This was a unique accommodation experience we very much liked. The staff were exceptional! Very helpful with our luggage & preparing us a delicious dinner. The owners were so friendly & we thoroughly enjoyed our time here.

Smith, Donna - 22nd May, 2017

Beautiful views, no problems.

Steward, Peter - 24th Oct, 2016

Very nice location including green gras (Yeah, no dust !!). Excellent food, nice stable tends, very nice owners and staff

Harter, Gregor - 28th Aug, 2016

Very personal service and outstanding home-made food. The lodge owners are especially sweet and caring - we even got a tour of their cattle farm....

Karge, Desiree - 26th Aug, 2016

A very Nice place with a very friendly staff. Delicious meal and the tent was so cute!!! We loved this camp

Cabaret, Nathalie - 16th Sep, 2015


Gaglione, Francesca - 30th May, 2013

excellent location, very friendly staff, amazing food.

Kar, Shabori - 18th Oct, 2012