really improve the place is if there was a park ranger or someone who lists recent sightings of game. There was no information at all as people hadn`t been filling in the visitors book. Especially in the wet season when it`s hard to see game it is helpful to know where animals have been seen.

Barber, Rachael - 03rd Feb, 2012

The roads were good. And it was easy to drive through the park.

Hanika, Anne - 18th Jan, 2012

the campsite was not our thing - a bus full of youngsters arrived at 9pm, noisy till midnight and at 6am again noisy.

Mariman, Karin - 13th Jan, 2012

This was one of my favourite camps, really enjoyed it here.Only problem, cant choose your own camp site.

Du Preez, Gina - 10th Jan, 2012

Good, in hindsight good to split time with Namutumi camp: latter has much nicer, historic setup and quieter, better game during summer

Attfield, Ian - 10th Jan, 2012

ok, nice waterhole

Kamphorst, Ellen - 08th Jan, 2012

Rooms ar ok. Food is bad.. but it is inside Etosha which is exceptional.

Bonifay, Denis - 08th Jan, 2012

Great accomodation! Chef at the restaurant was a treat!

Pascoe, Esme - 08th Jan, 2012

Same comment as Halali. We found the wildlife to be much better around Halali but this could have been the luck of the draw.

Nixon, Derek - 28th Dec, 2011

Great room (premier waterhole chalet). Unfortunately, bad luck with the animals due to rain 3 weeks prior. But room would have been perfect otherwise. Highly recommend the upgrade.

Turton, Jessica - 26th Dec, 2011

Everything in excellent condition (including the swimming pools) but a shame that the braai facilities for the rondavels have been removed, so obliged to eat at the restaurant.

Sweet, Jim - 13th Dec, 2011

Good experience, other than the tour buses / safaris reving their engines at 05:00. Some of these groups tended to be noisy. Great location.

Mueller, Manfred - 11th Dec, 2011

Very nice accommodation - spectacular water hole experience and convenient

Saloner, David - 09th Dec, 2011

This was the first time we had stayed at this resort. Very good staff and comfortable accommodation -excellent.

Johnson, Roger - 02nd Dec, 2011

Our waterhole room was a dream. Hardly any point leaving the camp as the wild-life was constantly visiting, Elephant, Giraffe, Rhino, Lions, etc, etc. But we did find our own pride of lions and followed them to their breakfast kill. WOW ! The Oryx steaks were good that night!

Hopwood, Terrance - 29th Nov, 2011

Good location to be based for wildlife viewing, saw an 8 lion pride in this area, and lots of game. a bit dry and old after Halali, but enjoyable.

Hope, Greg - 29th Nov, 2011

More commercial but waterhole offered dramatic viewing throughout the evening. Difficult to drag ourselves away! We would have preferred to have self catered here to escape the crowds (& the television in the restaurant!)

Smith, John - 26th Nov, 2011

as usual an excellent stay with the waterhole chalets being the perfect rest place. restaurant staff cheerful and attentive.

Colbourne, Simon - 25th Nov, 2011


Oliveira, Diego - 21st Nov, 2011

Very busy camp, that is much more like a camp than a lodge. The food was only average and the service was friendly but very rushed and impersonal. We chose a premier Waterhole Chalet for the view of the waterhole. We found that the number W35 had a big tree right in front and this prevented us from enjoying the waterhole to its fullest. Often we went to the edge of the waterhole as we had a far better view. It was a mystery to us why they built this chalet directly behind the tree. A few metres left or right would have sufficed to give a better view.

Barnes, Graeme - 20th Nov, 2011

Fantastic waterhole- great accom; woman waiting on us at dinner sang "Happy Birthday' to Colin.

Gatwood, Colin - 20th Nov, 2011

I found the accommodation and the tourism product a highly desirable one. However, the management of the food service division appeared to lack, well, management. It appeared to be a free for all, people working without coordination to the chagrin and inconvenience of tourist. The biggest improvement could be made in this area.

Parkerson, Charles - 15th Nov, 2011

we tired of the restaurant - more like a `canteen` after three days -- it`s ( outdoor) floor was not cleaned or swept while we were there. There were some horrid desserts which reminded us of school dinner blanchmange. All this was acceptable because of the stunning position and what we saw . The lodging room was excellent for a national park and the fridge very welcome. We had not understood that our ( upgraded) waterhole chalet would not have an actual view of the hole .. but we were so close it did not matter, we still enjoyed taking our cuppa tea or beer the few yards to the seating to watch.

