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Höhenzollern Building

Swakopmund | Namibia

The Official Gazette of the time described the Höhenzollern Building in Swakopmund as: 'An imposing Victorian baroque style double-storeyed building, with its high mansard roof, was erected during 1905-1906 for Hermann Dietz. Architecturally, the building is a relic of the German colonial era'.

The building was mostly used as a Swakopmund hotel in its existence, known as Hotel Höhenzollern and named after the German Imperial family of the same name. After its hotel days the Höhenzollern became an administrative building before the rooms were rented out to members of the public. Two extensions flanking the main building were added, designed to blend in with the outstanding architecture. They were in time partitioned and sold on as sectional title units.

The ornate style of the Höhenzollern Building, Swakopmund is a neo-baroque, unique in architectural designs in Namibia. It contains Renaissance bays, gables and balconies and the ornaments were produced by Croatian builders initially drafted for the construction of the Otavi railway line.

The Atlas figure on the top of the front of the building, bears the world on his shoulders, in line with Greek mythology. Other female figures pertaining to the same belief can be found elsewhere in the structure as well as ornate angels, lions and masks. These beautiful decorative additions complement the overall standing of the building, making it a popular tourist attraction in Swakopmund and a must visit location on any tour around Namibia.

The original part of the Höhenzollern Building, Swakopmund was officially proclaimed a national monument on 15th June 1983.

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