We had two quiet days of luxury relaxation here after visiting Etosha. Lovely big pool for the kids, beautiful tents with large baths on the terrace to loll in under the stars. Tasty suppers in the faux castle, very friendly staff, if slightly confused.

Ganzleben,catherine - 24th Aug, 2017

A very special place. First time users of a tented lodge need to be advised on how the wind can make it seem as though animals or people are walking around the tent or trying to get in.

Holden, Wendy - 05th Aug, 2016

Fabulous - best accommodation of the trip

Bennett, John - 03rd Sep, 2012


Dunon, Jean-pierre - 11th Apr, 2012

Very good. Great staff.

Piecho, Luis - 20th Nov, 2010

Excellent accommodation and food - better than expected and not as far away from the Etosha entrance as we had expected

Van Foreest, Lynsey - 05th Nov, 2009

Beautiful lodge! Good food, wine and service. Loved that they had the local dance/song during dinner!

Mettler, Nicole - 20th Sep, 2009

The tent was nice and the people too but It has no identity, it's not cozy and nice as one could expect

Cenci, Cristina - 15th Sep, 2009

This was wonderful - should not be left out

Talg, Irene - 30th Jul, 2009