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Helvi Mpingana Kondombolo Cultural Village

Museums Namibia

The cultural village is situated on the right of the road as you enter Tsumeb. The village is laid out in an outline of Namibia with the traditional homestead of the different ethnic communities of Namibia presented. The Cultural Village also contains a gallery containing a permanent display of crafts and an extensive shop containing a variety of Namibian craft products. The Cultural Village has a large paved area that can be used for cultural performances and features prominently in the annual `Copper Festival’ that is held in Tsumeb around October each year. The emphasis of the village is on the different architectural style and building materials traditional used by different Namibian ethnic groups and visitor are usually taken on a guided tour where additional information about traditional beliefs and cultural practices is conveyed verbally by the tour guide.


Makalani Hotel

Situated near the centre of Tsumeb this is a popular hotel.

Minen Hotel

A courtyard atmosphere, traditional garden and German cuisine can be found at this Tsumeb hotel.

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