Best NWR resort, good staff, good food, the sunrise safari has been exciting.

D'andrea, Paolo - 15th Jun, 2018

Although the setting is spectacular this place is a huge disappointment. Faulty sewer system and decaying facilities create a bad vibe. There is a clear lack of management and staff (including the receptionist) can be found occupying guest areas, drinking and chatting loudly. For the high end prices they charge one expects attentive, restrained service but this place is a shambles. Nevertheless it is a great experience visually although we can't understand why a viewing deck has not been provided overlooking the waterhole on the plains below. Definitely needs some tlc.

Phillips, Nick - 19th May, 2018

Excellent lodge with great staff, food and wines, plus unexpected pool. Amazing views of the plain, but no viewable waterhole for night.

Robinson, Colin - 16th Dec, 2017

Very nice hotel but hilly with long walks from the houses to the restaurant. I think you should tell the guests with walking difficulties that the little buggy that is supposed to take you is only possible to use when you go back to your room, from the restaurant/bar unless it comes when you are walking.

Carlsson, Birgitta Bartholdson - 03rd Dec, 2017

Breathtaking view, original camp, nice pool, excellent food, friendly staff A MUST !

Brunel, Matthieu - 26th Oct, 2017

Wonderful stop Wished we had two nights here

Kotas,heidi - 26th Oct, 2017

nice place - extraordinary kitchen ! great view out of the pool for sunset

Ziegler Rolf - 16th Oct, 2017

All the Ethosha camps were very modern and had some nice touches. Food was medium quality everywhere.

Hornemann, Manuel - 12th Sep, 2017

Stayed here as it's the only lodge in the west. Needs some serious reconsideration in all aspects. Service slow-full dining room and only 1 staff to serve everyone. Food good when it arrived. Uneven path makes walking difficult even for the fit in daytime. Rooms either side of a hill but no view of one of the most productive waterholes we saw. We scrambled onto the rocks at the end of the path to get a glimpse of the waterhole early morning. We saw a pride of 13 lions but most guests missed them. To get to the waterhole meant calling for the one and only buggy (driver was great fun), getting a ride to the car park, driving around the hill to the waterhole, then getting back in time for breakfast. They MUST build a waterhole viewing platform to make this camp worth the money charged. Pool freezing.

Plowright, Rozey - 27th Jul, 2017

This was our favourite! What a stunning place! The location is amazing with 360 degree views. The chalets/tents are beautiful and I wish we had had more time to sit on our little balcony watching elephants and giraffe make their way to the waterhole. The birdlife and opportunities for birdwatching are spectacular here! The restaurants and bars here are in intimate tents which feels much better than the large halls for dining at most NWR places. Again, we felt that the chefs should maybe be trained more since the meat is typically very overcooked - we had horribly dry chicken and very tough oryx - nothing wrong with the produce just not cooked in an appropriate way. The pool area looked so inviting. We fell in love with this beautiful place and would definitely want to stay here next time, for longer.

Pascoe, Michelle - 21st Jul, 2017

unfriendly staff and poor food, very nice lodge but rooms not clean.

Stevens, Dino - 19th Apr, 2017

Lovely camp. Poor service.

Hodgson, Mandy - 28th Mar, 2017

Another wonderful camp and setting. Would like to have spent another night here Max: I agree with Steve, would have liked to have gone on a night drive from here.

Spark, Steve - 09th Mar, 2017

It's a pity to see a such beautiful camp with no managing, not enought staff, a lot of things brooken, the room not cleaned (only the bed was dressed) and the reservation for a game drive, cancelled 5 minutes before without any excuse or explain.

Le Foll Forchino, Pascale - 24th Jan, 2017

Very nice place, but the Food could be better.

Roethlisberger Dawid - 16th Jan, 2017

Lovely place to stay!! Service a bit slow and they seemed to be understaffed. Beautiful and very very nice. Could have stayed longer!! Breakfast ok but not fabulous. Dinner could improve. Most of the food was cold.

Furuholm, Annika - 29th Dec, 2016

AMAZING. Location superb. swimming pool with a view was great. dinner and breakfast are okay. in the middle of Ethosa close to waterholes and a lot of animals.

Dekkers, Gijs - 19th Dec, 2016

A ghost of a camp, amazing structure, but lots of things broken (like the canvas zippers to shut the windows of the chalets), they've switched the phones off, so you can't call for the cart to pick you up to bring you to the reception. The camp is unfenced and I guess some people would feel nervous about walking the trails in the evening with small children, but I think it's actually totally ok and safe because it's on a koppie and I really doubt that there's anything threatening there as long as little kiddies aren't running around on their own which they very much shouldn't be anyway. Staff without uniforms. Served my children meat that was distinctly rotten for lunch. Poor staff training. However, there's no doubt that all the staff were really nice, there was no lack of effort, it's just that they did not have the training and resources necessary. The location of the camp was amazing. We were totally prepared for the negatives as everyone says the same thing on TripAdvisor, and the location of the camp is so stunning that it just makes it worth it, I was also thrilled to see that part of Etosha for the first time. But I'd say that it's good for people to be prepared about the nature of this camp so that they don't feel disappointed but get the best out of it.

