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Mustard Bush

Trees of Namibia

Mustard bush (Salvadora persica) : This evergreen, multi-stemmed shrub stands from 2 to 4m tall, spreading to some 6m in diameter. It grows mainly in the drier western parts of Namibia from Epupa Falls and the Kunene River region south through Kaokoland to Damaraland, Brandberg, Erongo Mountains, Windhoek south to the Kalkrand area. Ephemeral watercourses attract this plant. The yellow-green colouring of the leaves are its most easily recognisable feature. The bark is pale brown and the small leaves flowers display mainly from July to October. A mature edible fruit is dark red to mauve.

The leaves of the mustard bush are browsed by livestock. It is also one of the most dominant plant species growing in the Namib Desert's riverine vegetation. Livestock and birds eat the fruit and the Topaz Tip butterfly is attracted to the leaves and flowers. A concentrated syrup can be made by boiling the fruit in water.

Young branchlets substitute for toothbrushes, an infusion of crushed roots can treat sick cattle, diarrhoea and some internal sicknesses in humans. German measles can also be treated by crushing and mixing young branchlets with water. The mustard bush is frost hardy and drought resistant.

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