Highlight was the staff but otherwise food was basic (strange menu), accommodation and lodge was basic and could be greatly improved upon, overpriced - Mowani was far superior

O'brien, Aileen - 19th Oct, 2017

Nice welcome and lively atmosphere!

Hill, Michelle - 30th Jul, 2017

Probably the nicest place we stayed, family unit was excellent as well as service, staff, etc...

Montgomery, Michael - 27th Jul, 2017

Absolutely amazing stay - the rooms/tents are perfect with wonderful views and luxurious interiors. We loved every minute. The bush dinner was also a highlight!

Harvey, Sinead - 04th May, 2017

Absolutely fantastic experience - the lodge is "quirky" and very well designed and the chalets are fabulous - especially with the opportunity to wheel the beds out on the verandah and sleep under the stars! Great food and very friendly, lovely staff. We had a wonderful experience on the elephant-tracking drive, being able to get so close to the group.

Williams, Sue - 30th Apr, 2017

Wonderful accommodation, including that they arranged a (great!) elephant drive just to accommodate our tight schedule!

Nippe, Veronika - 24th Apr, 2017

Amazing looking place. The highlight was the outdoor dinner in the desert. A bit pricy and the $1100R for a 3 hr drive was high. Paid $675R for a 3 hr drive in Sossusvlei

Thorson, Chris - 10th Nov, 2016

Unforgettable dinner by the fire pit.

Jovanovic, Goran - 26th Aug, 2016

Doro Nawas was one of the best Lodges we stayed at! The staff was so friendly and happy, the accommodation was perfect :)

Halbich, Ute - 16th Jul, 2016

Accommodation was a bit more basic than some camps, and it was very hot, and only had a ceiling fan, we loved rolling the bed out at night and sleeping under the stars, the staff were lovely, and on the game drives we met some beautiful lions, which was a highlight.

Grange, Sharon - 20th Dec, 2015

Doro !Nawas is a great lodge. It suits its desert setting, and sits in a spot with great 360 degree views of the surrounding desert and mountains. It definitely has a unique look and design, which was a fun change from the many safari lodges we`ve visited. The main lodge sits atop a hill, with the individual chalets arranged below. The chalets are huge and comfortable. We took the lodge`s trip to look for desert elephants, and though we did find the elephants, it was really more of an opportunity to enjoy the area`s scenery. We would recommend that excursion, but don`t go expecting to see lots of wildlife. We drove ourselves to visit the nearby rock art site.

Borstein, Jan - 18th Aug, 2015

This was our favourite; we loved it. Amazing staff, beautiful lodge, loved dining and sleeping under the stars.

Hyndman, Mathew - 16th Aug, 2015

Incredibly beautiful setting. Very good food. Very comfortable lodging. Extremely friendly staff.

Trilling, Larry - 13th Jun, 2015

The service here was very scattered. We told the Manager, Maureen, we would like to hike but no services were explained or offered. She seemed more interested in her phone than the guests the entire time we were there. Over dinner several people asked us what we would like to eat. In retrospect, would have preferred to spend another night at Erongo or Etendeka

Williams, Stacey - 06th May, 2015

Beautiful location. Very large and comfortable rooms with large deck. Breakfast good. Dinner portions small and service somewhat unprofessional at dinner, but the help eager to do the right thing. Pleasant stay.

Dub, Barbara - 20th Apr, 2015

Excellent. Good attention to detail. Aircon would help

Naidoo, Vish - 26th Feb, 2015

Nice chalets, very nice location on the top of the hill in the middle of desert. Nice restaurant.

Farka, Martin - 18th Jan, 2015

Outstanding. The best of all the places. Location out of the way but fantastic drive in. Damaraland is beautiful and accommodation and service excellent. Revised our trip and stayed another night to enjoy the lodge and location. Sleeping outside on the verandah a great plus.

Mandl, Helen - 15th Jan, 2015

Very nice indeed, also the game drive was fun, saw the elephants and we loved the cabins

Siefken, Dirk - 12th Jan, 2015

I loved this place. A bit quirky but the staff were fantastic, the location really splendid and the guides were very good. Attention to detail was spot on and nothing was too much trouble. The accommodation itself was fantatically comfortable, shady and spacious. The best outdoor shower of the trip!

