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Independence Memorial Museum

Museums Namibia

The Independence Memorial Museum sits on a prominent Windhoek hilltop location and was officially inaugurated by President Hifikepunye Pohamba on the 21st March 2014. This was also the 24th anniversary of Independence. It 'tells, records and preserves Namibia's history' and stands as the centre where 'anti-colonial resistance and the national liberation struggle are told'. The President also unveiled the Genocide Memorial and the Sam Nujoma Statues, both standing to the front of the museum.

The actual building is an unusual design and was built by the North Koreans. Either take an external glass-fronted elevator (which offer great views of the town on the way up) or use a different entrance to climb (many) flights of stairs. This museum gives great insights in the history of the country with graphic paintings dramatically conveying the tragedy of war, display cabinets and memorabilia.

  • Floor 1 - Colonial Repression: Early resistance leaders and Namibia under the South African Apartheid regime.
  • Floor 2 – Liberation: The role of internal forces, the armed struggle, civilian support and the Cassinga Massacre of the 4th May 1978.
  • Floor 3 - Road to Independence: Swapo's activities, diplomatic efforts, UN Resolution 435 and a viewing platform for the Panoramic Hall.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday: 09h00 to 17h00. Saturday and Sunday: 10h00 to 17h00
Entrance fee: Free admission for all.

Sam Nujoma Statue

A statue of former President Nujoma which faces Windhoek, sees him holding the 'Constituency Book'. It stands on a pedestal and is on the former site of the infamous Reiterdenkmal which stood for more than 102 years. This very impressive memorial represents the country's modern chapter of the national liberation struggle.

Genocide Statue

The Genocide Stature is a few metres away to the south of the Sam Nujoma Statue. It was erected in remembrance of 'untold hardships and suffering' at the hands of the Schutztruppe during the 1904-07 war. It depicts a man and woman embracing each other, the broken chains on top of a hut symbolizing their freedom.


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