Davies, Linda - 13th Nov, 2011

Too crowded as always

Herok, Robert - 04th Nov, 2011

Large camp and because of this, not familiar like the other lodges. But for this size and the amount of guests the breakfast and dinner buffet was excellent (quality and choice). The whole camp was well cared and very clean. We had room service (not on your website). Post office in the camp.

Isermann, Rita - 02nd Nov, 2011

The location, near the waterhole was perfect. However the service in the restaurant was a mess; quite chaotic, no organisation, long waiting times, nobody was prepared to help etc...

Vaarties, B - 24th Oct, 2011

Very good. A big lodge with a very nice hole, and very good food.

Grooten, Johan - 24th Oct, 2011

The chalets at both Okaukuejo and Halali had been significantly upgraded since our last visit in 2005 and were extremely comfortable and convenient, but the camps still retained an appealing "bush" sensibility. The food was varied and plentiful with lots of game for us to experience and all the servers were courteous and good humoured (sometimes in response to very rude guests!) Once again we were in awe of the fabulous, accessible waterholes and the game to be seen there.

Greenwood, Jan - 24th Oct, 2011

The accommodation (waterhole chalet) was excellent. Game viewing is superb. The shop is a disaster - no stocks and unfriendly staff. Again no ATM in this camp so we were unable to pay the key deposit. The dinners are mediocre quality with again unfriendly chef and staff.

Bakker, Piet & Beverly - 22nd Oct, 2011

The waterhole is spectacular and makes the trip here worthwhile by itself. The room was functional and clean. The food was disappointing and the service in the restaurant was chaotic.

Carr, Norman - 22nd Oct, 2011

Disappointing campsite area. Camping was too close to large tour groups and also the shared, but clean, toilet facities. Noisy at night. Managed to change our location on the site for our second night which was an improvement, but it took nearly one hour to authorise this change. Most of the staff were friendly and helpful but the National Park Permit Officer was very rude, impolite and unhelpful. This was not a good introduction to the National Park. The restaurant food was not good either. However, trying to be positive about this location, the waterhole was excellent. We believe that some improvements are required in customer care and also food quality at this site. Recommend for the day and night waterhole only.

Terrett, Andrew - 17th Oct, 2011

Our most cramped accommodation, but quite adequate. The lighted waterhole is great. No need to rent the expensive chalets to view and enjoy it. The only disadvantage is rather massive size making it a less personal experience than our other stops.

Weisfelder, Richard - 10th Oct, 2011

If it wasn't for the waterhole... :-)

Bergstrom, Jorgen - 08th Oct, 2011

I suggest this resort to visit Etosha..good accomodation and start point to visit the park plus an unique point of view for animals ( the 24h floodlit waterhole)

Solda, Matteo - 06th Oct, 2011

OK but we had to pay for a towel which got burnt by accident an exorbitant high price (150 rand!!).We did not appreciate that at all!!

Martin, Willy - 06th Oct, 2011

Very beautiful location. The camping is new and good. You can see easily animals in the waterhole.

Maio, Federico - 04th Oct, 2011

surprisingly nice room, great waterhole, food (buffet) good

Zaehringer, Jens - 02nd Oct, 2011

Room was fantastic and minutes walk from the water hole.

Segerstrom, Dave - 01st Oct, 2011

The NWR camp we liked least of all camps we visited (although in Etosha). To many Bus-tousists (to many stressed, middle aged Germans ;-) ) - but nevertheless a perfect place to see a lot of animals. Very good barbecue for dinner.

Eckl, Katja - 30th Sep, 2011

The waterside rooms are very nice now. Food and service adequate - but the main purpose of being here is the waterhole, which did not disappoint. So worth staying a couple of nights and exploring other waterholes during the day.

Martin, Carolyn - 30th Sep, 2011

very good location

Zambelli, Giorgio - 29th Sep, 2011

The most delightfull camp with a warm atmosphere, lovely viewings from the waterhole and a very true to nature experience.

