Great location, inside the park, which allows to be on site for sun rise as well as sun set. Restaurant and cabins are good!

Mixa, Thierry - 10th Apr, 2018

very nice ; very good meal ; magnificent view ; super rooms ; the walkway to get to the rooms is a little long especially when you stay in the honeymoon chalet which are very far ! you must walk at least 10 min !

Mounier, Corinne - 29th Mar, 2018

Good because it is the park, staff friendly, a really good guide took us to the vlei in the morning. However, food was not great and I was disappointed that we'd had to book most expensive room when the lodge was almost empty.

Mitchel, Ian - 25th Feb, 2018

An incredible setting and amazing room; lovely pool area. Food options were limited (as warned) and good on the whole, but not flexible. Tours were good but not really good value for money, for us.

Williams, David - 14th Jan, 2018

Stunning location and facilities. No aircon and it is missed! Staff customer service was variable.

Curtis, Louise - 28th Dec, 2017

Excellent lodge, but staff, food and wines a let down. A must for an early visit to the Dunes. Thank you Erica for insisting we stayed here

Robinson, Colin - 16th Dec, 2017

Amazing lodge in the perfect location.

Presutto, Federica - 23rd Nov, 2017

Of course, the drive between Swakop and Sossus was a challenge, but absolutely beautiful too. We were prepared for the fact that it is one of the most dangerous in the country, and we saw a couple accidents on that route. But well worth the end result as Sossus Dune Lodge was fantastic. Great food, comfortable room, friendly and helpful staff. Special thanks to our waitress (I didn't get her name, but she had blonde extensions woven into her hair). She gave us excellent tips about the drive from Sesserim to Windhoek, which was spot on and saved us a lot of time and trouble.

Roy, Judy - 25th Oct, 2017

Fantastic sunsets and the locations guarantees you'll be first up the dunes before anybody else has even got close to the gates of the park! We had sunrise on Big Daddy to ourself - only once we were returning did the rest of the world turn up.

Allan, Nicholas - 05th Oct, 2017

Extraordinary experience to sleep on the palafites; it was a pity to leave in the night but we had the chance to get in time on Big Daddy for the sunrise!

Marson, Pier Paolo - 18th Sep, 2017

simply magnificent. really great to be inside the park and get to the dunes before everyone else

Rossetto, Irene - 31st Aug, 2017

The only lodge in the park. Excellent ! Again, the view in the early morning is amazing

Leroy. Thierry - 26th Aug, 2017

Definitely a plus to be inside the park and stay longer at the dunes. Lovely accommodation and service

Hill, Michelle - 30th Jul, 2017

Huge room. Minor upkeep issues-half the lights did not work. Service good, food good, staff helpful. Glad we paid the price for this one on our first trip to Namibia-we just made it to Sossusvlei and up the Sossus Dune for sunrise. Beautiful.

Plowright, Rozey - 27th Jul, 2017

Expensive but likely due to location within national park.

Creasey, Thomas - 27th Jul, 2017

Beautiful house to stay, good views, good food, friendly people and allready in Sossusvle parc.

Van Doornik, Miranda - 19th Jul, 2017

Beautiful setting, nice room. Also a bit hot, although they had a fan. In summer this would also probably be oppressively hot. Food was limited, but fine. Considering they're in the park, the location is the thing.

Regelman, Jeff - 23rd Jun, 2017

Unless you are the most serious type of photographer and having the best light (i.e., early entry to the park) is very important to you, this lodge is not worth the high prices. In our case all sunrise and sunset tours had been booked for three solid days by a large group even though they do not usually allow pre-booking of tours. While we were able to manage on our own, it was a little boring and I know we would have learned more about the area had it been an organized tour. This lodge had more insects inside than any of the places we stayed, with grasshoppers up to 4 inches in length casually hanging out on the mosquito net, despite keeping all doors and windows closed! Finally, with the lack of air con, I would not even consider staying here outside of the winter.

Aswin, Andrea - 01st Jun, 2017

The whole experience around Sossus Dune will last long in the memory. Climbing Dune 45 pre-dawn, one of the tour highlights, Big Daddy too, it is quite a surreal experience. We loved the lodges and were very impressed with the team, eating out under the stars, the accommodation etc. Just an amazing experience.

