Wonderful tour. We had a fantastic time!!!

Whiteman, John - 02nd Sep, 2015

Positives first. 1. Good compact tour covering a lot of sightseeing yet had space for relaxation 2. Fortunately our tour turned out to be private as we were the only party traveling Areas of improvement: 1. Namib Naukluft Lodge was below par. It had no charm. The food was inadequate and cold. The staff not engaging enough. Not rude but just kept away except the head chef who made an effort to meet the guest. 2. Our guide. Rolf was knowledgable about many things and was very interested in sharing the information. He would not only make stops to show us things but also talk about other matters concerning life in Namibia during the long rides. But at times he would get impatient and irritated. He would show his displeasure in case it didn't meet his standards. He has a habit of belittling people by calling them stupid; not on their face but refer to them as such. What we found distasteful was that he would even call the animals at Etosha stupid or honk or whistle at them! He is a chain smoker and although he never smoked in the car, the smell would infiltrate the car. This was a cause of concern as we are a family of non-smokers. Rolf is a good driver and we never felt unsafe even though he would drive fast on gravel roads. Overall we felt that a Black guide would have suited us better. Someone who is less dominating and with whom we could set the pace of our trip.

Sen, Deep - 18th Jul, 2015

good tour, good accommodation, except did not expect such a cramped room at the Okaukuejo lodge, but this did not spoil our holiday. Accommodation and view at Namib Nauklift was outstanding. Our tour guide was outstanding - please convey out thanks to him once again.

Ramji, Shashikant - 03rd Dec, 2014

great trip - great tour guide/driver - very happy with the entire experience.

Pratt, Sheila - 04th Jun, 2012

Great tour for those with limited time. Would have like to see the Skeleton Coast as well, but perhaps next time!

Anderson, Ian - 21st Mar, 2011


Murray, Scott & Mary - 06th Oct, 2010