Croukamp, Carmel - 07th Dec, 2016

of course the best camp we stayed in because it is so beautifully designed, tasty food, semi efficient staff but we would still go back any time

Andric, Barbara - 01st Nov, 2016

Lovely setting, pity there is no view of the waterhole from the camp - other than from chalet 13 (I think!). Food was ok, pool area very pretty and well maintained, cabin quite small with 4 of us (2 children) but a nice break from camping for one night

Whittingham, David - 29th Oct, 2016

This is the best camp in Etosha

Toft, Anders - 22nd Oct, 2016

What an amazing location! Fantastic. Looking down from our verandah as the zebras and elephants wandered over the plain was incredible. Sunrise from the bed!!

Gambrill, Mary - 17th Oct, 2016

An amazing place not to miss! It was long drive and we enjoyed the waterholes along the way, though there were fewer animals. We were given the most outstanding tent cottage, nearest to the dining tents, with it's own deck and private dipping pool. And the view from every tent cabin was incredible. The so-called tent was basically a luxury hotel room. Only suggestion is that it need a ceiling fan--we were very hot. Again we were so happy to have 2 nights there. The food was quite delicious and healthy. (How do they get fresh vegetables in such a remote place?). Again the staff was remarkable. So friendly and helpful. We also enjoyed a night drive though we didn't see many animals.

Walker, Fran - 16th Oct, 2016

What a terrific location. Staff were super helpful and attentive. Meals were excellent. Can't fault it.

Munday, Katherine - 19th Sep, 2016

Nice and.. wild. Best place we stayed into the Etosha Park.

Bambagioni, Simone - 26th Jul, 2016

Very good.

Gafni, Oren - 19th Jul, 2016

The tents were hot and somewhat cramped, but view was superb

Leathe, Rebecca - 13th Jul, 2016

We didn't like the Dolomite Camp - the deluxe bungalow is beautiful, but too small for a family - they put 2 mattresses on the floor and it was impossible to move to the bathroom or outside - the walls of the bungalow had lots of holes and during the windy night we had to sleep all together in the double bed, because the children had only 2 blankets on their matresses - at the bar we asked for a drink and got 5-6 ants in the drink - the staff didn't smile

Canins, Emanuela - 10th Jul, 2016

Excellent recommendation, many negative comments about this location could not be confirmed (exception reception is a bit chaotic if many people (>6) arrive at the same time). Fantastic view of game in a really ideal setting. The road to dolomite however is over a big distance by far the worst that we have experienced in Namibia on public roads (end of June).

Edinger, Wolfgang - 08th Jul, 2016

Absolutely great - one of the best NWR lodges.

Richter, Martin - 14th Jun, 2016

Wonderful setting. Buggy was broken down. Makes it hard for guests to bring luggage from cars. Have to have a back up vs just telling guests to only bring few items.

Dietrich, Daniel - 07th Jun, 2016

We did not at all enjoy the stay in this lodge (and we are not the only ones if we believe the comments of the other customers the night we were there). The maintenance is not good at all. It was windy and all the zips of the "tented windows" were broken so that it was noisy and windy (cold) the whole night. The light in the toilet was "on" all the time because the system to switch off was broken. We had to wait long for the buggy for the luggage. On arrival we have been told that we were not allowed to walk by ourselves at night (to go to dinner and come back to our room) but the "guard" never came .... so we walked back alone and were a little bit scared as the receptionist told us it was dangerous. We asked for a second blanket which we never received. We will never recommend this place.

Jetzer, Josee - 01st Jun, 2016

Dolomite (like Onkoshi) is a camp I've been to a couple of times - but not again. Don't like the dining rooms, or the steep walks to and from anything. I also prefer to park my car close to my room. Staff were friendly

Wilkinson, Colin - 30th May, 2016

An amazing place, fabulous views over the plains and water hole - quite basic food and service - rooms were fantastic but very far away from the central dining, reception and bar facility. This place is not for elderly people unless they are conveyed wherever they go - it is exceptionally steep and a long way to walk unaided. The telephones in the rooms were not working so it was impossible to call reception to ask for the "taxi" service to collect us from our rooms to take us to dinner. We just had to hope for the best that eventually a vehicle would come past which, after some waiting, did happen.