Wentzel, Jo-anne - 21st Sep, 2011

The waterhole is the best in the park; I could have stayed there all day. The waterhole chalet was stunning. The checkin could be improved, however.

Mountfort, Katrina - 14th Sep, 2011

I very much enjoyed staying here. The waterhole was excellent. However, I was not impressed by the food. I ordered a burger from the Cafe and the meat was raw, the roll had been heated in the microwave and was rock hard and the lettuce had also been put in the microwave and had cooked. And the dinners were nice but the food in the bain-maries was cold on both nights. I advised the staff on the first night and thought it would be fixed the next.

Moser, Vee - 13th Sep, 2011

Really a very crowded location - for the namibia standard of quitness and relax - but the waterhole was really a good and gave us the choice to see animals at every time of the day. Not so special the night game drive. I think that in Etosha you don't need a game drive if you a own car.

Pipitone, Raffaella - 12th Sep, 2011

We were very surprised (positively) by this lodge. The room was new, the decoration was beautiful, and it was super close to the amazing waterhole... The begining of the trip could not have been better!

Lera, Beatriz - 09th Sep, 2011

The hotels in the park are not the most luxury but have the best location. We would like to stay more nights in Halali Resort because over there you can see a lot of animals.

Arnelas, Raul Cruz - 07th Sep, 2011

Ok - available facilities limited considering the amount of people staying at this campsite but very nice water hole.

Munzenmayer, Ralf - 06th Sep, 2011

nice place, good food and the sightings at the waterhole were fantastic!

Oberzig, Petra - 01st Sep, 2011

Ok, but accommodation lower than other previous two in Etosha

Van Den Berg, Martin - 27th Aug, 2011

The waterhole is great but it is a too busy place. The samller camps a much nicer - but they do not have the hole. Food/restaurant was only ok in the big self service "canteen"

Wiese, Bernd - 26th Aug, 2011

Best watering hole in the park.

Goad, Jon - 25th Aug, 2011

really good with a very nice water hole

Dubray, Christophe - 25th Aug, 2011

Great! Would love to return to one of the waterhole bungalow. Stunning kudu steaks for dinner.

Smith, Alayne - 24th Aug, 2011

waterhole chalet very well situated; however for that price of accommodation we would have expected a better restaurant. Mediocre food and service.

Riffaud, Christiane - 31st Jul, 2011

Great campsite. Again the problem with bathrooms- water all over the floor and no where to place clothing or toiletery bag. No mop supplied

Beck, Maureen - 27th Jul, 2011

Rooms are still new so all is great .Water hole is a real treat

De Boer, Gerry - 25th Jul, 2011

Busy, but you know that when you book at this camp. Perfect

Bannink, Bert - 25th Jul, 2011

you could go to Etosha and only visit this waterhole!!!! The standard waterhole chalets are outstanding with views of the waterhole and very comfortable. Restaurant busy but efficient. We found the staff very friendly and efficient.

Macleod, Ian - 24th Jul, 2011

mass tourism, but worthwhile because of the nearby waterhole. Friendly reception, large bungalow with fridge,and coffee facility,and airco and heating. Buffet was good

Poppe, Rudy - 22nd Jul, 2011

Very busy and campsite felt crowded and dusty but a fantastic waterhole and efficient reception / guides / shops

Langdon, Chris - 22nd Jul, 2011

Nice resort with the most amazing water hole. Our waterhole chalet was beautiful and 20m from the water hole.

Adamopoulos, Sophia - 19th Jul, 2011

Best camp in Etosha Very good cottage; fantastic waterhole Good restaurant; shop with very few products

Vittorio, Setti - 16th Jul, 2011

The room itself was quite good, for us the highlight was access to the floodlit waterhole. We really enjoyed driving around Etosha and experienced many memorable moments.

Duffield, Deborah - 12th Jul, 2011

Probably the best in Etosha with the best quality of road. Good waterholes close to the campsite with Lions and Giraffes seeming to be the ones to watch here. Also, the floodlit waterhole is something else with Black Rhino, Jackals, Giraffes and Elephants all visiting.

Tywnam, Stephen - 11th Jul, 2011

Very nice lodge even though despite really high price, they put just a materass ON THE FLOOR for my daughter for which they charged half price! Nice food

Basile, Serena - 11th Jul, 2011

Very well organised and run, and the campsite amenity blocks could cope with the large tour groups booking in. The lit water hole was fabulous, and we appreciated being able to purchase maps and information at the shop.

