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Bikes, Balloons, Boats & Trains in Namibia

all our safaris and activities that we could not fit in elsewhere

On this page you will find a wide variety of differing safari activities. These range from the luxury of travelling on the Desert Express Train, Floating in a balloon over the Namib Desert at Sunrise, to hiking through the Fish River Canyon. Whatever your pace we will be glad to help you add something a little extra to your time in Namibia.

This section is where you'll find the things that don't quite fit elsewhere, so if you're looking for real adventure, here's where to find it. If you know of something particular you'd like to do let us know as we can probably sort something out.

Ballooning over Sossusvlei in the Namib Desert

One of the most amazing experiences - if you are only going to indulge yourself once on your Namibian holiday make it this ballooning trip

Ballooning in Swakopmund

A hot air balloon ride over the Namib Desert

Caprivi Houseboat Safaris

Custom make yourself an idyllic trip aboard a private house boat on the Zambezi & Chobe Rivers

Ichobezi Houseboats

Two luxurious houseboats operate from Impalila Island and offer the opportunity of overnighting on the river in the Chobe National Park

Pride of the Zambezi Houseboat

A small luxurious houseboat, offers awesome game viewing, bird watching & fishing experiences on the Chobe & Zambezi Rivers

Fish River Hiking Trail

7 Days - The famous Fish River Hike complete with a guide and return transport from Windhoek

Brandberg Ascent

5 Days - Head to the top of the highest peak in Namibia

Fish River Lodge Hikes

5, 3 or 2 Days - hiking trails in the Fish River Canyon. Hikers carry a day pack and additional luggage is transported to the overnight stops

Naukluft Hike

6 Days - Includes transport to and from Windhoek

Fish River Canyon Mule Trail

5 Days - Explore the Fish River carrying only a day pack while your possessions & equipment are transported on a mule train

Desert Experience Hike

5 Days - Hiking in the Namib Desert - with transport from Windhoek included

Klipspringer Mule Trail

4 Days - Hiking in the Fish River Canyon while your equipment is transported by mule

Waterberg Hike

4 Days - Guided hike on the Waterberg Plateau

Mundulea Walking Trails

3 or 4 Days - Absolutely brilliant! One of the best experiences in Namibia

Tok Tokkie Hiking Trail

3 Days - Excellent guided walking trail on the NamibRand private reserve (near Sossusvlei)

Dune Star Camp

Several rustic log cabins in the Namib Desert which can only be reached via a short and informative guided hike

Namib Mountain Trail

A day hike between two lodges on the very edge of the Namib Desert

Rostock Ritz Hiking

The Rostock Ritz Lodge north of Sossusvlei (en-route to Swakopmund) has a variety of guided and un-guided hikes ranging in duration from an hour to an entire day

Tsondab Valley Scenic Reserve Hiking

A lodge on the edge of the Namib Desert which offers exceptional hiking & walking

Desert Express Train

The luxury train, the Desert Express, runs between Swakopmund & Windhoek