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Fish eagle

Haliaeetus vocifer

Appearance: Adult: In both sexes the head, tail, chest and upper part of back is white, the abdomen and wings are a reddish-brown with black flight feathers. It has a black bill with yellow eyes and cere and the bare parts of the legs are also yellow. The only way to distinguish between male and female is the sound of their voices, the females being more melodious. They usually call in a duet, but the female can be heard more often and she also calls on her own more often than the male does, just like in an ordinary human marraige.

Juvenile - Blackish -brown with reddish-brown tips. It is only in its 5th year that the bird fully resembles the feather attire of an adult bird.

Habitat: Throughout Southern Africa, In Namibia they are found in the northern and central areas usually associated with rivers, dams, lakes and even the seashore but not on the open sea .They have breeding areas along the Kunene and Okavango rivers, throughout Eastern Caprivi, at the Hardap dam and along the Orange River.

Habits and Characteristics: The Fish Eagle is the national bird of Namibia. They are usually found in pairs in areas with large trees near water. It eats dead fish or grab it from other fish-eating birds but can also catch fish that swims near the surface of the water, by doing a shallow dive feet first into the water with its claws stretched forward until it catches the fish and then swings it upward. Sometimes they feed on small animals and birds and even carrion now and again. They have a loud ringing call which they make with the head flung backwards and then forward again.

Birds of Namibia

  • Fish Eagle: In for the kill
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