Worton,deb - 06th Jan, 2015

stuff very welcoming and good fun - it was the only place we had the evening meal memu sung to us in two languages (English and local). Plus staff gave an impromptu concert! Again wonderful accommodation and stunning location. Great Elephants

Middleton, Richard - 19th Dec, 2014

We had our concerns as we drove up to this place, it looked rather forbidding at first sight. But it was fantastic! Amazing room with heartstopping view, friendly staff, good food. Would like to have stayed longer.

Dhenin, Sophie - 29th Nov, 2014

A beautiful lodge, another location where we wish we had spent 2 nights.

Rance, Louisa - 01st Nov, 2014

Amazing location and lodge

Locatelli, Veronica - 25th Aug, 2014

Fantastic lodge, incredible view from the lunch deck and fantastic guide who took us on an elephant trekking tour although we booked it last minute.

Maganza, Florian - 24th Aug, 2014

Worth it`s price ! Employees always smiling and helpful. Big nice rooms with sight on the bush. Very good food. Tours organisation excellent. Excellent atmosphere. Very good food. Everything excellent, you have for your money.

Sterckx, Jean-claude - 26th Jul, 2014

Nice rooms and views, but food was not as good as other lodges.

Dillon,steve - 28th Jun, 2014

Wonderful location! The welcoming was a bit less professional than in Ongava (they did not explain that we could sleep outside the first night), but this might explain why it is less expensive. Food was very good as well.

Lutz, Felix - 03rd Jun, 2014

A great lodge. The room was beautifully designed and laid out and had a brilliant view. Staff were pleasant, facilities were good and views were stunning. What a stunning location and beautiful environment!! Could have done with an air conditioner - it was close to 40 deg. C when we arrived and had no way of cooling down. There was however a fan above the bed but it was too hot to lie down on the bed. Would not go to DN during summer months. Also one of the top 3 lodges we stayed at.

Blenkinsop,don - 03rd Jun, 2014

The best in our trip. Willderness Safaris has a good feed-back and it`s real. Outstanding and upmarket lodge. Kind reception, comfortable chalet with view, safaris, excellent cooking. Worth for the price.

Galanter, Jean - 04th Mar, 2014

They might clean out the pool? a tad slimy on the sides. Sleeping outdoors was a delight. Theodore and Fiona amazing waitresses and hostesses

Klingenstein, Alixandra - 19th Nov, 2013

the staff is very friendly and helpfull. you really feel `at home` at doro nawas. thank you.

Pfisterer, Luc - 16th Oct, 2013

Marvellous location! Bungalows magnificent out & in! Quality and chance of kind of the food sufficient(nearly!). Service & professionality of the staff so & so.

Lattanzi, Paola - 28th Aug, 2013

The resort was very nice and the welcome and check-in was very good. The rooms were very nice and our only criticism was the fact that the shower was not hot in the morning. We experienced this at 2 other lodges where they heated by Solar Energy. The approach road was also in a bad condition and made for a very uncomfortable ride. Overall we were pleased with the resort.

Cane, Bob - 04th Jun, 2013

Another exceptional place. Poolside service needs attention. Local ranger exceptional but there could be a communication problem with foreigners. We are South African

Fehrsen, Rod - 09th May, 2013

unique lodge, unique experience, very high service quality, nice and friendly people

Schmitz, Marc - 02nd Jan, 2013

Fanatsic experience.Staff lovely; food excellent. Amazing outlook. Very special couple of days.

Hartley, Johanna - 11th Nov, 2012

Wonderful place, great staff. Outstanding food! There is a small, intersting gift shop to visit. We were very surprised by the recital of local music the staff provide as an after dinner treat! Outstanding... and a complete surprise. We were so glad we did not miss that. Wonderful views; with some hiking available, via guide. Good location use as a base for visits to Organ Pipes, etc. The staff was very pleasant and friendly, and we want to visit here again. We (I) took advantage of the outside shower. We were about to roll our beds out and sleep under the stars, but..... we saw the cautionary note about scorpions, and decided not to.

Rateaver, Andrew - 15th Jul, 2012

Excellent service. Greeted with wet face towels and a welcome drink. Part tented rooms with thatch roof. Tasteful deco, simple yet comfortable and beautiful. I like the design of the room/bathroom. We went on a game drive. Tracked a family of desert elephants, found them just at sunset. Have to go on a game drive to see and appreciate the landscape properly. It changes dramatically and you can`t really see that from the views at the lodge. I would recommend staying here. One night or two nights is sufficient.