Paton, Jamie - 18th May, 2017

Lodge undergoing major repairs. Noisy JCB working outside the chalets. We did manage to move but many complaints. All this worth it be in the park gates

Hodgson, Mandy - 28th Mar, 2017

Very nice accommodation with dreat view to the dunes. OF all the accommodation we felt that this was the least value for money when it came to their evening meal costs. Understand that it is remote and everything has to be trucked in from Windhoek but still. Wine was much more expensive than we had experienced at other NWR lodges and on the second night we brought in our own wine and gladly paid the $25 per bottle corkage charge! This was the only occasion where we had a problem with our booking which Allison traced to a problem with the NWR system. However, there was absolutely no impact to our accommodation and enjoyment. Max: Would have liked another day here to see the dunes at dawn.

Spark, Steve - 09th Mar, 2017

perfect place - unique and so glad we stayed within the park

Baker, Phil - 26th Feb, 2017

Foot very ordinary. Staff made a drama regarding JCB outside room which wasn't really one but poorly explained. Staff didn't clear up restaurant area well Payment options hard - pay for dinner and then payment when checking out

Page, Dave - 11th Nov, 2016

Nice place to stay; the only hotel inside the Park

Montserrat, Jordi - 20th Sep, 2016

Slow, distracted staff. Not helpful. If it weren't the fact they are inside the park, I wouldn't recommend them

Silva, Andre - 11th Sep, 2016

Beatiful lodge and good meals.

Francesconi, Andrea - 24th Aug, 2016

The place is superb. Being in the park early in the the morning is super

Cuppini, Marco - 22nd Aug, 2016

Excellent location. Fantastic rooms. Great service. Highly recommend. Good for vegetarians also.

Koduvayur, Sujatha - 15th Aug, 2016

Beautiful cabin and lounge. We ate dinner at the restaurant and it was fine, but the service was a bit lacking. Otherwise, great location and friendly staff.

Dhruv, Sharma - 15th Aug, 2016

Amazing lodge and beautiful scenery. Great access to the dunes.

Bee, Michel - 15th Jul, 2016

Lovely rooms and main lodge. Great views. Very relaxing to stay here. Important to stay two nights (which we did) to make it worthwhile.

Mckee, Pat - 06th Jul, 2016


Franko, Brian - 08th Jun, 2016

Enjoyed this camp and staff went out of their way to accommodate our eating regime. When we booked a sunset tour there were only the two of us but they still ran the tour for us. Great experience

Segel, Felicity - 04th Apr, 2016

Amongst very tough competition this was our personal favourite. Everything here was simply perfect - rooms, view, staff, food, setting. An amazing place

Newsome, Michael - 04th Sep, 2015

Best nwr lodge. Great rooms, food and position

Canetta, Dario - 16th Aug, 2015

Food in the restaurant could be better, but the chalets were lovely.

Dong, Laurene - 22nd Jul, 2015

The nicest of the government lodges we stayed in. The location is great - and absolutely the right choice if you wish to be at dead vlei at sunrise. Otherwise, if you stay outside the park, you enter at sunrise and are still an hour from dead vlei. Really glad we stayed here.

Cuddy, Amy - 18th Jul, 2015

Handy being in the park to make an early start to getting to Sossussvlei. Very hot in summer with no AC.

Mylrea, Stephen - 14th Jul, 2015

Huge advantage staying inside the park. Allowed us to leave at 5 am for Deadvlei. One night was enough.

Reinecke, Karin - 06th Jul, 2015

Great location and good quality rooms. Service was good but food could have been a little bit better.

Durrington, Luke - 04th Jun, 2015

Very impressive

Presow, Shaun - 20th Apr, 2015

Very comfortable and well positioned for visiting dunes at sunrise. Food not quite up to standard of some other places.

Davies, Stuart - 16th Apr, 2015

superb lodge especially since you're in the park!

De Lille,bern - 02nd Apr, 2015

Very poor service. Still waiting to meet the Manager! There was no ice, bar staff or menu and to order lunch was difficult, took forever and was generally incorrect. Thank goodness I had the voucher for the sunrise tour, as they did not have a record that we were booked for it. The rooms were too hot, so all the guests had to stay at the pool to cool down, the basin was broken and badly mended, the tap loose and the shower floor slat raised and broken, which could have resulted in a nasty injury. The bins were not emptied and the products not restocked. Settling your bar bill each night is ridiculous if you are staying for 2 nights, but as you are not signing a bill for your drinks, the chances of getting accurate bills is unlikely. This Lodge cannot sell itself only on the sunrise tour, it needs good Management if it is to survive. It did have good staff and service for the dinners, which was at least a saving grace, but this needs to be consistent. Worth mentioning that you need to pay for a permit on entering this site.

