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Naukluft Trail

4x4 Adventure in Namibia

This unique 4x4 trail is based on tracks built by early pioneers, who farmed this area for many years. It is the most difficult of its kind in Namibia, and is reputed to be the most difficult unguided 4x4 trail in the world. It is an unguided, overnight trail and no guided trails are available. This trail is not only for 4x4 enthusiasts, but for all nature lovers who might want a closer view of the mountains, plants, and animals that inhabit them. The trail is approximately 73km long, and there is an overnight stop 30km from Naukluft on the plateau at Tjeriktit, (the Afrikaans name for titbabbler, a common bird of the Naukluft.)

At Tjeriktit, potable water is available at the hand-pump. There are toilets, a shower, an outdoor fire-place, tables, benches and 4 stone-walled, A-framed shelters with built-in bunks. These shelters can each accommodate four people, with a maximum of 16 people.

All refuse must be brought back to Naukluft and bags are available at the office. Firewood can be purchased at the office, as no firewood may be collected in the veld. Bring your own food, camping gear, firewood and spare parts.

Because of the narrow, rocky tracks on the mountain, please be aware that:

  • To ensure your safety, all participants will be briefed before departure at 14h30.
  • A check will be made on essential equipment and safety and emergency procedures will be discussed.
  • Because of the high summer temperatures, it is advisable to carry about 20ltrs of water per vehicle.
  • Visitors are expected to be back at noon on the following day. Because this is an exclusive trail, only one group at a time will be allowed onto the plateau.
  • The group going on the trail cannot leave until the previous party is back.
  • There are restrictions on certain vehicles, but the trail is negotiable by most 4 x 4 vehicles that have standard track width.
  • Sand or wide, soft-walled tyres are not recommended, because of the many sharp stones.
  • This route is not designed to test your vehicle, but rather to test your driving ability.
  • All visitors are asked to drive slowly and to stay on the track.
  • Avoid wheel spinning, which accelerates erosion.
  • Use the lowest gear on the steep sections. It's better for the road, and better for your tyres.

Groups may not consist of more than four vehicles and 16 people. You will require your own or a rental four wheel drive vehicle to experience this trail.

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