One of our favourite places. Enjoyed it very much.

Fleming, Donna - 02nd May, 2018

A great experience, loved this place. Very clean, tidy, friendly and welcoming. Unique place to stay, great guides on the tours. Good food.

Falvey, Angela - 12th Apr, 2018

Great lodge. Good food wonderful place

Thurre,roger - 11th Nov, 2017

Great lodge, very warm welcome, great location and food; good solution for drinking water with personalized bottles

Zimmermann, Silke - 08th Nov, 2017

A beautiful lodge in a spectacular setting, with unfailingly helpful staff. The two-hour e-bike ride in the desert--during which we saw a total of two vehicles--was a highlight of our trip.

Tessa Van Der Willigen - 19th Jul, 2017

Very good. Unforgettable skybed.

Serafim, Renata - 10th Jun, 2017

Our favourite acconmodation.Friendly staff,excellent food and great day trips

Edwards, Faye - 03rd Jun, 2017

Wonderful stay there. This was last minute, but generally not affordable for the average South African tourist.

Draper, Beverly - 22nd May, 2017

Absolutely superb. From the warm welcome, the clean rooms, well appointed. Fantastic food. The service staff were friendly, helpful and professional. Our drive to the dunes with Gabe was superb. The staff were obliging with every request and made us feel special and welcome

Maree, Leanne - 17th May, 2017

Excellent lodge with superb accommodation. Staff were brilliant and meals were very good. Location could not be bettered for easy access to the dunes although it ought to be made clear that the easy access is only if you travel with the lodge and is not available if you want to drive yourself.

Pokora, David - 24th Nov, 2016

The prcoess and staff were the best we encountered - excellent. Cheerful, friendly, efficient and knowledgable - what moe could we ask. And the early start into the dunes was very worthwhile

Cromarty, Niel - 07th Nov, 2016


Jovanovic, Goran - 26th Aug, 2016

Expensive but excellent service and very good location near to the Sossusvlei

Debondt, Johan - 08th Aug, 2016

The Lodge is beautiful, marvelous setting, outstanding warm and professional staff, and very comfortable facilities.

Stanberry, Lawrence - 04th May, 2016

Amazing setting

Riffler Vera - 14th Apr, 2016

Great place, stunning scenery, very good staff and activities and great customer service.

Beasley, Christine - 12th Apr, 2016

the best reception facility we visited. place, room, dinner, excursion really good.

Giorgi, Laura - 31st Oct, 2015

Very good and extremely courteous and friendly staff who knew exactly what the word hospitality means. Food was good.

Hallam, David - 31st Aug, 2015

nice room in the desert games drives good organized

Staubli,philippe - 23rd Aug, 2015

Lovely place to stay, great staff.

Hyndman, Mathew - 16th Aug, 2015

Nice homely atmosphere.

Callebert,lois - 21st Jun, 2015

Really enjoyed meeting other people at the lodge. Very nice tours.

Knight, Jeffrey - 18th Jun, 2015

Nice staff good food

Brandao,leandro - 24th Apr, 2015

Thoroughly enjoyed our stay. Great location and access to Sousouvlei. Accommodation was perfect. Food was delicious. Very relaxing stay.

Micklewood, Leanne - 10th Apr, 2015

THE best of all

Harmeijer, Herman - 04th Apr, 2015

Does the job and catered for gluten-free.

Ramsay, Nina Joshi - 01st Oct, 2014

This was one of the more expensive options we went for and, although we thoroughly enjoyed our stay, the facilities were not quite as luxurious as we anticipated. The bungalows were very basic and close together and near to the main buildings. You had to walk through the car park / service area to get to them. Other than that the staff were very efficient and helpful. The food was good - albeit the portions were minute on some occasions - and the overall experience was a good one. We specifically liked the way every staff member introduced themselves - and interacted with guests - as The Manager.