Duys, Henk - 14th May, 2016

Dolomite Camp is amazing. This was my favorite part of the trip and I would like to spend a few nights here next time I come. The setting is breath-taking and the cabanas are very nice and very cozy, with amazing views. The access to wild animals and good watering holes, without a lot of other tourists competing for space is unparalleled in Etosha. And the facilites here - especially the infinity pool, the bar and restaurants were all top notch. I loved that Dolomite Camp is not fenced in and that staff walk you back to your cabana at night. I had read some negative reviews about the service here, but I experienced no problems. The service was not the best I've seen - not super attentive - but as I am largely self-sufficient, I experienced no problems and found the staff to at least be friendly.

Hemphill,arlo - 07th May, 2016

What a fabulous place! Loved everything about it. One of my favorite places and would have loved to have spent another night here.

Kaplan, Sybil - 24th Jan, 2016

We were worried about this camp before we left from Europe as the reviews were quite bad, but Lilly advised us correctly as the location of the camp and the wildlife we saw made up for the terrible food. The service and cleanliness of the rooms was not up to the same level as other camps, but the staff were very nice. I am vegetarian (I eat fish) and one dinner I was served had to be the worst food I have ever been presented. Apart from this we are very happy we stayed there.

Grange, Sharon - 20th Dec, 2015

Special site and location. Service could be improved. Food average. The need for safe transport back an forth between reception/restairant and the individual cottages is cumbersome.

Bergstad, Odd - 17th Dec, 2015

Dolomite is in a fantastic location and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay there. The nearby waterhole produced an enormous collection of animals including lions, elaphants, giraffes, all kinds of deer plus foxes with their cubs. It should be mentioned that, although the Camp has only been open for four years, it is not being properly maintained and this appears to be due to the menagement or, rather, the lack of it. One worrying aspect is that the camp is open to any animals - lions have been seen in the car park - yet the escorting of guests, particularly at night time, is virtually non-existent. It would be no surprise to hear that one day a guest has been killed by a lion. Additionally, the long paths leading to accommodations have lamps but none were working where my daughter was staying so it was pitch black. Despite raising these issues, our stay at Dolomite was outstanding but maybe Cardboard Box needs to ask some questions. Many guests appeared unhappy over the service provided.

Henderson, Iain & Pippa - 17th Dec, 2015

Now THIS is the way it should be. Beautiful location, facilities and professional & friendly staff that seems genuinely interested in their guest. NWR could use this as a model for all of their facilities as it easily competes with private lodges.

Pollard, David - 11th Dec, 2015

Excellent cabins and facilities, we were lucky to be in a cabin partially overlooking the waterhole. Shame they do not do night drives.

Wood, Graeme - 26th Nov, 2015

Dolomite was billed as an upmarket lodge,Ii think it was probably the worst of the three we stayed at. The only exclusive thing about it was the distance one has to travel to it. It had also rained in the area just before we had arrived, so the animals had moved away from the waterholes, but that was taken into account in this comment.

Hope, Greg - 20th Nov, 2015

Good experience. The camp is very well situated and we enjoyed from the chalet a very good sight on the animals in the country round

Mondot, Jm - 17th Oct, 2015

Great value for money.

Macdonald, Ron - 15th Oct, 2015

Lovely camp and the only one inside Western Etosha. If you have not been before then you will love it. We have been before and thought it was starting to look a little bit tired. Food was very good this year.

Taylor, Dan - 06th Oct, 2015

Beautiful setting but in all honesty would only recommend to those wanting a stop over before heading west or north. There was only one road open for viewing at waterholes and most of them were dried up with no indication at road junction so drove needlessly to them. Service was good but staff were less frinedly than in other places

Diers, Lisbet - 11th Sep, 2015

our second at the dolomite there and we still think that although the concept is excellent, the execution is very poor. Service is bad -the whole team seem just not to care about you- , food is bad, the -very nice - chalets are not properly maintained and there is only one cart being used for the full camp. But the game sighting is very good in the area, so it is worth the stop.Just.

Mouradian, Pierre - 05th Sep, 2015

Excellent location with good staff, food and service with very comfortable room.

Hallam, David - 31st Aug, 2015

Love the remote location. Nice cabins, good restaurant. They could use a viewing platform for the waterhole.

Hayden, Jack - 25th Aug, 2015

A great position, very comfortable chalets, kind staff, many animals all around. A ring on the parking could help to reduce the waiting time for a car to reach the lodge.

Larreta Garde, Veronique - 23rd Aug, 2015

Good location. The room was very nice and intimate. Fantastic view from our room, good choice. Food ok

Benocci, Massimo - 21st Aug, 2015

Just spectacular.

Buratti, Elisabetta - 19th Aug, 2015

A really special resort that is very different to the other Etosha camps. I wish I had booked more than one night.