Bobeldyk, Simon - 11th Jul, 2011

Absolutely awesome in every way - wildlife, service, facilities, a very jolly and welcoming chef etc.

Ninnes, Peter - 10th Jul, 2011

excellent - waterhole viewing almost surreal

Richards, Maggie - 08th Jul, 2011

Did feel a little like a number here, but accommodation was fabulous and staff great

Kaszo, Attila - 02nd Jul, 2011

Fantastic accommodation (premier waterhole chalet) - service in the restaurant was terrible on one night, but better the following 2 nights. Again, great location within Etosha national park.

Janson, Candida - 01st Jul, 2011

Nice camp in the park, with a lot of wildlife in the area at June 2011. It was a bit inconvenient/unusual that the car parking was a good ways away from the bush chalets.

Gloth, Tobias - 25th Jun, 2011

Accomodation in line with our expectations : same as in Waterberg : reception not very helpful which denoted the overall good work of other employees.

Egee, Benoit - 20th Jun, 2011

The waterhole is wonderful!

Bonfadini, Eric - 13th Jun, 2011

Amazing waterhole.

Poke, Fiona - 13th Jun, 2011

The resort is so beautiful and the accommodation of a quality that I had not expected at a national park. In contrast the service was the worst I`ve ever experienced. Rude, dismissive, indifferent. I am so disappointed about this because it was the only experience in Namibia which was negative. I have written to the Minister of Parks about this, because if the government has made such an investment in a wonderful park, it needs to know that the employees (all of them) are saboataging the investment.

Rowden, Virginia - 11th Jun, 2011

Well run, accommdation was superb and food at the restuarant excellent

Evans, Cheryl - 31st May, 2011

The absolute best NWR resort! There are a lot of possible improvement but for a state-owned lodge I was astonishingly positively surprised!

Fritzen, Victor - 17th May, 2011

The rooms are very comfortable and the camp site is very pleasant. The staff in the restaurant are great. The food is good solid stuff. The staff in the reservations office (as with the staff at Namutoni gate) are unfriendly, unhelpful, uninformed and a big disappointment.

Bosazza, Mike - 16th May, 2011

Better value food and a much nicer setting than the restaurant at Halali. We were just sick of buffets in Etosha.

Colban, Alice - 12th May, 2011

laid back and friendly, superior sevice to doro nawas and much cheaper

Ahmed, Aasia - 12th May, 2011

Felt very much like we were part of a big tourist camp site. Staff not as helpful and friendly as could have been. Bit disappointed with dinner for the price we paid had the feeling i was back at school. Checking in and out was very hard work and a long process with staff not being very organised. Room was at this point what we expected.

Walters, Elizabeth - 10th May, 2011

was very nice, good accommodation, good restaurant, friendly people

Striene, Udo - 26th Apr, 2011

Excellent. one of our favourite spots on the trip.

Bowie, Rhena - 26th Apr, 2011

Great place, the best buffet in Etosha :-) Nice staff, nice waterhole - espacially at night.

Stange, Peter - 12th Apr, 2011

Very nice. Rooms were small for such a big bed, but it really did not matter.

Hackman, Cat - 11th Apr, 2011

Perfect housing for a family stay

Blank, Valentia - 11th Apr, 2011

Perfect accomodation for a family- though the NWR has become far too expensive .

Blank, Valentia - 11th Apr, 2011

Nicest of the three resorts but felt that some staff staff at times were not that helpful and general feel of not caring. Facilities a bit shabby.

Cameron, Linda - 16th Mar, 2011

Waterhole chalet exceeded our expectations. Room perfect, meals very good. Highly recommended.

Muckenheim, Doris - 12th Mar, 2011

The accomodations were fine, but we soon realised from the beginning of the trip that a kitchen is not necessary. There is very little food to be purchased along the way or within the complex. It was good to have the fridge for wine though. As for the total complex we would have preferred to be in a place where there wasn`t such a difference in clientel.. There were anywhere`s from gypsy campers to the more elite sections of people... Some of the people sharing the the pool were quite rowdy.