Davies, Richard - 10th Sep, 2014

magic position and very good restaurant

Verzi, Valerio - 31st Aug, 2014

Friendly staff and excellent lodge in a wonderful location

Locatelli, Veronica - 25th Aug, 2014


Maganza, Florian - 24th Aug, 2014

I loved this place. This was African tented accommodation as I hoped it would be! Comfortable main lodge with extensive decking and loads of space to sit and read / enjoy a quiet drink. I thought the food was extremely good. Individual tents were spacious and well equipped. The sunrise drive to Sossusvlei (which we did because the ballooning was cancelled) was actually really enjoyable with an excellent guide (Stephanus) who took us up Big Mama and to Dead Vlei. Highly recommended.

Beswick, Karen - 28th Jul, 2014

excellent service, very informative guided tours

Kohlstaedt, Ulrich - 12th Jul, 2014

Nice rooms, staff as good as anywhere, as was the food. Activities seemed unimaginative (were taken to Dune45 which is where everyone goes, maybe could have avoided the crowds ?). Staff painted our bathroom with sticky sealant while we were on drive which made it un-usable for a few hours, and still tacky in the morning.

Dillon,steve - 28th Jun, 2014

Lovely isolated lodge, wide vistas and very peaceful. It was not as luxurious as we thought it would be, but it was very comfortable. The bed could be improved -- a foam mattress that was very hot and not very firm, although we slept soundly in the dark desert night and in absolute quiet surroundings, which was wonderful. The views from the bedroom were magnificent -- just roll up the blinds and see the desert all around you. The staff were friendly and accommodating, although the waiters could do with improved English language skills to make it easier to ask questions about the food. The vegetarian main dishes were tasty and creative, which was a lovely surprise, although the starters were not great. It would be useful if we could`ve known if children were allowed at this lodge, because in such quiet surroundings, it was very disturbing to have the noise of children (not their fault, they are kids and they speak at one volume: loud. But such a shame in such a quiet environment, and we felt compelled to spend more time in our bedroom rather than in the lounge area in order to gain quiet and peace away from a noisy child). All in all, I would definitely return to this lodge for the isolation and magnificent views, but I would prefer to go back if I knew that no children were staying.

Shandler, David - 19th May, 2014

Great.Great service, good location,very good food. no effort to make the children welcome - no activities or extra facilities for the children. Family unit on the far end of the lodge and the walkways can be improved or they can make use of a golf car - even the bag couriers had to carrier all our bags over the rocks and stones. 8/10

Vanzyl, Rika - 12th May, 2014

Wonderful the Chalets! You have to sleep at the roof: ask at the desk and they will prepare everything!

Hugentobler,michael - 09th May, 2014

Wonderful place to stay. The staff where incredible especially their ability to handle `strange` dietry requirements. Will go back.

Houston, John - 05th May, 2014

All the other lodge experiences were brilliant. Kulalu was disappointing in many ways. I thought that by using K we would have the opportunity to rise early get into the park before anyone else and watch the sunrise from a vantage point on one of the dunes. This wasn`t the case and we were charged £900 each for the privilege of a vary mediocre drive into the park after sunrise. I wouldn`t recommend this option to anyone. Dinner the night before was pork, Lamb ( mutton really) cabbage and plain cous cous, the worst meal we had on our trip. The staff while friendly and helpful were in some case too familiar and we felt slightly harassed at one point

Maudslay, Simon - 18th Aug, 2013

Expensive but worth the money. The lodge we liked the most

Boslak, Hugo - 29th Jul, 2013

Perfect located, very motivated Guide, very friendly staff, Good Food, very nice decoration, very nice Pool, possibility to sleep on the roof-Top, Pool barbecue was nice surprise

Korte, Eva & Ulrich - 14th Jun, 2013

An exceptional place. Staff too helpful and need to watch repsect for visitors privacy. Too in your face. Poolside service needs attention. Ranger skilled and knowledgeable

Fehrsen, Rod - 09th May, 2013

enjoyed the stay very much. also good service and food

Allen, Stephen - 03rd May, 2013

Enjoyed our stay. The staff were very professional and friendly. The food was excellent and the tented accommodation was very good.

Skead, Kathy - 12th Apr, 2013

Attractive premium lodge, high service quality,

Schmitz, Marc - 02nd Jan, 2013

a great location with very friendly staff. We enjoyed our stay very much. It was great to be welcome with a tea and fresh towel.