Thompson, Andy - 16th Aug, 2015

Lots of animals. Must do. Camp ok.

Canetta, Dario - 16th Aug, 2015

Spectacular location, room was great with stunning views. However no flood lit waterhole like others which limited game viewing. Food OK, but not fantastic. We do not rate this as highly as other Etosha resorts.

Donovan, Dennis & Patricia - 28th Jul, 2015

gorgeous location. We loved this side of the park. Wish we'd skipped okaukejo and stayed here instead.

Pick, Liz - 18th Jul, 2015

Not the place to stay if you want to get out early and stay out late. The system of getting you to and from the car park is a bit flawed. Spectacular views from the rooms though.

Mylrea, Stephen - 14th Jul, 2015

A beautiful camp - with stunning views from our chalet (no 13). It was good to experience the "other" side of Etosha. The one downside was the distance (and amount of uphill climbs) to keep from both the car park and chalet to reception (interesting when carrying about 10 kilos of photograph kit)

Yeomans, Susan - 05th Jul, 2015

Aaah the Jewel of Etosha NWR camps. Beautiful place. Service from all the staff was awesome.

Zank, Edwin - 29th Jun, 2015

Lovely setting and layout (though that results in long walks). Quite an upmarket feel to the resort for a NWR. Food was cold. The information I received beforehand didn't mention that you can leave your luggage in the car park and get a lift back down in the buggy - it's a long walk up if carrying suitcases.

Richardson, Gary - 26th Jun, 2015

A gem in etosha and not to be missed. A special mention to the staff there.

White, Daphne & Steven - 22nd Jun, 2015

Great location and outlook, I wouldn't bother with a daytime game drive again.

Price, Anna - 13th Jun, 2015

DREADFUL PLACE - would never want to stay there again. Although the views are spectacular and the rooms and balconies all overlook the massive plains of Etosha, this does not compensate for the shoddy, unhelpful, disinterested service that was provided. I could actually write pages about this, but suffice to say that Dolomite is NOT suitable for elderly or unfit guests. Supposedly the "golf cart" is to take guests up and down either to meals or down to their own vehicles (which have to be parked at the bottom of this massive hill). In reality, they only seem to have the one cart and a large part of the day is wasted waiting for the "cart" to arrive.

Wood-hill,mary - 09th Jun, 2015

Beautiful and secluded camp. Very unique experience!

Stuyt, Jason - 05th Jun, 2015

This was our only disappointing accommodation in Namibia. The design of the tents is dreadful as those facing west get no shade so you can't cool them or take advantage of the great view. The design of the camp as a whole is also poor, confusing and apparently random. It wasn't particularly clean and the mosquito nets had huge holes in. The golf buggy transport is inefficient and noisy, spoiling the atmosphere most of the time. We were glad we saw the west of the park, but would have been better staying outside it and travelling in.

Barr, Rebecca - 25th Apr, 2015

Not warm people. Gvernement company

Harmeijer, Herman - 04th Apr, 2015

Dolomite Camp was beautiful! We had a gorgeous tent/cabin overlooking the plain, and could sit outside with our binoculars and watch giraffes and zebras and oryx below. There was also a friendly dassie that would hang out with us. The food was wonderful -- they had a nice Christmas buffet. The `infinity` pool was nice also. The one thought we had though, is they have a waterhole right there -- it seems like they could easily put in a viewing area so that people can watch the animals like at Okaukeujo (at least during the day!).

Lingle, Shawn - 06th Jan, 2015

Very nice location - food could be better

Warland,gregory - 05th Jan, 2015

The best accomodation in Namibia. Absolutely stunning. We`d like to come back and then we would book more than one night. Animal watching from the balcony...

Umbricht, Regula - 14th Oct, 2014

A beautiful camp. Really great atmosphere.

Reeves, Marianne - 22nd Sep, 2014

Oustanding location and good accomodation. Staff EXTREMELY poorly trained. We waited for ever in the car park to be picked up. Really poorly signposted as to what to do once we arrived. ie: there was nothing to say what came next. Manager - Maria- was disinterested in apologising. Staff were disinterested and sullen and non engaging. Food was mediocre.Location was good. We were disappointed to discover on arrival no game drives until further notice as their guide had left. Would have been nice to know this beforehand to enable us to contemplate changing accomodation.

Waite, Nicholas - 04th Sep, 2014

A great place to enjoy for several days. Self game drive is probably better than the one provided by the lodge though...

Krahenbuhl, Claude - 19th Aug, 2014

A wonderful camp, exquisite, offers outstanding views, good food. Can definitely be recommended!