Hall,stacey - 01st Apr, 2015

for photographers like me...the hours in the evening are limited..they would like that you are back around 8-9 pm...not as it mentioned in the web that you can stay in the park longer...for example night photography..the only but important downfall.

Bauer, Martin - 29th Mar, 2015

we had a very bad experience there, rooms are good and for is ok but the manager cannot handle the place at all. We had to wait to get the room, they told us 10 minutes but it took us one our and a big complain!! We also aked for a wake up call @5 but the came to wake up at 4....I am speehless!

Rigoldi,eleonora - 21st Feb, 2015

We preferred this to Soussuvlei Lodge and it is a pity that we only had one night - when we booked it was full the night before but when we got there they had not been full. But dune trip in early morning was great from there.

Barkworth, Clare - 31st Jan, 2015

Sossus was a very nice place -- the rooms were bigger than Dolomite, although Dolomite has it beat for the scenery/setting. This was our New Year`s Eve stop and the staff put together a fantastic sunset drive to Sesriem Canyon, complete with appetizers, and a fantastic feast for dinner. We had an excellent time!

Lingle, Shawn - 06th Jan, 2015

great landscape and very friendly and helpful people / the lodge inside the park is a great spot

Hessler, Eddie - 14th Dec, 2014

Nice lodge. Superb dinners. Good staff. Just one thing to say is that At the time we were there, november, It was so hot that it was impossible even to stay At the tents At midday. But there was a nice swimming pool

Begona - 06th Dec, 2014

Outstanding resort. Nice staff and tasty dinners

Begona - 06th Dec, 2014

Very beautiful place, with low impact. Special mention to the guide Chapaka, really caring and fun man

Molowny, Daniel - 28th Nov, 2014

Main reason for selecting this lodge was its location, as you can head towards the dunes any time you want. Chalet is excellent in terms of accommodation, really beautiful, but expect longwalks from the main lodge. Food is OK, but service a bit hit & miss.

Nobels, Ingrid - 25th Nov, 2014

Overpriced for the quality of the food and the standard of the room which were not as good as many of the cheaper places we stayed at. Since most people would only stay here to be at the dunes at sunrise, it was rather unfortunate that we set off twenty-five minutes late for our sunrise drive because our driver waited for a family group that did not turn up on time - needless to say, we did not make it to the top of a sand dune for the sunrise. Not really acceptable when you are paying this sort of price. We were given room number 1, which has no view to speak of - just a pile of rocks hiding the car park in front of it.

Strange, Paul - 10th Nov, 2014

The only lodge available within the Sossusvlei Park. It is still 60km+ to Sossusvlei itself, but it is the only option if you want to beat the crowds and get to the dunes at dawn. It got hot during the day, but the fan and opening all the sliding doors helped to ventilate the room. Lovely ambiance.

Sumiani, Jeri - 09th Nov, 2014

Another lovely lodge, we would have preferred a second night here to travelling down to little sossus.

Rance, Louisa - 01st Nov, 2014

very, very hot in the room.

Piscador, Mariette - 01st Oct, 2014

Beautiful lodge and excellent service.

Hunziker, Isabella - 09th Sep, 2014

Very elegant chalets, beautiful location and perfect for sunrise in the dunes

Cooke, Sarah - 01st Sep, 2014

AMAZING bungalows

Hedger, Ben - 21st Aug, 2014

Very comfortable thatched huts on stilts along boardwalks to the restaurant/ bar areas. Lots to do here with walking up sand dunes, and a Hot Air Balloon ride and champagne breakfast in the desert. Fantastic. We were disappointed though with the inadequate information given to us by staff about timing and directions of walking up the sand dunes. We were given a basic map and little else and a long drive to the Sossusvlei area.

Oberlin-brown, Chris - 14th Aug, 2014

Only one night but worth is for the sunrise. Food was good to very good. Long walks to rooms, but that provides privacy and a better experience for viewing the landscape from the balcony. Hut-style rooms with all comforts, more than adequate. Big advantage is that, being inside the park, allows for sunrise and sunset viewing of dunes and wildlife (park opens sunrise and closes sunset, and i`'s a 60 km drive to the main dune hiking).

