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Ovikokorero War Memorial

Okahandja | Namibia

There are a number of memorials in Namibia, particularly in and around Okahandja, that commemorate the 1904-1907 Herero-German War. The Ovikokorero War Memorial's historic value is one of those memorials and its importance is tied to one of the more important battles of this war.

On the 13th March 1904, the local commander of the German troops moved towards Ovikokorero, expecting to encounter a small number of the enemy. But the Herero had got wind of his arrival and left the area to evade the Germans. Major Georg von Glasenapp had taken with him sufficient troops to deal with that specific Herero resistance. He hadn't bargained to encounter a much larger force that same day. He and his men suffered heavy losses.

The Official Gazette stated: 'This monument was erected in memory of 26 German soldiers who died on 13th March 1904 on the farm Ovikokorero in battle with the Hereros.' It was officially proclaimed a national monument on 19th March 1979.

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