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Old post Office Building

Keetmanshoop | Namibia

Keetmanshoop developed very quickly from 1907 due to the completion of the railway line from Luderitz and the discovery of diamonds in 1908. The town already had a post office but as with other buildings and businesses of the time, a much larger one was required to keep up with the expanding civilian and military postal requirements.

The Old Post Office Building in Keetmanshoop was completed in 1910. Like many other buildings in the town, the Post Office is constructed of granite; a hard rock that reduces maintenance levels and construction costs. The interior was finished in air-dried bricks. Wood and corrugated iron were delivered from Cape Town and windows and doors were imported from Germany.

The post office was erected by the firm Seebach & Bach and consisted of a large hall with reception counters, an anteroom, a storeroom, 2 telegraphic service offices and the postmaster's office and living quarters for 2 post office officials. All of these rooms remain intact today.

A number of façades feature in the design of the Old Post Office with a high, pointed gable topped by a wide, rectangular tower the main aspect at the centre front of the building. Smaller stepped gables adorn the front corners of the building.

The Old Post Office Building, Keetmanshoop was officially proclaimed a national monument on 2nd February 1987.

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