Sherissa, R - 26th Jun, 2012

Even seeing photos of the lodge; we were pleasently surprised by the very care that has been taken to fit the lodge into the evironment with the little footpaths everywhere and no evidence of any earlier building activities. We are both getting on to 70 now and especially my wife found the rough paths a bit of a challange. Maybe they should enquire of any preferences for people who are not so mobile anymore. The main building has a nice layout and the courtyard will be much appreciated during the cold time of the year. The view from the balconies with the Brandberg in the background is absolutely fantastic esoecially at sunrise. The reception and service was exellent and staff was very helpfull. We enquired about the visit to Twyfelfontein offered by the lodge and declined because the cost is with N$ 875.00 totally over the top and unacceptable. However, the staff helped us and we visited the engravings with our own transport. Again people should be warned that even the tour for the "less mobile" is very difficult and needs some steep climbing. All in all a very good experience and to be recommended. My wife is born in South Africa and I came to SWA in 1969 - we are both old hands in this part of the world and my children cut their teeth on camping in this part of the country. Many thanks to everyone involved in this short stay.

Beunink, Rolf - 01st Feb, 2012

very nice staff ; frustrated about Drives hours , missed everything I was interested in .

Raspillere, Christine - 12th Jan, 2012

This was quite a drive to get here and given we stayed only 1 night seemed quite far out the way. The rooms were fantastic and we loved the beds that roled outside on the patio (unfortunately the wind was hectic on the night we were there, so we only rolled it out for a bit in the morning.) We probably in retrospect would have taken an extra day in Swakop. Timing was a bit tight between two days of driving to do any activities (twyfelfontein rock paintings hike etc). Interesting lodge, but the most expensive accommo on the trip by some way.

Highams, Nick - 07th Jan, 2012

Great location! Beautiful rooms. The service was very friendly though a bit casual. We enjoyed this but some people might prefer a bit more professional. Too many groups for our liking, but the place makes a visit worth it despite this.

Barnes, Graeme - 20th Nov, 2011

Nice lodge, nice people!

Kuenzle, Peter - 31st Aug, 2011

Wow! Accommodation, service, training & quality of staff, meals were stunning.

Smith, Alayne - 24th Aug, 2011

beautiful room very patchy service: a fantastic guide was provided, manager seemed helpful, waiting staff were poor and portions at dinner were small, we were told we could not have another helping lots of insects in dining room- more so than others reported not much atmosphere in communal areas

Ahmed, Aasia - 12th May, 2011

Excellent place, well thought through (except hot water, which not hot in the evening, when the sun is down), great food, very well presented. The whole place is just beautiful, which made it just worth driving 75 kilometers on the bad road.

Van Nielen, Katja - 30th Apr, 2011

Very nice accommodation with very friendly and helpful staff. Also very different. A very good experience.

Du Toit, Barry - 12th Apr, 2011

Beautiful main restaurant/lounge area. Such gorgeous scenery and very relaxing hanging out on the porch and using the small pool. The villa was fair -- the water situation wasn't the best. Loved the excursion through the bush in search for the desert elephants -- we found them and it was really incredible.

Van Beukering, Jason - 08th Feb, 2010

Very nice location, activities overpriced or disapointing. Food ok.

Rodrigue, Natalie - 10th Dec, 2009

Very nice, very attentive

Bahra, Sanjit - 03rd Dec, 2009

great lodge, exceptional staff (singing after dinner), good game drive, delicious food. everything perfect! (we loved the outdoor shower!)

Mayr, Michaela - 05th Nov, 2009

Beautiful lodge, very relaxed stay. A little disappointed about the almost too laid back atmosphere, especially concerning the staff, burnt eggs for breakfast...

Jopp,christian - 09th Oct, 2009

probably the best quality lodge we stayed at but expensive and did not really cater for children. There's nothing really there except the desert elephants - that was fine for us as we hadn't seen any on our trip - if you'd come from Etosha then you might be a bit disappointed. Activities very expensive and no kids portions or menus for either lunch or dinner.

Graham Family - 11th Sep, 2009

ask for a hut that faces the sunrise. You can just open the large doors and watch it from your bed. Loved it.

King, Damian - 11th Sep, 2009

very nice

De Gennaro, Luca - 09th Sep, 2009

Very Beautiful and well managed, but expensive

Visentin, Marta - 03rd Aug, 2009

the best without doubt and even two nights were too short!

Talg, Irene - 30th Jul, 2009

Superb. Room and staff was superior.

Haenle, P - 28th Jul, 2009

Great location, beautiful chalets, unforgettable panoramas.

Massimo Molinari - 02nd Jul, 2009