Durham, Sharon - 28th Feb, 2011

The accommodation was perfectly acceptable, the on site shop was rather limited so if you wanted to braai then you should bring your own food with you. The waterhole is absolutely amazing, would recommend staying here just for that!

Matheson, Archie - 29th Nov, 2010

Most spectacular animal gathering at the waterhole all day and night. Food less than mediocre.

Sadrozinski, Renate - 16th Nov, 2010

Very good campsite , my own personal preference would have been to camp at Namutoni (more comfortable campsite with the grass camping area

King, Ian - 10th Nov, 2010

Wonderful waterhole. Much cleaner pool area than Halali.

Persson, Joakim - 10th Nov, 2010

We had the waterhole chalet, so it was an excellent location. Loved the waterhole and the pool area. Very popular for tourists, so found the staff were not very personal with you as they had just so many people there. Food was average to good, but always a queue at the buffet.

Ridgwell, Mandy - 10th Nov, 2010

Wonderful waterhole, as always and very nice after the refurbishments. Restaurant is average at most. Okaukuejo has gone very expensive, unfortunately.

Valentin, Nemeth - 09th Nov, 2010

Accommodation was very good but the catering let it down.

Long, Dodger - 08th Nov, 2010

well organized place

Soripesca, Erika - 20th Oct, 2010

The Bush Cottage was very comfortable and the Braai essential for cooking.The waterhole was magnificent

Barnes, Collin & Maureen - 11th Oct, 2010

Good campsite. Facilities a bit run down. Poor maintenance. Welcome during check in at camp could be better. Good waterhole. Basic shop.

Ingle, Larry - 10th Oct, 2010

As mentioned the campsite was quite dusty but we were pleased to spend more time here than in the other camps as the wildlife spotting opportunities and the Okaukuejo waterhole were fantastic. The NWR staff were pretty useless here as elsewhere but there seems to be no getting away from that!

Edrich, Mel - 06th Oct, 2010

We Liked our accomodation and the quality of linen etc was very good. However , the shop was really not up to standard and was poorly stocked (no 5oo ml bottles of still water for example) The system of payment was very very slow , which was made worse by unhelpful and unfriendly staff . The other complaint we had was that the restaurant only sold light lunches after 2 pm.and then service was very slow . Most people do not want a buffet lunch AND a buffet dinner

Jensen, Gill - 05th Oct, 2010

The room was very good, as was breakfast. Dinner buffet mediocre, but all in all, service much better than expected. Loved the waterhole.

Dobbs, Dagmar - 05th Oct, 2010

For us the Resort was too big and value for money regarding meals and drinks is poor compared to private owned lodges. Our waiter Malcom was dedicated and tried to keep things moving. The ladies at the reception (check-in) were just lothly. Next time we would prefer a private lodge just outside the Park. We don't like that the waterhole is lighted the whole night. This and the fences makes it looks like a big safari park not a National Park.

Jaskowiak, Michael - 04th Oct, 2010

stayed in waterhole chalet, very good location, especially the waterhole. unfortunately spiders in the room. service not well organised (we had to pay our dinner cash that evening, although we asked to put it on the bill for our room)

Lord, Sascha - 04th Oct, 2010

This was my second trip to this resort and throughly enjoyed it again . Can't wait to visit it again

Lowe, Chris - 17th Sep, 2010

Very nice!!The bungalows were very nice and comfortable, although I do feel that they should try and cut the trees or just trim them so you can see the waterhole from the balcony, also because we were paying extra just to have that service. Because in the end we always went to sit at the public area to watch the animals. But it was a very good waterhole we saw: Elephants, Rhinos, Iena, and then all the usuals (Zebra, Jackals, Springbok,etc..)

Hoekstra, Joanne - 15th Sep, 2010

The waterhole at the resort is wonderful - elephants & rhinos visit it regularly.

Salcer, Michaela - 13th Sep, 2010

To be recommended. Very impressive to have the opprotunity to observe animals only a stone's throw from our camp place in the existing water hole.

Garcia, Isabel - 09th Sep, 2010

Perfect resort, we had a very nice challet near waterhole, very good service.

Molnar - 08th Sep, 2010

the waterhole it's worth the whole experience

Benedetta, Nicastro - 07th Sep, 2010

Great lit waterhole. Abundance of animals to see. Remember to check the sighting book.

