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Group Travel in Namibia

Travel arrangements for large groups

One of our specialities at the Cardboard Box Travel Shop lies in making travel arrangements for larger groups wishing to visit Namibia. We have already successfully organised trips through Namibia for sporting groups (including: soccer, rugby & cricket players), several international choirs, business & corporate groups and of course larger groups of friend who are travelling together.

We recognise that every group has special requirements and therefore tailor make individual packages for every group. We can organise everything from coach rental, accommodation, meals and venues for special activities. Accommodation can range from camping to 5 star lodges depending on the budget and requirements of the group. For more exclusive groups we can offer several smaller vehicles instead of packing 40 people into one bus, we also have access to a large range of safari vehicles and often use these for the safari portion of the travel through Namibia.

If you need any help planning the travel arrangements for your group through Namibia please email us, letting us have as many details as possible, as we will be glad to assist.