Such a fantastic gem! The service was great, the location stunning, and the food delicious. We loved every moment of out stay here.

Rudy,daniella - 26th May, 2017

Given the price, we had high expectations for Little Kulala and were left somewhat disappointed. The camp itself, the rooms and the view are beautiful. The level of service was very good overall, however it felt a bit formulaic and little details let it down. The biggest disappointment were the activities. The dunes are spectacular, but if you have a car, you don't need a guide. We weren't offered the possibility to go quad-biking as we had only booked two nights, and we were taken to see Sesriem canyon instead which was rather underwhelming (and again, doesn't require a guide). Also keep in mind that even though Little Kulala has a private entrance to the dunes, the entrance is operated by NWR and opens at sunrise same as the main gate.

Lennon, Daniel - 26th Jun, 2015

Outsatnding facilities, personnel and activities. Just Great. Would have stayed one day more,

Gervais, Dionne - 22nd Jun, 2014

This was a beautiful lodge. The location was spectacular and isolated, which is what we wanted. The staff were very friendly and professional and made sure that our stay was wonderful. They were very flexible with activities and organised the activities that we wanted. Three things could have been better advertised up front, as we were not aware that we could have them: the lodge provides quad biking (we were planning on going to another lodge to do it, but discovered that we could do it at Little Kulala); there is a waterhole in front of the lodge, so you can eat/drink and watch the animals (I don't think I read this about the lodge before hand); romantic dinners can be set up on the dune in front of the lodge (this was really special - they organised it for us without us asking, which was good because we didn't know it was a possibility)

Winterbottom, Cara - 24th Jun, 2013

Fantastic place and very kind staff

Filigoj, Cristina - 27th Sep, 2010

the best hotel of all travel

Baldisserri, Fiorella - 09th Sep, 2009