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Okahandja | Namibia

In the struggle for regional and economic supremacy in Hereroland in the late 1840's and early 1850's, the leader of the Orlam community Jonker Afrikaner feared a loss of control to both the Herero people and to European missionaries. The Herero Chief Kahitjene had moved his residence from Windhoek to Okahandja, compounding his fear that was fast becoming a reality.

In March 1850, a new mission station was established near Herero Chief Kahitjene's residence in Okahandja. This was in an effort to gain guns, horses and information from the Rhenish missionaries, who in turn wanted to break the trade and missionary control in Hereroland of Jonker Afrikaner.

The establishment of the mission station was an unforgivable crime in the eyes of Jonker Afrikaner, so on 23rd August 1850 his commando units attacked Kahitjene's residence and the mission station, destroying both. They also raided a further 30 cattle posts in the raids, stealing some 18,000 head of cattle. As a result of this huge loss of wealth, Chief Kahitjene was abandoned by many of his followers and died a few months later.

The rock where the main battle took place came to be known as Moordkoppie or 'murder hill'. About 700 followers of Chief Kahitjene were murdered by the Namas under the command of Jonker Afrikaner. Nama losses were not recorded.

The hillock is situated on the eastern side of the western bypass near Okahandja on the Karibib road. Moordkoppie was proclaimed a national monument on 28th July 1972.

Elegant Farmstead

On an old mission station south of Okahandja, the farm Otjisazu is full of historical interest

Gross Barmen Hot Springs

Situated some distance west of Okahandja the natural hot spring has been tapped and is used to full both an indoor and outdoor pool

Okahandja Country Hotel

A tranquil garden & African decor give this country hotel laid back, relaxed feeling. Situated on the outskirts of the town of Okahandja

Omatozu Game Farm

A game farm which offers a 'boutique camping experience' with accommodation in air-conditioned permanently erected tents

Oropoko Lodge

Situated on farmland west of Okahandja, Oropoko has a well stocked game park

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