This was an experience that was different and could easily have been a real highlight. The skipper didn`t seem to enjoy his job. He seemed a little resentful and we didn`t have much fun with him. A complete contrast to the Elephant Camp guide. Perhaps looking after 6 was too much work. We would do this experience again but with another company. The house boat was basic, but ok. The tents on top were warm and comfortable, one had a much better mattress. In the boat there were two beds, but you couldn`t completely enclose this area, so insects were able to get in easily. The food provided was good and the skipper`s cooking was fine. We could not have done this ourselves with the facilities provided. The route was a good choice and we got enough time on the Chobe. A little disappointing on the wildlife front. The last morning was a rush, but the transfer to The Elephant Camp worked well.

Jewel, Steve - 08th Sep, 2014