Taber, Greg - 14th Aug, 2014

The best after Dolomite Camp

Vermeire, Benoit - 22nd Jul, 2014

obliging staff - gave me a room that I requested because of my leg injury. Food was good and plentiful. Their tour vehicles were hard to climb up to especially when I was shorter. Scraped my legs and knees.

Chen, Flora - 22nd Jun, 2014

Stunning and a pleasant surprise.

Isaack, Boetimann - 06th Jun, 2014

absolutely amazing place. My phone was stolen there by one of their staff who cleaned our room, but we still really enjoyed the place and it was absoltely lovely.

Wheeler, Rebekah - 01st Jun, 2014

Great. Great service, good location,very good food. 9/10 - no effort to make the children welcome - no activities or extra facilities for the children

Vanzyl, Rika - 12th May, 2014

Absolutely perfect!

Khan, Peji - 19th Apr, 2014

This was a lovely lodge in the most ideal location to visit Dead Vlei at sunrise and sunset. The guide who took us to Dead Vlei at sunrise and on an evening sundowner drive, Shapaka, was exceptional. He was very pleasant, helpful and extremely knowledgeable. We also walked through Sesriem Canyon which was very close to the lodge and were amazed!

Rouse, Clive & Sharon - 05th Jan, 2014

SDL is amazing. It is in a beautiful location and we were greeted very warmly by the staff. The SDL staff were professional and hospitable and friendly. The rooms are amazing - very luxurious and comfortable. The only improvement would be to perhaps have a ceiling fan above the bed, as it was quite hot at night. The pool and common facilities were top notch, and the food as excellent. One of the best national park lodgings I have ever experienced.

Chau, Jason - 05th Jan, 2014

Amazing location and fabulous room. Very clean.

Parkes, Simon - 16th Nov, 2013

Absolutely fantastic

Bargiacchi, Luca - 11th Nov, 2013

Very nice and a good experience

Cutter, Leslie - 26th Sep, 2013

Great camp inside the national park.

Vulpe, Lucian - 26th Sep, 2013

This is the best: great service, superb food and astonishing landscapes. A lot of money, but you get also something for it

Boesen, Jan - 23rd Sep, 2013

The lodge is better than expected considering its website and tripadvisor comments. The room are big and lovely with a private terrace overlooking the bush.

D'argenio, Valeria - 08th Sep, 2013

beautiful lodge

Emonard, Herve - 12th Aug, 2013

very useful to be inside the park

Capo Giol, Jordi - 15th Jul, 2013

Perfect to see the sunrise in Sossusvlei. Professional guides.

Lunaschi, Alessandro - 09th Jul, 2013

Lovely lodge - I believe they can advertise more on the internet as I only found out about them after intensive searching. Sossusvlei lodge has much more marketing and on search engines they at the top. And i believe Sossus dune lodge much better! loved the stay there, very friendly personal with great service. :)

Cilliers, Leane - 07th Jul, 2013

Unbeatable location. Good rooms, though might be very hot in Summer. Service standards and food not great. Good value.

Jones, Alun - 29th May, 2013

Very comfortable and spacious lodges. Good food and atmosphere. To recommend.

De Bruycker, Siska - 28th Apr, 2013

Absolutely great lodge and tremendous benefit being inside the park.

Cho, Koo - 15th Apr, 2013

The benefit of this hotel is the easy access to Sosiessvlei. the sunrise trip was fabulous with a very good guide. Food in hotel was fair. The one complaint was that there was no cool area to get out of the heat during the day.

Dorrington, Vivienne - 10th Apr, 2013

This is another unique and beautiful landscape, Sossusvlei, but where to stay? We decided to stay in the park, and that meant choosing the only lodge inside the park- Sossus Dune Lodge operated by NWR. The lodge is in an excellent spot, the rooms are large and spacious, and we enjoyed our dinner sitting on the open terrace with a view towards the dunes. The staff were enthusiastic and helpful, and we did not experience any of the issues which has led to criticism in other TA reports. This may in part be due to the relatively low number of visitors at the lodge during what is their low season. We were very satisfied with our choice. However in making such a choice there is one big issue that needs to be confronted- the heat. We experienced temperatures >45 centigrade, and there is no air conditioning at Sossus. I think that in the cooler months I would definitely stay at Sossus again, however if I was doing it again at this time of year, then I do think I`d accept a later arrival at the dunes and stay outside the park at a lodge offering air conditioning. I realise that the purist may have issues with this view, but we were physically challenged by the heat and glad we only stayed one night. An alternative would be for the Lodge to install air conditioning, at least in some of its rooms.