Wolf, Christine - 16th Aug, 2014

Once we entered Etosha National Park the frequency and variety of animals increased. Dolomite is relatively new and the Lodges were well appointed and comfortable. The buggy`s drove up and down the hill from dawn until dusk to cart people as the path from reception/ restaurant to the chalets was stones set in concrete so not the easiest walking surface, definitely not for people with mobility issues, but we enjoyed the exercise. We were advised not to walk from the reception area down the hill to the car park after dark. The waterhole below the camp was fantastic and we had elephants walking around our vehicle, also present were Ostrich, zebra, giraffe, bison and local game. This was an excellent camp, recommending more than 1 night.

Oberlin-brown, Chris - 14th Aug, 2014

Very nice. Encountered more elephants crossing the roads around here than we did at the waterholes.

Murphy, Dennis - 01st Aug, 2014

for sure the best. I just regret not to stay 2 nights.

Vermeire, Benoit - 22nd Jul, 2014

Great location, but falling apart already. Service average.

Van Gend,marie - 11th Jul, 2014

My best nwr camp. Wonderful location. Clean and nice chalet.Restaurant ok.

Tomasina, Giorgio - 03rd Jul, 2014

Good position, good value, but a bit disorganised and long walks to chalets may be a problem for some.

Dillon,steve - 28th Jun, 2014

Great location but service was average.

Gervais, Dionne - 22nd Jun, 2014

Excellent lodge with fantastic views

Montgomery, Elaine - 18th Apr, 2014

Very nice lodge - food was not top but ok

Imbrechts, Marc - 17th Apr, 2014

Beautiful location!

Mitchell, Robert - 05th Apr, 2014

excellent location, rooms not very clean ,many things to fix in the room;average service.for safari:you have very few roads to drive.

Dorez, Dominique - 21st Mar, 2014

no matter what anyone says, tell them to stay 2 nights or more, particularly if they get a room with a plunge pool I so wish I had followed Lilly`s initial advice regarding this! Yes, it was up a lot of hill, but the one golf-cart they had available (two were out of action) was pretty good for the number of people who were there when we were. It would be a major issue if no golf-carts were going though, that`s for sure. Very beautiful rooms, great wildlife, and excellent staff. Not great breakfast but excellent dinner. The room with the plunge pool was absolutely excellent and made my stay

Medlicott, Louisa - 14th Jan, 2014

Great location. Needs a communication point at car park at base of mountain to be able to contact reception for pick up. Units are in high need of maintenance. Leaking showers, deck bi fold doors broken and off tracks, zippers broken of most of the canvas windows. Location is great and resort well designed. Just very very tired.

Wilson, Andrea - 08th Jan, 2014

Nice place, a very good lodge. One of my favorites!

Wilcke, Marcus - 10th Dec, 2013

Excellent but think they could improve their way of collecting clients from the car park area, it is slightly hit and miss but worked OK for us. A telephone from the car pak to reception would be an idea.

Vickers, Stephen - 21st Nov, 2013

Magnificent place, a true gem. If we had known this lodge would be this great, we would have booked for at least a couple of nights. Very friendly staff, beautiful view on either side of the hills and extremely comfortable beds. Rating: 10/10.

Verheij, Felix - 13th Nov, 2013

NWR doing their best to match the commercial lodges. We had the best room in the place. Great location, lovely views. Appreciated being at the western end of the park as it is so much emptier than the middle-east end. Maintenance will be an issue - the lights on the path to our room were not working properly - bit dangerous in the dark. Fortunately we had our own torches. Did report this.

Nevill, David - 03rd Nov, 2013

Great place for our first night in the etosha. Most unsuitable for those less able but loved the setting. Food was a bit far out but most enjoyable just the same.

Beales, Pat - 25th Oct, 2013

An excellent NWR camp perched on a ridge overlooking the plains watching game coming and going to the waterhole. The rooms are gorgeous and we loved sitting watching the sunset from our veranda (although the room did get unbearably hot during the day). Obviously they are working on their standards of service which are very good, and the food is much better than the standard NWR fare. I wouldn`t recommend this place for people with mobility difficulties as it`s up a very steep hill, although there is a golf buggy that will ferry you to and from your room.

Janson, Candida - 21st Oct, 2013

Well worth visiting. Just beware of the occasional `kamikaze golf buggy driver` after dinner! A shame most people seem to stay only 1 night but one consequence of the transient visitors was the pleasure of being able to visit water holes for 3 hour before meeting another car as most others were either using the arrival or exit roads.

Ratchelous, David - 30th Sep, 2013

A really impressive site with wonderful facilities. Each hut has privacy and great views over the landscape. There was plenty of small wildlife on the rocks surrounding the hut.

