An absolutely beautiful lodge! The drive in is so dramatic through the mountains and we were welcomed with open arms! The staff are absolutely wonderful - nothing is too much trouble for them. The food was absolutely fantastic and the lodge itself is absolutely stunning. If you are visiting North west Namibi you HAVE to stay here!

George, Emily - 16th May, 2018

Conveniently located between Opuwa and Palmwag but not the best campsite. They have a lovely lodge but the campsite is stuck out of the way on top of the hill. It is very exposed and dusty. It would be nice if they could locate some of their camsites down close to the river and under cover of the lovely trees there

Levinson, Ivan - 10th Nov, 2017

Lovely place in the middle of nowhere. A must-visit if you are in the area.

Andersen, Magnus - 12th Oct, 2017

Another superb lodge. Loved the tented rooms with outdoor bathrooms. Food once again very good. Only disapponting bit was no possibility of wifi, but we did not really miss it as we had such a lovely time exploring the surroundings!

Stassen, Lize - 14th Jul, 2017

Our rest day at this lodge, very nice, lovely accommodation, nice people

Travel Logic - 26th Jun, 2017

very good; but for the excursion to see the elephants you need an all day

Dominici, Antonella - 31st Oct, 2016

Wow! Another great highlight of our trip. his was pretty special and rivaled Etosha Aoba for being a favorite of ours. The grounds were well laid out, we liked our accommodation and the staff were friendly. They had electricity in the room, but their internet was not working (but they normally have it at reception). I especially liked the new managers Bianca and Ruan, very young and excited about their new jobs. Dinners were wonderful, and all the veggies came directly from Khowarib`s own garden adjacent to the kitchen. We engaged Ruan for a day-long trip down the Hoanib river in search of desert-adapted elephants. Just us and him in the land cruiser. We went all day spotting nothing (we did see other animals through!), and just as we were about to turn back, came upon a group of about 15! Quite different from the elephants at Etosha.

Hill,karl - 19th Sep, 2014

Very friendly staff. Good location. We had difficulty crossing the river to reach it. Food good. Rooms good and clean.

Montgomery, Elaine - 18th Apr, 2014

great place, discreet

Coupille, Sabine - 19th Jul, 2012

Nice place, nice rooms, but the atmosphere could be better.

Bonifay, Denis - 08th Jan, 2012