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National Earth Science Museum

Museums Namibia

The National Earth Science Museum, (often referred to as the Geographical Survey Museum) is located on the ground floor of the Ministry of Mines and Energy in Windhoek. The ministry is on Aviation Road near Eros Airport, which is also the same turn off for the Hotel Safari and Safari Court Hotel.

The main aim of the museum is to 'promote the knowledge of Geosciences to Namibians as well as foreign visitors'. It also serves as safe storage for some of Namibia’s rocks, minerals, fossils and meteorites. There are a number of interesting displays, many showcased in glass-fronted cabinets:

Rocks: Namibia is well-known for its interesting geological history. View some semi-precious stones, various cut gems and an exhibit on dimension stone.

Minerals: Displays of raw minerals used in everyday life include geology in the kitchen, bathroom and in cars.

Mines: As a large share of Namibia's income is derived from mining, associated companies are represented by displays of various mines and exploration prospects.

Diamonds: Namibia's most important commodity is the diamond. Explanations of the diamond mining along the coast and at sea are covered.

Meteorites: The most extensive meteorite shower ever recorded on earth was near the southern town of Gibeon. Eight meteorites of the Gibeon Meteorite Shower are exhibited in the museum.

Fossils: Famous finds exhibited include:

  • Primitive blue-green algae which lived 830-760 million years ago.
  • A replica of Massospondylus, a prosauropod dinosaur that lived 200 million years ago. Its fossilized remains were found in the Etjo Sandstone Formation in the Waterberg National Park in 1997.
  • Erythrosuchus, a thecodont, a group of reptiles from the Triassic Period which lived 230 million years ago and was the largest creature of its day. It was found on Farm Omingonde and excavated in 1992.
  • The museum also houses specimens of mammal-like reptiles, a group of animals which represent a clear evolutionary transition between reptiles and mammals.

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 08h00 to 13h00 and 14h00 to 17h00
No entrance fee is charged.
Short tours are available for small groups. Please book in advance.


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