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Zoo Park War memorial

Windhoek | Namibia

Zoo Park is located in central Windhoek to the east of Independence Avenue. In 1897 a memorial initially known as Schutztruppe Memorial was assembled in the park. It had been pre-built in Germany. The memorial is a smallish iron obelisk 2m tall, topped by an Imperial gilt eagle. On all 4 sides of the monument are memorial panels, bearing the names of the fallen men. There is a spiked cast-iron fencing surrounding the monument.

The War Memorial, Zoo Park, was created to honour the German soldiers and their Nama allies who died in the Nama uprisings against German colonial rule. It was unveiled on 6th April 1897 in front of an audience that included citizens of Windhoek and locally stationed members of the Schutztruppe.

In 1962 excavations for the reconstruction of Zoo Park by the Windhoek Municipality, were halted when the relics of prehistoric elephants were discovered. Tusks, various teeth, jaws, vertebrae, ribs, pelvic bones and a femur and a variety of stone tools were found.

The War Memorial, Zoo Park, Windhoek was officially proclaimed a national monument on 2nd January 1969.

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