Walker, John - 16th Mar, 2013

Very nice and lovely people, especially our guide to the dunes

Leal, Susana - 14th Feb, 2013

food not great but can`t beat the location it was extremely hot but we didn`t really mind

Gallagher, Rachel - 30th Jan, 2013

Very nice place, we enjoied the view, nice service, superb dune walk in the morning, food ok

Et Pilo, Michi - 06th Jan, 2013

Great accomodation. The rustic appearance was unique. The food and service were good.

Laidlaw, Carol - 06th Jan, 2013

This lodge is really the only place to stay if you are interested in photography. The ability to leave the lodge before sunrise and head down to the dunes, and to stay down there after sunrise, enables you to capture the dunes in their best light. The rooms are lovely and the staff friendly.

Martin, Julie - 23rd Dec, 2012


Boyle, Alan - 08th Nov, 2012

Wonderful lodge with a great location.

Brooks, Peter - 24th Sep, 2012


Merlo, Gabriele - 29th Aug, 2012

Very nice location, friendly staff!

Kuhl, Fredrich - 14th Aug, 2012

A real treat!

Byrne, Claire - 26th Jul, 2012

good place, feeling of remoteness... service was good. We were received by Sonia who was welcoming and provided us with good information regarding the lodge and Sossusvlei. She was very caring towards our 3 yr old child too. Comment on the room, some of the rooms (towards the south) do not have a good view - obstructed by a hill - and we happened to get of of such rooms. The bridge to walk to the rooms is a nice, however, I will add a rail much lower, maybe 1 foot from the bottom to prevent children from falling off. We had to be very alert with our 3 year old toddler.

Jha, Nishant - 23rd Jul, 2012

To expensive but good location.

Theron, Henk - 02nd Jul, 2012

Beautiful lodge inside the National Park. The sunrise from The Big Daddy and the breakfast at the Sossusvlei are really fantastic!

Dams, Luc - 12th Jun, 2012

Excellent (especially considering it's owned by NWR) but grossly over-priced at full price in-season, probably due to its monopoly on pre-dawn entry to the park (we were off-season so had a 50% discount & that's about what it`s worth. That much said, very good service & everything worked. C ommendable negligible footprint on the desert du to design. Honeymoon suite not really worth extra cost, VERY long walk from the action, same size as others except open bar-frig, fruit (very welcome) & an extra outside day-bed. Overall - better than Soss Lodge where we stayed in 2005.

Dunkley, John - 11th Jun, 2012

The location of the lodge is inside the park and gives an advantage when you want to start early in the morning. The lodge organizes a trip to Sossusvlei to see the sunrise and later you have breakfast at the feet of `big mama`. An excellent experience seeing the fact you're in the park before the mass. We stayed two nights and dinner was very nice the first evening, the second evening the service and food was a little less. But still a recommendation.

Vancoillie, Caroline - 08th Jun, 2012

Another great lodge. Excellence across the board. The fact that this lodge is the only one within the park that provides access to the dunes *before* sunrise, and more importantly before the hoards of tourists who arrive at 9 am, needs to be sold to a greater extent.

Matt, Matt - 18th May, 2012

Amazing location, and great layout. I would recommend it because its in the park and you have to be to see the dunes at dawn or dusk. Let down a bit by average service and with staff who were trying to advise on what to do but then admitted they had not been to Dead Vlei ot Hidden Vlei - incredible. I would recommend the walk to Hidden Vlei - its not mentioned anywhere except Lonely Planet - but very good

Grgurich, Paul - 10th May, 2012

Great opportunity to be first and last at the dunes!

Ritz, Nicoletta & Udo - 09th Apr, 2012

beautifull place. great rooms, great lodge, great service. Diner was not all that good. The early morning sunrise tour is a must. Great guide/driver

Vermeulen, Eimert - 05th Mar, 2012

very nice lodge in an amazing location - service and accomodation were good, nevertheless the food quality/taste and service could still improve.