Lynch, Louise & Chris - 07th Sep, 2010

Lovely water hole and had a camp site booked quite near the water hole. Ablutions over utilised by many groups of overlanders. Could do with more ablutions.

Backeberg, Marianne - 07th Sep, 2010

i hear bad feedbacks (not friendly), it's not true, loveble place very gently people very good brai

Mauro - 07th Sep, 2010

Wonderful place, wonderful service. thank you very much

Cheo, Condina - 06th Sep, 2010

Lovely place our favorite of the three places we booked in Etosha.

Kamura, Emi - 02nd Sep, 2010

great campsite, beautiful, doesn't live up to its 'basic' reputation, hot showers, though can get busy. only problem is jackals running around campsite at night and it can get very crowded. worth it though for the watering hole. terrible, rude staff, not very well-stocked shop - no bread for 3 days, expensive bar meals.

Bennett, Stacey - 01st Sep, 2010

Very well situated just in front a waterhole. Inside the park. I love it.

Ortega, Francesco - 31st Aug, 2010

The camp ground was excellent, although could of used more showers.

Brockwell, Debra - 31st Aug, 2010

I liked living so close to the waterhole and the guided tour in the truck in the nationalpark early in the morning. very good and proffessional guide!

Stavenow, Vanessa - 31st Aug, 2010

Excellent resort, with excellent restaurant and fantastic water hole.

Joshi, Nikhil - 31st Aug, 2010

Very poor service in the restaurant. Expensive drives. Room right by waterhole great.

Johnson, James - 06th Jun, 2010

waterhole location a must. great experience even though more people then we were used to at that point.

Scott, Nigel - 05th Jun, 2010

The Chalet was great! Nothing to complain about;o)

Manuela - 04th Jun, 2010

A little bit crowded

Brebant, Sebastien - 04th Jun, 2010

This was my second time at Okaukuejo and I remember liking it much more the first time. It is very big, very crowded, very impersonal and frankly, overpriced. The one thing it has going for it that cannot be denied is the waterhole, but aside from that, we really did not like it here. We much preferred staying outside the park in the intimate and more personal setting of Etosha Aoba.

Loughran, Joe - 04th Jun, 2010

We had a little chalet, it had lot of room, clean, no complain there. Buffet was good but make sure your early, there was groups when we stayed there and it become crowded quickly. Trick is always to be a step ahead of the crowd then your dining experience if a bit better. Waterhole was the highlight, great photo opportunities at night when Rhino come for a drink.

Fournier, Claud-alain - 04th Jun, 2010

Basic, with an even more basic restaurant/dinning; but staying in a chalet near the waterhole makes all the difference! Woudn't change it for anything!

Antoniadi, Thalia - 04th Jun, 2010

At the time of year we visited it was quiet so the facilities were fine - I liked the way the chef cooked your choice of meat as you requested at dinner and, similarly, your breakfast choice - fresh cooking!

Horsfall, Jenny - 15th Apr, 2010

Enjoyed the resort and accommodation was good although not too keen on the food selection. The waterhole was deserted and we were told its the wrong time of year and that its better to visit July/Aug but nevertheless still enjoyed being there. Would definitely visit again and recommend to friends anytime of the year!

Murray, Leora - 08th Apr, 2010

very nice great Chalet, best resort in Etosha, very friendly staff

Geissler, Katrin - 08th Apr, 2010

Everything was fabulous! The accommdation was top class, the watering hole never disappointed, the food was fantastic and the staff helpful and friendly. Wish we hadn't had to leave!

Kelly, Anne - 05th Apr, 2010

Accommodation was spacious, clean and modern. Our visit was in the low season so not huge amounts of game by the waterhole, but lots seen when we drove into park itself.

Green, Richard - 23rd Mar, 2010

everything was fine, but it is a very big spot. we recommend to everybody to book a waterhole chalet.

Huber, Nicola - 17th Mar, 2010

This Resort and also the NWR resorts we visited along the trip are not good value for money! Management and services are not efficient and almost polite with tourists. The Resort is not well maintain (high grass around pool, shower not working properly, restaurant area decoration looks cheap and old,...). The food is basic except that we could taste different games but the price for buffet is way to high vs quality of food. Bush chalets have been nicely renoved including small kitchenette and fridge but there are no drinks (as welcome drinks for instance or mini bar) in the fridge! Last but not least, usually when you pay the entrance fees for a park to visit we received for free the map of the game reserve, here you have to pay extra!

