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old and interesting things in Namibia

Archaeology is the scientific study of the remains of past human cultures. It investigates the lives of a nation's earlier people by studying objects that these people have left behind. Artefacts discovered regularly include buildings, artwork, bones, pottery and tools.

Archaeologists, explorers and sometimes even members of the general public make exciting discoveries, such as dinosaur footprints, rock paintings and meteorites. Ever today, amateur archaeologists the world over are out with their metal detectors, trying to find ancient tools and coins. All of these findings reveal more about earlier people than previously known.

Archaeological sites in Namibia have unearthed:
  • Relics
  • Rock art
Namibian rock art can be divided into 2 categories:
  • Rock paintings
  • Rock engravings

Rock art can also be a combination of both engravings and paintings, notably at the World Heritage Site at Twyfelfontein. Rock paintings have also been referred to in the past as rock drawings, taken from the German word Felszeichnungen. To avoid confusion, the word drawings is omitted when referring to specific types of rock art, as a drawing is more 'sketch-like' and drawn with pencil or charcoal. Rock paintings are created by applying pigments. Rock engravings are also known as petroglyps.

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