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Kalahari Anib Lodge

accommodation in the Kalahari Desert - near Mariental - Namibia

Kalahari Anib Lodge is located about 30 km north-east of Mariental, and is an ideal stopover on the way to Southern Namibia. The lodge is nestled in a lush green oasis under high palm trees, set amidst the red dunes of the Kalahari Desert. This area is notable for the green acacias and yellow grasses that grow in the red sand.

Anib means 'male bird' in the local Nama language, a people who are predominantly found in the southern regions of Namibia. Birds play an important role in their mythology.

Kalahari Anib Lodge's main building houses the reception area, which also doubles up as a curio shop. It is well-stocked with an array of Namibian arts and crafts, locally produced cosmetics, toiletries, jewelry, clothing and ornaments.

There is also a restaurant, bar, verandah and the lodge has two swimming pools. 1 is situated close to the group rooms, and the other pool is nearer to the individual rooms. Guests can make use of either. There is both indoor and outdoor dining areas.

Breakfast is served in a buffet style with a variety of fruits, cereals, toast and preserves as well as fresh-baked bread and a cooked breakfast. Fruit juices, tea and coffee are also available.

Lunch is usually a light meal such as a salad or sandwiches, which can be chosen from the 'a la carte' menu. Dinner is usually a 3-course meal, served between 19h30-20h00.

Accommodation is in 28 rooms set aside for tour groups, and 9 rooms for individual travellers.

There are no special activities specifically for children, however the lodge is flexible. Families with with young children can request shorter activities. Special kids meals are also available on request.

Animals including springbok, gemsbok and ostrich can be found around the lodge. Jackal, hare and porcupine inhabit the dunes and dune valleys of the Kalahari Desert as well. The area is also home to the Kori Bustard, the largest flying bird of all, and huge colonies of weaver birds are resident in the lodge's grounds.

Activities include sunrise and sunset scenic drives the through Gondwana Kalahari Park. Bird watchers can view vultures and marabou storks at the feeding place for carrion birds. Hiking trails into the Kalahari can also be organized here.

Accommodation in Namibia

  • Kalahari Anib: Comfort Room Interior
  • Kalahari Anib: Bar
  • Kalahari Anib: Restaurant Exterior
  • Kalahari Anib: Comfort Room Exterior
  • Kalahari Anib: Bar Area
  • Kalahari Anib: Standard Room
  • Kalahari Anib: Fire Pit
  • Kalahari Anib: Comfort Room
  • Kalahari Anib: View From Bar On To Courtyard
  • Kalahari Anib: Family Room
  • Kalahari Anib: Kalahari Dunes
  • Kalahari Anib: Standard Room Interior
  • Kalahari Anib: Bat Eared Fox
  • Kalahari Anib: Restaurant At Night
  • Kalahari Anib: Spingbuck
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Guided Morning Drive or Sundowner Drive (about 3 hours)
This is the perfect way of getting acquainted with the Kalahari Desert. The colourful display of dunes, grass and sky unfolds in its most glorious splendour just after sunrise and before sunset
Hiking Trails (2 to 4 hours)
Explore the Kalahari on foot and on your own initiative. A trail map is available at the lodge reception
Visit the village of Stampriet
A 40 minute drive away this village is situated on the seasonal Auob River and has artesian springs at its disposal. At the sight of the large irrigated fields you might feel transported to South Africa's Cape region. Visit the old church and have coffee at the 'Stampriet Historical Guest House'
Hardap Dam
The upper Fish River is dammed up by Hardap Dam north of Mariental (a 40-minute drive). The dam affords magnificent views across the fields and the little town of Mariental right up to the 'Wei├črand' escarpment in the east. Visitors who arrive in their own car can watch game and many types of birds in the nature reserve south of the dam
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Map of Kalahari Anib Lodge

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Directions to the lodge

10km north of Mariental take the C20 (in an easterly direction) towards Kalahari Anib Lodge. The lodge is situated 31km north east of Mariental

interactive map
Africa Safari Lodge

only 25 kilometers west of Mariental this lodge promises an interesting safari experience. With over 19 game species including white rhino on the property, those seeking wildlife in this arid area are unlikely to be disappointed

Anandi Mariental Guesthouse

10 bedroom guest house near the main B1 road in Mariental

Auob Lodge

Large; budget friendly lodge.

Bagatelle Kalahari Lodge

Excellent lodge in the Kalahari Desert, offers accommodation in units made of straw bales or wood. Bagatelle proves to be consistently popular with guests

Bitterwasser Lodge & Flying Center

Interested in gliding? Then this is the lodge for you

Camelthorn Kalahari Lodge

On the private Intu Afrika Kalahari Game Reserve.

Hardap Dam Resort

Recently upgraded, the resort is reasonably close to the main highway and offers an alternative overnight stop for those traveling between South Africa and southern Namibia towards Windhoek and other central areas of the country

Kalahari Anib Lodge

Tends to cater for larger groups, but the low rates make it attractive for those looking to save some money.

Indigo Self Catering

Small self catering establishment in the pretty Kalahari town of Stampriet

Kalahari Farmhouse

A small well run lodge near the scenic village of Stampriet

Kalahari Game Lodge

Close to the Mata Mata border, the lodge is situated on a large well stocked game park. This is an excellent place to view Kalahari black maned lions

Kalahari Red Dunes Lodge

A 12 room lodge situated in a nature reserve and set amongst the red dunes of the Kalahari Desert

Lapa Lange Game Lodge

Only a few kilometers from Mariental this magnificent game lodge is a green oasis in the Kalahari Desert. A wildlife breeding program means several rare buck species can be found on the lodge's game farm

Stampriet Historical Guest House

A wonderful owner managed guest house in the village of Stampriet. An eclectic mix of local antiques & warm hospitality enhance your stay

Suricate Kalahari Tented Camp

The meerkat or suricate is a small mammal which inhabits the Kalahari - we do not know why this lodge is named after them. Perhaps if you stay here and find out you can tell us and then we can make this slightly more descriptive

Teufelskrallen Tented Lodge

A tented lodge, built on the small red dunes of the Kalahari Desert.

Zebra Kalahari Lodge

The third lodge on the Intu Afrika Kalahari Game Reserve (along with Suricate & Camethorn Lodges). The Kalahari is absolutely magnificent and really should be a part of any visit to Namibia.

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