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Rock Engravings at Otjitoroa-West

Rock Engravings | Kalkfeld | Namibia

It is fair to say that the world's most beautiful artefacts have remained so because of their inaccessibility. This is certainly the case with the rock engravings at the Farm Otjitoroa-West in Namibia, as they are hardly ever visited and therefore remain untouched. They were declared a national monument jointly with the rock engravings at Farm Kamanjab, Kamanjab on the 1st May 1967.

The Otjitoroa-West Farm borders the Iris Farm. Just 1.5km south of the border of these two farming establishments lies a rock bank carrying a host of rock engravings. The rock bank reaches 20m in height and it harbours a number of water holes that retain water for long periods. The rocks are strewn with rock engravings of varying sizes of 2.5cm to 45cm, mainly of tracks of kudu, oryx, zebra and springbok. Actual engravings of oryx, eland, giraffe, rhinoceros and bush pig and around 20cm to 40cm.

The Farm Otjitoroa-West is situated west of the road from Kalkfeld to Outjo, approximately half-way between these 2 towns.

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