Minartz, Christine - 13th Jan, 2012

no enough sun protection at pool ; rooms very far from main lounge area ; stuffing hot in rooms ! wasn't told walls were made of material , very difficult to live through with the heat at over 40°

Raspillere, Christine - 12th Jan, 2012

extremely warm and dedicated staff, excellent service, great venue and location

Renaudeau, Rafeal - 09th Jan, 2012

The food was not good, neither at lunch or dinner, for the price we expected more

Bauer, Katja - 14th Dec, 2011


Bescher, Klaus - 04th Dec, 2011

The best and most exciting place we've stayed. Fantastic service and facilities. Everybody should stay there at least two nights. Some day I will definitelly be back there to expirience the breakfast at sunrise somewhere in the dunes they offer. We missed it because of out schedule.

Arounova, Ellena - 26th Nov, 2011

Very nice welcome from Sonia! The food was EXCELLENT! They have to keep their chef! Nice friendly service from all staff. Free tea and coffe at all times and free water at meals.Only negative point was the heat in the rooms. Very hot in the daytime and at night too. We found it hard to sleep with only a fan. Also we had a room very far from the reception. We accept this because it is the only way give each and every room a fantastic view and privacy. However next time we would try to get a room a bit closer to reception.

Barnes, Graeme - 20th Nov, 2011

We were disappointed to be given the only room with a pile of rocks interrupting the view, but were given another room no problem

Mckenzie, Lucie - 17th Nov, 2011

Great to be able to enter the park before sunrise and exit after sunset.

Gossweiler, Beat - 08th Nov, 2011

An other highlight! Very cosy large bungalow with a beautiful view to the mountains and the dunes. Delicious meals. Best spot to start for the sunrise in the dunes. To the west entrance of Sesriem Canyon just 10 min to walk. Very friendly and helpful guides always around with the question: can I help you? - even when you don't use their guided tours. Our mosquito net had 2 large holes, so one of my arms was full with bites next morning.

Isermann, Rita - 02nd Nov, 2011

outstanding service in the lodge and excellent support for activity options. But the special thing was, that we were the first climbers on the virgin dunes in the morning and gave all following visiters our track.

Haenzi, Markus - 25th Oct, 2011

Nice chalets, but did end up doing 3 km. one day along the walkways to our room! Trip to see sunrise with breakfast at Sossusvlei was excellent and worth staying in the park for.

Spencer-smith, Heather - 24th Oct, 2011

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay in this lodge

Bakker, Piet & Beverly - 22nd Oct, 2011

Lovely, peaceful location. Beautiful rooms. A fan, (or even air con!) would be nice as it got very hot at night. Was disappointed that the view from our room was very obscured as it was situated behind the car park. Lack of information on arrival about how to drive ourselves to the dunes. Having to be back at the lodge for 19.45 meant we actually had slightly less time in the park for sunset than those staying outside (gate shut at 20.00), which was disappointing as part of the attraction of this lodge was that it was supposed to be the only one which allowed guests to stay in the park for sunset, but it turned out everyone else could anyway. Pool was nice and cool, but not enough loungers and they were looking quite old/worn. Food was good but not great (for the price).

Tattersall, Elizabeth - 21st Oct, 2011

The perfect lodge to view the dunes. The food could have been a bit better for the price, especially lunch. The rooms are gorgeous though and the service was good.

Whelan, Rebecca - 06th Oct, 2011

Very nice accommodation, good to be inside the park.

Spratt, Leanne - 29th Sep, 2011

Wonderful setting and chalets; reasonably good service and food, not up to level of others

Walder, Dennis - 26th Sep, 2011

A very special and personal experience. Expensive but worth it to be within the park gates.

Mountfort, Katrina - 14th Sep, 2011

Convenient for the dunes and quite comfortable. Average food and service.

Ferguson, Rachel - 10th Sep, 2011

Very pleasant lodge, very nice staff. This was another highlight of our trip.

Kuenzle, Peter - 31st Aug, 2011

From the moment we arrived to Sossus Dune Lodge, the service was amazing! This was worth the extra money to spend a night at. We were able to travel to Dune 45 for sunset and were up early for a sunrise tour to "Big Daddy" and Sossusvlei. Being able to see the dunes at these times of the day were amazing, and as mentioned, worth the money to stay in the park. The accommodations where great and the food was good. Everyone was very kind! Definitely worth a night's stay!