Gallan, Dave - 23rd Sep, 2013

exclusive place in the middle of nowhere; everything was ok; a bit awkward was that you have to use those buggies to get to your chalet after sunset; creditcard machine was broken so we had to pay cash; cash has been short because sometimes it was not easy to get enough money from the rare cash points in that region

May, Bernd - Juergen - 17th Sep, 2013

Accommodation very good, staff friendly. Food good. Maintenance not good. A pity to see such a lovely new camp deteriorate so quickly as a result of poor maintenance. Smashed window in sliding door is a very bad advert.

Rawlins, Andrew - 06th Sep, 2013

Wonderful camp, wonderful view on the waterhole, nice people, good food

Giraud, Vincent - 25th Aug, 2013

Absolutly fantastic !!

Ambrosio, Jean Pierre - 24th Aug, 2013

Brilliant location, sunrise from our lodge was fantastic. Manager needs to communicate animal sightings to guests more efficiently. Staff were friendly, my wife taught a few of them some ZUMBA moves !

Maudslay, Simon - 18th Aug, 2013

Beautiful location with excellent facilities except that our phone did not function. Excellent views of the surroundings from the lodges. The staff was among the best we met in Namibia - very professional and informative.

Hacker Rochat Sylvie - 10th Aug, 2013

Nice bungalow, wonderful eastern view, easy walk to lodge, pool was a nice touch - more use in hot time of year, enjoyed viewing elephant, springbok, giraffe, birds, a honey badger from our deck, good service, fair pricing

Mueller, Friedrich - 09th Aug, 2013

Everything perfect, beautiful tent with nice view, beautiful pool, very stylisch decoration

Korte, Eva & Ulrich - 14th Jun, 2013

A lovely lodge. We managed to get chalet 14 (with the help of Hilary of Kunene River Lodge). It gave a good view of the waterhole that attracted many animals including a black rhino and a troop of baboons. Food, room, facilities and service were good and staff helpful.

Sincup, John - 03rd Jun, 2013

Perfect view. The dinner was not so good.

Weidlich, Jochen - 30th May, 2013

Very nice...

Pagotto, Caroline - 23rd May, 2013

We did not regret to have a long way to get there because the view, the lodge, the staff are outstanding

Bonnet, Jean-charles - 21st May, 2013

Very nice

Lonmon-davies, Andrew - 12th May, 2013

Beautiful place and warm service

Fehrsen, Rod - 09th May, 2013

Spectacular views! We loved everything about this lodge.

Palazuelos, Malena - 29th Apr, 2013

Nice comfortable lodges with rather small sleeping part. Atmosphere not fantastic - 2 different dining parts. Service not at general level of other lodges ! We should not recommend.

De Bruycker, Siska - 28th Apr, 2013

Good accommodation but the service at breakfast and dinner was very slow and unprofessional. The credit card machine was not working so this caused a problem when we wanted to check out. We were asked to pay cash but as we had not planned for this the only alternative was to pay at the next camp. Luckily we were booked in and were not leaving Etosha. The service staff definitely need training.

Skead, Kathy - 12th Apr, 2013

Dolomite provided us with wonderful game viewing experiences in Western Etosha. Other than the people at Dolomite there were no other visitors to this part of the Park, which meant by and large we had the waterholes to ourselves- a very different experience than at many Reserves throughout Africa. Our safari vehicle was `charged` by an elephant `matriarch` on our first drive, and she certainly let us know what she felt about us encroaching on her family. Afterwards we spent the evening with more than 60 elephants at the nearby waterhole- family groups just kept arriving, and our vehicle (driver + 3) were alone to see it. Next morning we visited with a lion pride at another waterhole, and returned ourselves in the evening to find them still there. In years with normal rainfall I understand that the animals are more dispersed, with so little rain this year the game was concentrated at the waterholes. We also enjoyed Dolomite itself, although as others have pointed out there are opportunities for improvement. The accommodation was very good, and the swimming pool the best we experienced on our Namibian trip. Food was also fine. I do feel management is at times a little lacking, most noticeable at meal times when the staff are stretched, the opportunity is for others to step in and help- but we didn`t see this happening. Also the price for having the accommodation stretched along an escarpment is the need for a buggy to shuttle guests to and fro, and although the drivers are very willing and friendly, this system inevitably leads to some frustration. Overall however I consider these to be minor issues, particularly given the quality of the game viewing experience. Dolomite offers good value.

Walker, John - 16th Mar, 2013

We loved this accommodation, the people/staff and the food very much.

Huiskes, Inge - 14th Mar, 2013

Loved it! By far our favorite stay. perhaps make it a little more clear that meals are included with booking

Watson, Tara - 26th Feb, 2013

Loved Dolomite! Such a stunning place. The staff were wonderful the food was great. We wish we had more time here.