Dalle Case, Daniela - 22nd Dec, 2012

Very good. Friendly staff. I should stay more.

Tosos, Michail - 03rd Nov, 2012

45 km away from the Soussvlei entrance. Only go there if you want to do the activities with the lodge beacuse the private entrance is allowed only to guest going with the guide of the lodge. Anyway the lodge is really wonderful, good food and peaceful

Marcucci, Carlalberto - 20th Sep, 2012

Why all the negative reviews about this great lodge will stay a mytery. It may though have an influence on potential guests as the lodge was only 30 % full. We made the Sossusvlei sunrise excursion privately, for no additional cost and got it extended to include Sesriem canyon, since we stayed two nights and were allowed 4 activities. Very elegant and nice from them to have proposed it. Pilot room rather basic but decent. Beautiful accomodation for us. Great atmosphere at dinner with the whole staff singing beautifully. Food excellent. Very knowlegeable guide, Jonas Hambo.

Chalon, Marie-christine - 14th Aug, 2012

a bad dinner, a bad lunch, a bad dinner........a very bad cook......

Coenen, Robert - 24th Oct, 2011

very friendly and excellent guide

Tuor, Annelise - 25th Sep, 2011

Found the desert area fascinating so enjoyed stay. Considering the cost of the lodge we were surprised that on last morning they had run out of food at breakfast they only had eggs left and no alternative was offered.

Riley, Vicki - 13th Sep, 2011

Probably the best resort of the trip. The food is excellent, the services also. The guides are molded perfectly to what you want to do. I think the tour should be always individual Sossusvlei and the price you pay is high enough to avoid having to share the guide or the 4x4. Our guide, Angula, was the highlight of our trip. His sympathy and kindness taught us how the Namibian people.

Arnelas, Raul Cruz - 07th Sep, 2011

The lodge is in a beautiful setting and the staff are extremely friendly. Sleeping under the stars was wonderful! We felt that the lodge was quite expensive for what one got. All activities are extra at a hefty price. The lodge is in need of some maintanance and the chef needs to be properly trained. The food was not up to scratch. It's such a beautiful lodge, a stunning setting, friendly staff and then the food is barely edible. It deserves to have 5 star food as well. None the less, we had a wonderful time.

De Villiers, Sue - 05th Sep, 2011

Very beautiful location, although the quality of service is not excellent for the price.

Reggio, Chiara - 26th Aug, 2011

A great place to stay, staff and management were very friendly and helpful. The only negative was the beds were single and not made up for a couple to sleep together. Our guide was very accommodating and answered any question put to him and was very knowledgeable about the area and the wildlife. Food was great and any drinks ordered were served with a smile and very reasonable. I would recommend this lodge to anyone going to Sossusvlei.

Cheetham, Paul - 13th Apr, 2011

Very good, perhaps the standard of food could be slightly improved, all other services were friendly and very helpful

Meredith, David.c - 11th Sep, 2010

Beautiful venue. The accommodation was excellent. Staff was friendly and professional. Food could have been less spicy and more child friendly (maybe consider a separate child menu).

Muller, Frederick - 31st Aug, 2010

The place is incredible, the best sunset and best stars view I've seen in my life. The rooms are very nice, the food great but the best, the treatment of staff. It's like being at home. We are very grateful. The only problem is that we could stay longer

Garcia Lorenzana, Camino - 15th Oct, 2009

Very nice and friendly place. They should organize the visits to the dunes much better

Tararan, Laura - 09th Sep, 2009

Excellent. Great place and wonderful staff.

Haenle, P - 28th Jul, 2009

we had been recommended by friends to stay at Kulula as they have views of the dunes and direct access. We found out once we had arrived that it is only guide vehicles which can use the entrance (this was our mistake). The staff were lovely and friendly, and the food was really good. They did breakfast from 5.30am to cater for people ballooning and also guests who are heading out very early to get to the dunes which is great.

Kershaw, Dianne & Robert - 07th Jul, 2009