Terra, Christelle - 17th Mar, 2010

LOVED THE ACCOMMODATION! Villa was in the perfect location, was very clean and nicely decorated -- very comfortable. Animals were plentiful --- lots of fun.

Van Beukering, Jason - 08th Feb, 2010

Very nice place... totaly worth a long drive!!

Roomer, Michael - 08th Feb, 2010

Large campsite with good facilities, customer service somewhat lacking though.

Kenny, Michael - 05th Feb, 2010

You couldn't ask for more and the water hole is a plus

Schiroli, Riccardo - 04th Feb, 2010


Buitendacht,conrad - 03rd Feb, 2010

Our experience at Okaukuejo resort was excellent as usual. Rooms were prepared well and food offered in the resturant were good. In terms of game vieiwng, we had a good time within the limited period. Hoever, front counter staff could be freindlier

Wijesinghe, Seneka - 03rd Feb, 2010

Wonderful waterhole

Gottesbeuren,birgit - 03rd Feb, 2010

Excellent facilities and good food and service!

Joy, David - 03rd Feb, 2010

Excellent stay.....highly recommended

Brink, Bertie - 03rd Feb, 2010

We found the accommodation very good here and the restaurant was also ok. We were a bit skeptical of government run accommdation and had heard some negative things but we found the accommodation and the site here very good. Rooms were clean and there was air conditioning which we really appreciated.

Perch, Jane - 15th Dec, 2009

Too crowded. Staff friendly. Accommodation ok. Waterhole feels like a circus.

Rodrigue, Natalie - 10th Dec, 2009

Waterhole chalets are really small (and for no real reason) felt a little tour packaged here. 1 night was fine

Bahra, Sanjit - 03rd Dec, 2009

Fantastic waterhole, o.k yes it does get busy but this doesn't affect the experience as there are plenty of viewing areas, much more than at Halali. We were there both nights and saw Rhino on each night, 2 the first night and SIX the next night, plus we heard lions without actually seeing them. We also saw about 10 giraffes on the second night which was quality.

Brown, Jeff - 03rd Dec, 2009

Our bush chalet was very good. It was cleaned to a high standard every day. Would recommend the bush chalet in preference to the more expensive waterhole chalets, as not many of them seem to have a waterhole view and lots of people are walking past them to get to the waterhole. Not sure the 'security' between the waterhole and the bungalows is that good!

Shorrocks, Jo - 03rd Dec, 2009

Very nice. Quite a big property but the Waterhole Chalet rooms were beautiful and the beds/linen very comfortable.

Croke, Michael - 03rd Dec, 2009

everything was ok

Aprilli,vittorio - 22nd Nov, 2009

Very nice in all respects.

Bergstad, Odd - 18th Nov, 2009

We had a Premium waterholeview. Room was perfect, exceptionnal view but that`s all. Don`t expect any services because there is none. No room service, the food is awful (even if you pay 4000 dollars, you are the same than people in the camping), waiters at the restaurant are agressive. It really doesn`t worth to stay in such place

Godin, Aurore - 15th Nov, 2009

A wonderful camp - clean and operational. A bit crowded but we had a nice spot at the back near the fence. The waaterhole is WONDERFUL. What an experience.

Green,amanda - 11th Nov, 2009

The accomodation was very beautiful, on the waterhole; the dinner was better than what I expected

Ghisalberti, Simona - 09th Nov, 2009

beautiful but restaurant was so so, not so good but also not bad

Drost Henk - 06th Nov, 2009

Nice campsite. Great waterhole. Facilities were fine.

Schaaij,doritha - 05th Nov, 2009

Great pick among the various camps! We loved the watering hole, and their restaurant was very nice too.

Delich, Charity - 05th Nov, 2009

Very impressive, good staff, great room, amazing watering hole.

Moone, Chad - 27th Oct, 2009

Accommodation perfectly acceptable and clean. Swimming pools also clean. Food generally OK with one or two surprising gourmet treats thrown in to the mix. Service OK, but get the impression that staff are overworked and/or not trained properly. They seem willing but have not been provided adequate instruction to deal with the hordes. It is unfortunate as I would not like to suffer the ire of the overseas bus loads that arrive in their overly demanding masses. It also means they are missing out on possible gratuities due to no fault of their own. Highlight of the Resort is definitely the waterhole ... simply delightful.