Lewis, Barry - 17th Jan, 2013

Very nice camp and would certainly go back

Zonneveld, Peter - 06th Jan, 2013

Cumbersome system to get oneself and one´s luggage to the tents and from the parking. Good dinner.

Lopez Aranda, Ricardo - 10th Dec, 2012

What a luxury!

Tallo, John - 23rd Nov, 2012

Beautiful setting, one of my favourites but it said to be said, the service is not up to scratch. Enjoyed our room though and having a swim in the pool.

Davis, Simone - 07th Nov, 2012

This was one of the (many) unforgettable moments in Namibia! Great location, with a nice view a the waterhole. Also the swimming pool has an amazing view. Dinner and breakfast were also very good. Only disadvantage is the shuttle service driving in early morning and late evening (makes quite some noise).

Braem, Kirsten - 05th Nov, 2012

Very nice setting,difficult to access, good service. A fuel station would help.

Drago, Francesco - 09th Oct, 2012

There are no words to describe the wonderful expedience we had in all respects. It is a very exquisit place. Worth to stay at. And the advise of the Camp Deputy Manager was instrumental for the successful visits of the best Waterholes on the way to Okakuejo this day.

Ochoa, Silvia - 23rd Sep, 2012

Very luxurious!

Gallina, Elena & Giovani - 18th Sep, 2012


Frilli, Deborah - 20th Aug, 2012

Excellent lodging, but for me the wildlife experience near Dolomite does not justify such an expensive accommodation.

Heijnen, Tom - 18th Aug, 2012

Beautiful chalet, the architecture of the whole site is very nice. BUT: service is disorganised. We had asked for luggage pick up at 6 am before breakfast (we had one of the most remote chalets) and it was confirmed. Then in the morning they did not come in time, said they can only do it later. I insisted and finally they came. Breakfast should have been as of 6:30 but hardly anything was set up. Butter came 20 minutes later, toast 30 minutes. We had to ask three times for hot water for tea - came with 30 minutes delay. The eggs which we ordered at 6:30 were still not ready at 7:00. Same for the other guests who were there. On other guest got completely angry and set up. We were short on time that morning as we had a long drive. I was heavily disappointed about this very bad breakfast planning. The manager there has to to a much better job to ensure flawless breakfast preparation. The dinner was ok but a little bit below expectations

Kirchoff, Manfred - 15th Aug, 2012

Fantastic camp. New, clean, well designed with very friendly and helpful staff. hope they can keep this up!

Bok, Arnold - 05th Aug, 2012

Nice exquisite camp in fantastic surrounding

Dielen, Paul - 27th Jul, 2012

Excellent new camp. Very smart, great staff and excellent food. Don`t go to the waterholes between the camp and the Galton gate they are closed and you will waste a day. Elsewhere the animals are more jumpy than in the east but there are plenty of them and you have them more or less to yourself

Naylor, Ian - 20th Jul, 2012

Beautiful camp, fantastic view but very noisy golfcars for transportation.

Dams, Luc - 12th Jun, 2012

A gorgeous place. We would love to return

More, Diane - 03rd Jun, 2012

Camp is really beautiful, but not securised (not fenced). Morning drive far too expensive for what it is and they were late.

Spolidoro, Martine - 30th May, 2012

Just fantastic location. The deluxe Chalets are perfect, Dinner no complaints but the breakfast was no value for the money we paid for the deluxe and the service during braekfast was very slow. It took 40 Minutes untill the eggs where served. This it too long if you want to leave early. Rest of the service was ok and the staff was very friendly. The most disturbing thing are the little Golf-cabs the use for the guest transportation. These vehicles are terrible noisy and this in this peaceful area.

Buchert, Thomas - 28th May, 2012

Hope it stays at a reasonable price. Incredible views!

Walker, Jonathan - 21st May, 2012

Wonderful camp for a good price

Du Bernard, Xavier - 26th Apr, 2012

You are the best.

Rambler, Andrey - 22nd Apr, 2012

Very bad service. To avoid this place. bad coffee in the afternoon. No second bed for the kids until 11pm and after a few discussing, greek salad without fetta, no kids food and to spicy. in the morning no more coffee, had to wait for 30 min. before getting coffee and to make the eggs. When there is no white around, it just doesn't function. Golf cars are very noisy and the staff uses them for the cleaning ladies. Absolutely no European standard. To expensive

Mariman, Karin - 13th Jan, 2012

should at least have Fans in rooms during Hot season ; great food

Raspillere, Christine - 12th Jan, 2012

Amazing, felt like a honeymoon, beautifull!!!!

Kamphorst, Ellen - 08th Jan, 2012

Very nice location, new camp, stunning view, good services, good atmosphere. Definitely to recommend.

Bonifay, Denis - 08th Jan, 2012

Excellent and friendly service, staff and accomodation! A great experience!

