Enjoyed this, quite exciting, but didn't see much

Slowe, Jon - 12th Aug, 2017

It is a really nice activity to do and you get to see a different side to the dessert. It is great fun tramping around dunes in the pitch dark looking for rare geckos, scorpions and dancing white ladies. Our guide had a passion for biology and really portrayed his vast knowledge in a fun an interesting way.

Hoekstra, Joanne - 09th Oct, 2014

The location is breathtaking, very romantic and really unique. Surely the best accomodation in Namibia. Staff is great and we really enjoyed the sunrise tour with a guide (Villo) from the lodge. Dinner was great.

Mangini, Valeria - 26th Sep, 2011

Very nice lodges, really suggestive.

Cavallone, Maurizio - 05th Sep, 2011

Awesome setting, rooms very special .Saw cheetah at water hole ,first time in 3 years that staff had seen one.Staff baked cake and bottle champers

De Boer, Gerry - 25th Jul, 2011

Excellent all round Staff and food was first class

Reed, Chris & Maria - 03rd Jun, 2011

Lodge in a fantastic setup. One of the places we liked best. The meat was nice, but the food for vegetarians could have been better. Attentive staff.

Wagner, Christian - 04th Nov, 2010