Wynne, Debbi - 15th Oct, 2009

We last stayed in 2001 and could not believe the transformation - rooms are lovely, though the food could be a bit better.

Connell, Stephanie - 08th Oct, 2009

The remodeling of the waterhole chalets was incredible!!! By far the best accomodations of our entire trip! I hadn't been back to Etosha since 2001 and the improvements were better than I expected.

Kurtenbach, James - 08th Oct, 2009

The waterhole at Okakuejo was just wonderful. Because of the lack of rain there was enormous quantities of animals.

Bengt- Anders, Johansson - 08th Oct, 2009

It was very nice that Anke managed to find place for us in Okakuejo. The rooms are very nice, the swimmingpool at midday relaxing and the waterhole just amazing!

Esteva, Laura - 19th Sep, 2009

The waterhole cottage was the single most important part of our trip.

Jones, Frederick - 10th Sep, 2009

Waterhole bungalows are nice. I actually thought that the bungalow was much closer to the waterhole and I thought it had a view if it, which is not the case.

Tararan, Laura - 09th Sep, 2009

Perfect waterhole but did not like the camp. Too crowded and our campsite had no shade. We roasted during the day

Chaziris, Georgios - 09th Sep, 2009

excellent camp

Giorgia,franco - 09th Sep, 2009

What can I say, the Water Hole Chalet was wonderful. What could be more "African" than be awoken during the night by lions roaring at the waterhole. The accommodations were first rate and the food was very good. While the view of the water hole from the Chalet is blocked by trees, with the water hole only being steps from the chalet, it really doesn't matter.

Jackson, Stanley - 09th Sep, 2009

One of the best experience of the holiday

Bordoni, Viviana - 09th Sep, 2009

this was (premier waterhole chalet)the best location of all......

Ferri, Tiziana - 09th Sep, 2009

Fantastic choice of lodge, very close to the waterhole. This place is amazing and we couldn't fault the accommodation for location within the camp.

Mitchener, Nick - 09th Sep, 2009

The dining hall service and food quality is substandard.Reception is helpful but frustrations with credit card machines.The lack of an atm is incomprehensible

Noel Naidoo - 27th Aug, 2009

Good resort. Fantastic with the accommodation next to the waterhole. Rooms a little small, but the room was very nicely decorated.

Ostermand, Inge - 06th Aug, 2009

Great water hole. Not as much character in the main camp as Namutoni but still good facilities

Popplewell, Wendy - 04th Aug, 2009

The waterhole is fantastic it seems to be in a nature film. Very well managed.

Visentin, Marta - 03rd Aug, 2009

Execellent room, close to the waterhole but food service is a little basic presumably due to the large number of guests

Mcdougall, Neil - 28th Jul, 2009

Recommend this for anyone going to Etosha. One night inside Etosha was very much needed.

Haenle, P - 28th Jul, 2009

Beautiful setting. Very nice bedrooms - heating much appreciated. Food very low quality (but can you expect better from a National Park?)

Colmant, Jean Phillipe - 27th Jul, 2009

The busiest place on our whole trip. The accomodations are ok.

Burkhard, Englert - 27th Jul, 2009

Great! Staff friendly and helpful, food great! Etosha's flagship by far. I will only go there in future.

Bischoff, Christo - 27th Jul, 2009

We really enjoyed our stay here - the time was not quite enough for us though.

Willemse, Andre - 27th Jul, 2009

unbelievable place

Kidd, Tara - 27th Jul, 2009

Etosha is magnificent. When campsite is full of overlanders there are not enough ablutions

Petra - 08th Jul, 2009

we managed to get a change of room as we thought that the chalets were self contained and we bought food to cook. We were moved to a Family Chalet for the first night then into the standard waterhole chalet room for the next 2 nights. The Family Chalet and Waterhole Rooms were great, clean and had everything you needed. The food at the dining room was OK – not great but good. It was great at Okaukeujo that we got maps and could find out a lot of information from the staff at the reception.

Kershaw, Dianne & Robert - 07th Jul, 2009