Pascoe, Esme - 08th Jan, 2012

A great break after a week of camping. We enjoyed out stay there, that bit of creature comfort (showers, beds, nice meals, etc. were great!)

Mueller, Manfred - 11th Dec, 2011

Super, The manager an his staff welcomed us very well. They always tried to give us satisfactions faced to our deception of not seing many animals during 2 game drives with their guide. They proposed to us, for the second night, one of the best chalet in front of the water hole and it was great.

Drebel, Catherine - 08th Dec, 2011

Dolomite was only opened officially in September of this year, but the resort is phenomenal. Nothing is too much trouble. Our `Superior` chalet had a plunge pool looking out over the veldt. What a fantastic place for a Honeymoon! Problems ? Unfortunatley there is no game in Western Etosha, a massive disappointment after the other three resorts, especially when you are there to film wild-life. Also there is no fuel available, and it is 100 km to the nearest filling-station, so searching for the game is difficult. The manager arranged a Jerry-can to be brought in for us on their supply truck. As I said, nothing is too much trouble. Unless you really are on Honeymoon, probably two days would be the most you would want here because of the lack of anything to see.

Hopwood, Terrance - 29th Nov, 2011

Very special. Unique being unfenced. An excellent team of staff members offering friendly & personal service. Stunning location.

Smith, John - 26th Nov, 2011

Simply bliss. completely differnet location which felt truly wild. excellent and happy young team with good leadership. Staff more then happy to talk with clients and humour was shared.

Colbourne, Simon - 25th Nov, 2011

Very nice. I hope that they will manage to keep it nice for a while. Food was ~ok.

Schlenker, Stefan - 25th Nov, 2011

Absolutely beautiful new camp. The welcome from the reception staff was wonderful. We did find them to be a bit young, but very enthusiastic! Great viewpoints from camp. Very professional staff and great service at the restaurant. The food was above average, although not as good as at Sossus Dune Lodge. Negative points: quite a climb between our room and the restaurant. This is ok when it's not too hot, but this is quite strenuous when the temperature is over 40. No fridge or mini bar in the room. We found this should definitely be added because we often came back from a drive, had to climb over the hilltop to our room, arriving completely dehydrated and only warm water to drink from our supply. Water had to be paid for and even coffee after the dinner had to be paid also!! We didn't understand why this lodge is sold on a BB basis, although lunch and dinner have to taken at the lodge because there is nothing else for miles around.

Barnes, Graeme - 20th Nov, 2011

The only thing I could suggest (and it did not affect us) is that this camp could be difficult for someone very unfit or with a disability. It might be worth mentioning on your website.

Chaplin, Steve - 30th Oct, 2011

Lovely location. Were given the best room of the camp with view over the water hole. Staff very friendly and eager to please. (Maybe a little too much so)

Hirt, Claire - 30th Oct, 2011

This had been opened the previous day by the President. Good camp although pretty difficult to find the `Galton Gate` - thought we might end up in Angola! Chalets very nice but no refrigerators or fans (coming in due course we gather)!. Jan, the Manager, was v. helpful and lent us his electric fan. Saw lots of game once we managed to locate a map of the waterholes in the area. Infinity pool was lovely.

Spencer-smith, Heather - 24th Oct, 2011

fantastic lodge even if the waterholes are still under construction and no many animals are visibles. food was very good.

Salerno, Diego - 19th Oct, 2011

Very nice place. Check-out experience below average, everything else top notch.

Bergstrom, Jorgen - 08th Oct, 2011

Beautiful accommodations and setting, but awkward to get around. No game fences means mandatory escorts between rooms and restaurant before sunrise and after sunset. Our room seemed 1km from the restaurant, a long-ish walk on a cobblestone path. Could be difficult or inconvenient for disabled guests.

Ong, Cori - 07th Oct, 2011

Good, though the camp wasn`t officially opened when I stayed there. Good value for money compared to Okaukuejo and Halali

Kendle, Joseph - 03rd Oct, 2011


Nicoli, Paulo - 20th Sep, 2011

Perfect place to be. Great lodge and great staff. They make you feel good all day long. What a treat!

Kuenzle, Peter - 31st Aug, 2011

Extremely nice and well placed. Extremely chic "Tents". Very good restaurant and bar and facilities, kind but a little unexperienced staff. No stress given they were not fully booked. Not for disabled/too old and any people who like the lazy way. We loved it, would have liked to stay at least two nights (next time...)

Wiese, Bernd - 26th Aug, 2011

Absolutely 5 star and superb

Schulze, Dieter - 01st Aug, 2011

They need a little more experience, however,the situation of the camp,on top of a hill is excellent. our chalet was very refined. Poor winelist.

Riffaud, Christiane - 31st Jul, 2011