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Outapi War Museum

Museums Namibia

The Outapi War Museum makes for an interesting stop on the way to Ruacana Falls. It is set on the grounds of a former South African Defence Force (SADF) base built in 1975. Thousands of South African conscripts were stationed here during the (1966-1989) Bush War or War of Liberation. It was created to `preserve and exhibit artefacts, posters, photographs and weapons of war used during the conflict by all sides'. This is an interesting view into the recent history of Namibia and how the country gained independence.

The museum itself is located underground, the Tourisms and Historical Information being the major attractions. The War Material Display Section displays military memorabilia, artefacts, small arms and larger weapons used during the conflict. On the same property there is also a B&B accommodation establishment, an internet cafe, conference hall, restaurant, gymnasium and a swimming pool.

Opening hours: Always open!


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