Brown, Alison - 26th Aug, 2011

perfect to enjoy the dunes

Mazzotta, Filippo - 25th Aug, 2011

NOT TO RECOMMEND AT ALL... By far the greatest deception of our 3 week trip. They really have a poor service and level quality if considering the price paid for one night! It's a shame!!

Gosse, Nathalie - 03rd Aug, 2011

the best park we have stayed at, very good food, a better wine list, very beautiful accommodation

Riffaud, Christiane - 31st Jul, 2011

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at this lodge, the staff were wonderful, but the food (with the exception of the breakfasts) definitely requires improvement

Bagley, Elizabeth - 27th Jul, 2011

Beautiful rooms, nice staff and you are inside the park what means that others will take the photos of your footprints on the dunes

Pedrosa, Rafael - 31st May, 2011

This is a fabulous place to stay and we were treated extremely well. The food was excellent and the rooms beautiful. My only comment would be that you should advise customers if they are driving to Sossousvlei from Windhoek - particularly at the moment after all the rain - that they should hire a 4 wheel drive.

Riddell, Angela - 09th May, 2011

Super, the best lodge you can find

Kaufmann, Kurt - 20th Apr, 2011

We had a great stay at Sossus Dune Lodge. As we indicated on the questionnaire we completed at the lodge, Armstrong and his staff did a great job. We were comfortable and all of our needs were met perfectly, including having dinner delivered to our room, arranging the Sossuvlei trip, and arranging a nanny for my wife and me, among everything else. We are recommending Sossus Dune Lodge to everyone, and I will say the same on Trip Advisor. Thanks again. Great memory.

Grignon, Matt - 19th Apr, 2011

Wonderful because it is in the park; sunrise and sunset are guaranteed! But the service wasn't always at the level of the price

Beffa, Sabina - 17th Oct, 2010

Beautiful, great location!

Mena, Celia - 04th Oct, 2010

excellent service and beautiful setting

Warren, Elsabe - 20th Sep, 2010

perfect service, great location, good food.

Cortese, Andrea - 18th Sep, 2010

Very good, good rooms and good food

Meredith, David.c - 11th Sep, 2010

Great location. Probably a little over priced.

Johnson, James - 06th Jun, 2010

A lovely location but we were somewhat disappointed by the services. Staff were friendly but not very comfortable with dealing with issues. Services at the restaurant varied a lot, lunch services seemed to have been delivered by less experienced staff. We waited almost 45 mins for lunch one day only to be serviced with steaks which were so overcooked that we had to send it back in return for a tuna salad which took more time to come. The teas and coffee station was often not maintained and at one occassion we had to go back to our room to make a drink. The extreme was the lovely evening meal service when we were asking how our food would like to be cooked. There were electricial issue in our room (short circuiting everything we turn the fan on, hair dryer doesn't work and the main sets of power plugs don't work). We didn't report all the issues as we have given up.

Lam, Fong - 04th Jun, 2010

If you planned to stay at Sossusvlei I recommend this Lodge. View from your room is stunning and it's quiet.

Fournier, Claud-alain - 04th Jun, 2010

Really enjoyed being here but spoiled slightly by their inability to sort out the AC in the bedroom, leaving us with a very uncomfortable night.

Mccarr, George - 24th Mar, 2010

Amazing location and very good attention to detail. I was impressed the hotel manager came and spoke to all the guests during the evening meal, a nice gesture.

Green, Richard - 23rd Mar, 2010

Fantastic!!! - The drinks prices really surprised me. Very cheap! Accommodation pricey but worth it. Great food

Wade, Colin - 07th Feb, 2010

Very scenic, professional service. The sunrise drive was exceptional

Schiroli, Riccardo - 04th Feb, 2010

We enjoyed this spot. Staff were very good as was the food. The only thing we would have liked was air conditioning as the temperature was very hot and the fan was not sufficient.

Perch, Jane - 15th Dec, 2009

Nice location. Staff a bit disorganized but friendly.

Rodrigue, Natalie - 10th Dec, 2009

food could be improved but the scenery is exceptional and strongly recommended to see the sunrise on sossusvlei as the lodge is in the reserve...

Agra, Beatrice - 03rd Dec, 2009

No problem at all. Great place, Highly recommended

Mesa, Sylvia - 05th Aug, 2009

Our preferred: Perfect location, within the park, ideal for sunrise and sunset excursions. Friendly staff.

Massimo Molinari - 02nd Jul, 2009