Pick-up perfect. The ranger shared his knowledge with passion and in a light-hearted manner. We saw 3 of the Big 5! People who were not prepared for the cold did suffer. We suggest that a pair of binoculars between 2 is the minimum. We took a flask of warm tea and some biscuits - that was appreciated by all!

Tatham, Charles - 13th Jan, 2018

Great place for Safari, I do however suggest to drive with your own vehicule as the guided tours don't go to any different places than normal people. You could however do it for the information provided by the guide or the morning/night drive.

De Witt, Tom - 15th Nov, 2017

On arrival, the staff were not particularly helpful when we wanted to change some of the arrangements - they were very rude and unhelpful. However the guides were very good and we ended up seeing a lot of wildlife.

Waller, Matt - 02nd Nov, 2017

Cold!! A reminder to take a rug would be helpful Vehicle seats very hard Unfortunately not much game activity on the night Driver would have benefited by having a spotter with him

Moysey, Deb - 14th Oct, 2017

Very good,the guide was very nice and helpfulvin spotting wild animals!

Badiali,luca - 16th Sep, 2017

It was a great experience, we really enjoyed it even if, unfortunately, we didn't get to see any lion.

Ardigo, Nadia - 07th Sep, 2017

Good, friendly, educational experience.

Van Achterberg,theo - 21st Aug, 2017

The game drive was superb. Very good guide (as we experienced elsewhere). We should have been better prepared for how very, very cold it was early in the morning; despite suggesting warm clothes and there being blankets in the vehicle, not one of us was adequately dressed. This drive I would strongly recommend, unlike the truly awful night game drive (about which we heard bad reports again this year).

Greenwood, Jan - 25th Oct, 2016

Brilliant place to view game - during self drives - waterholes all well signed Good night drive option

Brown-kenyon, Carol - 20th Oct, 2016

Only us 4 on the game drive which was super. Driver gave lots of information and tried hard to find the best viewing spots.

Slade, Judith - 16th Aug, 2016

Both enjoyable but the afternoon one more so, as it was just our group on that one (plus it was warmer). Same guide for both, which was great as he got to know us.

Newsome, Michael - 04th Sep, 2015

Helpful and knowledgeable guides

Hallam, David - 31st Aug, 2015

We visited the park with our car, it's easy and more interesting. I don't recommend to arrange game drive with the lodges

Benocci, Massimo - 21st Aug, 2015

It might have been just the randomness of game drives, but our best drives were from Onguma (into Etosha) and Andersson's (on Ongava). The Etosha drive from Okaukuejo was also quite good. The drives from Halali were a bit disappointing - we did better on our own than with the guide, who seemed bored.

Cuddy, Amy - 18th Jul, 2015

We did both a night drive and a day drive. We saw lots of animals on both occasions. During the day a huge heard of elephants and in the evening a Lion and 2 leopards. Day drive guide was not very good, he seemed bored and not interested, thus making it quite boring towards the end when there were no animals to be seen. Where as the evening guide was fantastic, very knowledgable and entertaining, so even in the quite moments you didn`t get bored. I guess you just have to be lucky.

Hoekstra, Joanne - 09th Oct, 2014

At last we saw Hyenas

Boslak, Hugo - 29th Jul, 2013

Awesome...Gabriel and Samuel were insightful as well as entertaining. Gabriel provided us with the most amazing experience - a male and female lion setting up an ambush then making 2 kills with 9 cubs as well. INCREDIBLE!

Halpin, Brian - 24th Sep, 2012

Thanks for Allison's advice re the game drive - the night drive was good as way of getting into the park after sunset and we saw several rhinos and a pair of lions, and as we had just arrived was a good introduction to the park. I am glad we didn't book a daytime drive though as we initially wanted to as it was very easy to do this ourselves

Jones, Bethan - 11th Oct, 2011

Very good drive games

Dr Garcia Bena, Juan Manuel - 30th Sep, 2011

The night drive at Okaukuejo was good. We did have one concern which was shared by two other ladies on the drive. We came across two male lions in separate spots. We felt that much too much time was spent on these lions, who did finally get thoroughly fed up. We understand that people like to take lots of photos (my husband is a photographer) but everyone must have taken about 50 photos each - most with flash - and we finally did ask the driver to leave them in peace. I did write a comment on the form provided at the resort.

Martin, Carolyn - 30th Sep, 2011