Fantastic, almost too luxury

Gerard, Astrid - 29th Aug, 2016

beautiful location and a large room.

Shaw, Andrew - 09th Jun, 2016

This lodge was below our expectations. Rooms very infested with insects, food was below average compared to other lodges and service was very poor.

Meray, Sophie - 15th Sep, 2014

Too far from Etosha gate, but the colonial atmosphere and the staff, so nice and friendly made our stay memorable

Locatelli, Veronica - 25th Aug, 2014

Fantastic place

Herran, Frederic - 21st Jul, 2014

Bit OTT but big clean rooms, good service, good resturant and food and wine. The two wet towels on arrival to wipe the dust off was a little unnecessary but done in a pleasent spirit.

Mccarthy, Peter - 12th Sep, 2009