Bizarre but pleasant experience, excellent camping spot

Van Den Brande, Diane - 02nd Oct, 2017

Unique location. Nice camping area with large campsites. Unfortunately we stayed when the "Putfoot Rally" was on and each site was overcrowded. We found people from neighboring sites pitching on our site. Noise level at night was unacceptable. The ablution facilites were stretched. Electricity to the ablutions was switched off early in the mornings and once hot water was used there was no more!

Mason, June - 24th Jul, 2017

Nice campsite with very clean ablution blocks. And very convenient for Fish River Canyon trips. Also oryx walking in the campsite was nice experience.

Tetourova, Lenka - 16th Jul, 2017

Loved Canyon Roadhouse. So quirky and everyone so friendly

Travel Logic - 26th Jun, 2017

Fun. Nice to have an a la carte menu unlike most places.

Boardman,liz - 02nd May, 2017

Our pitch was a long walk from the nearest wash block but otherwise it was fine

Hobkinson, Susan - 18th Apr, 2017

So many interesting artifacts and lively reception at the roadhouse. The pool was a lifesaver. Canyon Roadhouse is conveniently situated to surrounding stops. Great shorter hiking trails available.

De Beer, Elzette - 15th Jan, 2017

To recommand; apartement good & clean; very interesting and well situated (close to the Fish River Canyon) Meals excellent

Schaller, Patrick - 01st Nov, 2016

A curious and beautiful place, inspired to the american 60's, close to the amazing Fish River Canyon (25km) !

Caraffa,alessandro - 10th Oct, 2016

Quirky, fun and good for the one night we were there

Lynch, Robyn - 27th Sep, 2016

There were no table and chairs at the camping, this was often missed ...

Firlefyn,benjamin - 03rd Aug, 2016

Good atmosphere, the restaurant/ shop is an excellent place to meet people and exchange on trip experiences. The facilities are in good state and clean!

Evrard, Daniel - 19th Apr, 2016

We enjoyed our time here. A fun place to stay and again the staff were helpful and the food was good.

Mccomiskey,shelagh - 14th Oct, 2015

Excellent service and a really good stay. Would have loved to stay longer.

Alexander, John - 25th Sep, 2015

Lovely atmosphere in the main building. Comfy beds and great walkway behind the building.

Ehlers, Inken - 10th Sep, 2015

Quirky and well managed. The Roadhouse food is great and the campsite is small and lovely with good shady pitches . 6/10

Pycroft, Liz - 27th Aug, 2015

Quirky and unusual but comfortable and staff very good

Davies, Stuart - 16th Apr, 2015

Quirky place which we quite enjoyed however we may have preferred Ai-Ais. One night would have sufficed here (with a day in Luderitz instead).

Kingman,sylvia - 20th Feb, 2015

What an excellent venue!!!!

Hubner, Elizabeth - 16th Jan, 2015

Ok room but worthwhile for the food and the pool.

Gustafsson, Josephine - 22nd Dec, 2014

Well situated to visit The Canyon. Great place to stay overnight.

St John Rose, Elizabeth - 29th Sep, 2014

my favorite lodge by far during the whole trip. food was great and the beds super comfortable. Service was amazing. Best place to explore the Fish River canyon area.

Bordet,esther - 21st May, 2014

Very strange but most enjoyable. All the people were great and I had a good time. It is a long way from anywhere but all the comforts were on hand.

Griffiths, Peter - 08th Jan, 2014

Excellent meals and set up

Krige, Skip - 04th Nov, 2013

Perfect...loved the cars etc...brilliant food...highly recommend it.

Young, Marcelle - 29th Aug, 2013

We really enjoyed our brief stay at the Canon Roadhouse. It is amazing to find a quirky establishment with such an eclectic mix of automotive memorabilia so far out in the Namibian Desert. Friendly staff, good food and comfortable accommodation. I will definitely recommend it to friends.

Mylrea, Jonathan - 23rd Jul, 2013

Johan and staff were very good. Nice atmoshere, good food and good service. Will recommend this to everyone.

Venter, Naas - 09th Jul, 2013

Very nice place! We loved the dinner between the old cars ! Excellent food quality for an ok price.

Vereerstraeten, Yannick - 25th Jun, 2013

Excellent accommodation and a pleasant environment. Great service received from a well ran establishment. The chef here prepares the most delicous meals. A must stay if one is looking for accommodation in this region.

Olivier, Deon - 24th Jan, 2013

Excellent, Food was very good.

Esterhuise, Ilse - 28th Sep, 2012

Wonderful and unique lodge, good restaurant, very nice rooms

Elisa - 30th Aug, 2012

This is a very special place, a positive experience throughout. Very good food.

Boris, Jenka - 26th Aug, 2012

It was a great surprise to find such a excellent accomodation  `in the middle of nowhere`.The dining was also superb.

Reinecke, Ursula - 06th May, 2012

The only place missing a soap in the bathroom, to wash your hands at least on your arrival, which is a must after driving on the dusty roads. Otherwise nice place with interesting and informative features arround, more suitable for tourists from overseas. The german tourists we met there really enjoyed themselves. For couples or small groups from Southern African region I would recomend Canyon Village Lodge which is situated in a very beautiful suroundings and on a walking distance to Canon Lodge.

Arounova, Ellena - 26th Nov, 2011

Wonderful venue- wish we'd had time to explore this area longer

Gatwood, Colin - 20th Nov, 2011

03 oct 2011 Very amazing place. Campsite with power point and braai. Shared and clean toilets facilities. Good dinner and buffet breakfast. Fuel station.  

Buee, Christophe - 20th Nov, 2011

Very unique place, an attraction by itself. Makes a nice change from the traditional lodges.

Andriamialisoa, Fanja - 28th Aug, 2011

Very curious, nice. Very good hike

Castosa, Javi - 17th Aug, 2011

A nice surprise.

Meeder, Rowena - 31st Jul, 2011

Excellent venue and friendly staff. A unique experience.

Louw, Andre - 12th Jul, 2011

Definitely a place to remember. Does not compare with Etosha Safari Camp in terms of welcome, as the management were more low profile, although still very friendly and helpful. Some staff needed to sharpen up their act - they try hard but need to be better trained. The old cars etc, in the restaurant and outside gave the place masses of character and atmosphere. A trip was made to the associated lodge where the staff were found to be extremely friendly and helpful. Overall, another super place, despite the large insect wildlife!

Robinsons, Paul - 07th Apr, 2011

The one I liked best : wonderful decoration, nice people...

Houette, Patrick - 01st Mar, 2011

This place was excellent! Highly recommended!

Joy, David - 03rd Feb, 2010

We loved the Canon Roadhouse. The people were very friendly, and it was the perfect place to stay, very relaxing and like a little oasis in the desert. We would have loved to stay longer.

Pelling,elspeth - 13th Sep, 2009

A definate stop-over for any-one travelling this area!!!!

Willemse, Andre - 27th Jul, 2009

the staff there were lovely – really lovely – they put us into the ‘honeymoon’ suite as they knew we had lost our bags. The rooms are basic but again clean and comfortable. The restaurant was not great – they promote ‘a la carte’ food but the menu and food was just OK. Again the friendly staff made up for this.

Kershaw, Dianne & Robert - 07th Jul, 2009